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  • Tourist in NYC Raped after Partying at Lavo Nightclub in Midtown

    The incident is believed to have happened at about 3:30 a.m. on Sunday morning.

  • N. Korea Pisses Off World, Again, with Underground Nuclear Test

  • Duke Fraternity Suspended After Party Is Dubbed ‘Racist Rager’

  • Applebee’s Receipt Drama Back on the Front Page of Reddit

  • ‘REPORT’: Justin Bieber Cheated on Selena with Rihanna

  • Report: Lance Armstrong Under Investigation for Criminal Charges

    Maybe honesty wasn't the best policy.

  • Cannibal Cop Offered to Serve Up His Own Wife for Slaughter: Documents

  • Rocket Launchers Collected in N.J. & Seattle Gun Buybacks

  • Ron Jeremy Hospitalized in Critical Condition After Heart Aneurysm

  • The Office Created to Close Guantanamo … is Closed

  • Angry Readers Sue Lance Armstrong for Writing Untrue Memoirs [DOCUMENTS]

    The sh*tstorm surrounding Lance Armstrong just keeps getting worse.

  • Kim Was Banging Kanye While Dating Reggie Bush, Says Rapper Consequence

  • Jill Kelley Speaks: Top 10 Revelations from Her Tell-All Interview

  • Two Men Sue Subway for Shorting Them on Footlongs

  • Cancer Victim, 23, is Frozen in Time after Fundraising for Cryonics

  • NASA: Climate Change is Kicking the Amazon Rainforest’s Ass

  • GODSPEED! Priest Busted as Crystal Meth Kingpin

  • Hero Saves Old Woman Who Drove Her SUV into a Pool

  • Algeria Hostage Crisis: Al-Qaida Seizes U.S. Citizens

  • Helicopter Crash into London Skyscraper Kills 2 Near MI-6

    The pilot had flown in action scenes for Tomb Raider II and Saving Private Ryan.

  • Tanya Angus, 7-Foot Woman Who Never Stopped Growing, Dies at 34

  • Lindsay Lohan’s FIRED Lawyer Saves Her Ass Again

  • 4 Teens Busted Playing Video Games Near Murdered Bodies

  • Obama’s Pick Will Put Stupid Scribbles on Every New Dollar Bill

  • Hubble Telescope Reveals ‘Zombie’ Planet’s Effed-Up Orbit

    Astronomy nerds are gearing up for 2032, when alien planet Fomalhaut-b may crash into a dust belt and cause cosmic fireworks.

  • Israel Bans Super-Skinny Models with New Lesgislation

  • White Supremecist Teen in ‘School Bomb Plot’ is Released from Jail

  • Sister Accidentally Shoots Brother Dead during Drunk Facebook Photo Shoot

  • Ice Rescue Saves Bonehead Teens Clinging to Tree in Fool Hollow Lake

  • Horse Rapist Caught on Camera in Florida

    WTF is in the water in Florida?