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  • Shay Mikalonis: Shot Las Vegas Police Officer Paralyzed from the Neck Down

    Shay Mikalonis, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer who was left in a critical condition after being shot at George Floyd protests, is paralyzed from the neck down and remains on a ventilator.

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  • Cole Carini: Police Say Man Blew Off His Hand With Bomb Meant for ‘Hot Cheerleaders’

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  • WATCH: Shreveport, Louisiana, Police Officers Suspended Following Man’s Death

  • George Floyd’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    A family memorial is being held today ahead of George Floyd's funeral.

  • AEW’s Chris Jericho Donates $5,000 to George Floyd Memorial Fund

  • WATCH: 5 People Shot at North Beach, Racine

  • Edgar Samaniego: Suspect Identified in Las Vegas Shooting

  • VIDEO: Police Officer Shot in Las Vegas

  • WATCH: Police Car Hits Protesters In San Diego; Fire In Oakland

    New video shows a moving squad car hit and drag a pedestrian in San Diego as they cross the street during protests overnight.

  • WATCH: Live Video of CNN Reporter Arrested On Air

  • ‘I Can’t Breathe’: Minneapolis Man Held Down by Cops Dies

  • Dominic Cummings To Make Public Statement Today Amid Outcry

  • Conductor Jonathan Grieves-Smith Jailed for 24 Years on Child Rape Charges

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