Video of Harrison Ford’s near-tragic flyover at John Wayne Airport last week has been released, showing Ford nearly striking a taxiing airliner.

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Harrison Ford was previously involved in a plane crash and now he was in another airplane incident today on Valentine’s Day. What does this mean for the actor?

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Carrie Fisher’s latest eye-opening statement is that she had an affair with a married Harrison Ford while filming Star Wars in 1977.

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Alden Ehrenreich will play the role of young Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars Anthology film that shows the space smuggler’s early life.

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Indiana Jones 5 is official, Disney announced Tuesday. Harrison Ford will star and Steven Spielberg will direct the fifth movie in the franchise, set for 2019.

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Harrison Ford and Pentatonix helped to give a tribute performance to Star Wars at the 2015 American Music Awards. Watch the historic AMAs set here.

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Luckily, Harrison Ford is okay after yesterday’s plane crash. So, hopefully we’ll see more great movies like these from him in the future.

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Harrison Ford was in a plane that crashed on a golf course in Los Angeles. Last year, the actor broke his leg on the set of Star Wars.

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Sylvester Stallone and his band of brothers (and newfound sister) are going to blow up the big screen in “The Expendables 3.”

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Stallone and his mercenary crew are going to have to deal with an old friend…

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Daisy Ridley has the Twittersphere exploding with the question of who the actress is. The young British star was cast in Star Wars Episode 7.

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It’s time to take a look at the full roster of mega stars who will be on hand for “The Expendables 3.”

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Come check out the offical teaser trailer for The Expendables 3!

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Watching Harrison Ford attempt to consume a headset is pure hilarity.

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‘Expendables 3’ starts filming and Harrison Ford replaces Bruce Willis who’s deemed greedy and lazy by Sylvester Stallone. Check out the details and rest of the cast.

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Harrison Ford ‘Welcomes You To Battle School’ in the latest Ender’s Game trailer from San Diego Comic Con 2013.

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