Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan called for investigations into Russian hacking after a report that the CIA determined Russia tried to influence the election.

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Dan Senor, an adviser to Paul Ryan, is at the center of a conspiracy theory alleging that he leaked the Donald Trump “Access Hollywood” video.

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Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant Tuesday morning, suggesting that the ‘shackles’ have been taken off after Paul Ryan decided to stop campaigning for him.

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After hedging, Donald Trump endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte and says he wants party unity.

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Paul Nehlen, running against House Speaker Paul Ryan in a Republican primary, is being praised by Donald Trump.

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In a press conference this morning, Paul Ryan responded to the calls for new gun control measures following the Orlando shooting.

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House Speaker Paul Ryan says that Donald Trump’s attack on Judge Curiel is “the textbook definition of racism.”

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After their relationship thawed, House Speaker Paul Ryan finally announced today that he will endorse Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

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The head of Veterans Affairs, Secretary Robert McDonald, facing a lot of criticism for comments he made about wait times at Veterans Affairs hospitals and comparing them to waiting for rides at Disneyland.

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Janna Ryan, Paul Ryan’s wife, gave up an impressive career to be a stay-at-home mom. She’s from a Democrat family, but she’s her husband’s biggest fan.

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If elected the House of Representatives, Elise Stefanik will be the youngest woman to ever hold Congressional office. The 30-year-old Republican represents New York’s 21st district.

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The sicko intern is accused of blackmailing girls he went to high-school using naked pictures.

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If the Mayans are wrong, here is what you will have to deal with in 2013. I pray to God the Mayans are right.

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“Siri, find me a list of ferret riddles.” — @ZooeySiri

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See a race-by-race breakdown as the Dems and GOP battled for a power advantage.

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Sean Kedzie was thrashed by sign stealers in his own yard.

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