NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will break his weeks-long silence and answer questions at a press conference Friday afternoon. Watch it live here.

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Emotions were running high Thursday night at M&T Bank Stadium, where the Baltimore Ravens hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first NFL game since video of Ray Rice punching out his fiancee was published Monday morning. 
The Ravens fan pictured above made an interesting alteration to her Ray Rice jersey, changing the name on the back to read "B Nice." At least one other fan, though, actually wore a Rice jersey to the game, despite the Ravens giving their fans an opportunity to exchange their Rice jerseys at team stadium stores. 
The Rice saga remained the big story of the day, but there was a game to be played, too. 
Click through for the best photos on and off the field. 
Steelers vs. Ravens: Score, Stats & Highlights
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Check out the best photos from outside the stadium and on the field as the Ravens host the Steelers in the first game since the Ray Rice tape was published.

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Jim Caldwell, Detroit Lions, NFL

The Ravens host the Steelers in the first edition of CBS’ Thursday Night Football. Here’s how to watch.

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Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle has been given the job of narrator for Thursday Night Football. Here’s what you need to know about the actor, humanitarian, and sports fan.

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Robert Mueller III

Former FBI director Robert Mueller III will lead an independent investigation into the NFL’s handling of the Ray Rice scandal.

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Roger Goodell

The firestorm surrounding what NFL commissioner Roger Goodell knew and when he knew it about the Ray Rice case is swirling following a bombshell AP report.

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steve bisciotti

Steve Bisciotti is the owner of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens and the writer of the letter of apology after finally deciding to cut Ray Rice. Click here to read more about the apology and the man man behind it.

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janay palmer rice, ray rice wife, ray rice fiancee

In a bombshell that casts doubt upon Roger Goodell’s version of events, the AP reported a law enforcement official sent the NFL the Ray Rice video in April.

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College football wins

The guys over at are out with a new map showing the winningest college football team in each state, and the map comes with some surprises.

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A former exotic dancer Jana Weckerly, is suing Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones, for more than 1 million dollars in an alleged sexual assault.

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