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    Today's Wordle answer has some players searching for a dictionary after they plugged in a few logical letters and learned that "trice" was a word. But what is its meaning or definition?

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  • Where Are Tylee & JJ? Were Lori Vallow’s Children Found?

  • Tylee & JJ’s Cause of Death: How Did Lori Vallow’s Children Die?

    Tylee Ryan and Joshua "JJ" Vallow died grisly deaths, and police allege their mother, Lori Vallow, was behind the murders. Court documents reveal the allegations of law enforcement in how Vallow killed her children.

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  • Lori Vallow Now: Update in Her Case Today in 2022

  • Northeastern University ‘Explosion’ Injures 1 Person

  • Colby Ryan Today: Update in the Case Against Lori Vallow’s Son

    Colby Ryan, the surviving son of Lori Vallow, had the charges filed against him dismissed without prejudice. He was released from jail in Arizona. Read more on the update in his case today.

  • Houston Heights Active Shooter Report Was False: Police

  • Queen Elizabeth II’s Grandchildren & Great-Grandchildren: Meet the Youngest Members of the Royal Family

  • Queen Elizabeth Young: Photos of Her as a Baby, as a Girl & At Her Coronation

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  • Juul’s Net Worth Plummeted Following Altria Deal

  • James Monsees of Juul’s Net Worth Is Nearly $1 Billion

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  • Hugh O’Leary, Liz Truss’ Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Liz Truss’ Children & Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Liz Truss and her husband have two children in her family, both daughters, Florence and Liberty. Truss' mom and dad, John and Priscilla, are liberal.

  • Aileen Cannon Joined The Federalist Society in 2005

  • Jeff German: A Tribute to the Las Vegas Investigative Reporter

  • Aileen Cannon’s Background, Husband & Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Tim Donaghy Now: Where Is the Former NBA Ref Today?

  • Body Cam Video in Donovan Lewis Shooting: Watch Full Footage of Columbus Police

    Columbus Police released body cam footage showing the shooting of Donovan Lewis in Ohio, who was gunned down in bed with a vape pen. Watch the full video.

  • Was Kristin Smart Ever Found? Body Remains Missing Today

  • Trump Search Warrant: Read the Documents for the FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago

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  • Deputy Joey Cruz Now: Where Is He Today in 2022?

  • Kobe Bryant Crash Photos: The Leaked Pictures Debated in Trial

    Leaked photos of the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash, including images of his corpse, are the subject of a trial that started today in Los Angeles. Bryant's wife, Vanessa, broke down in tears during opening statements of the defamation suit.