Are Laura & Aladin Divorced on 90 Day Fiancé? Did They Split Up?

Laura & Aladin, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Laura and Aladin, stars of the hit reality series "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way."

Laura and Aladin, stars of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, appear to no longer be together after a messy, public split that unfolded over social media. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!) Tonight’s “Couples Tell All” special features a clip of the host asking Aladin if he wanted to divorce Laura, so there will be a lot to unpack after that big reveal.

The reality couple was once a fan-favorite pair on the show; both reality stars seemed genuinely in love with each other and hopeful for a future together, but things turned sour pretty quickly after Laura brought out a sex toy to use with Aladin, and their relationship started spiraling shortly after.

Here’s what we know about their split, where they are today, and the details of their divorce:

Aladin Removed All Photos of Laura From His Instagram Account Following the Sex Toy Episode

Laura's New Sex Toy Offends Aladin | 90 Day Fiancé: The Other WayAfter spending their first night together in 6 months, Laura feels it's the perfect time to show Aladin her new sex toy. She's hoping to spice up her lackluster sex life, but Aladin is not amused. Stream Full Episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: Subscribe to TLC: Join Us on Facebook:…2019-07-29T16:44:56.000Z

After episode 10 of The Other Way aired on July 29, Aladin went through and deleted all of his photos of his wife off of his Instagram account. Episode 10 featured the infamous sex toy argument, where Laura told Aladin she wanted to use toys in the bedroom to spice up their sex life. Aladin didn’t take kindly to being told he wasn’t good at jiggy jiggy, and he ended up storming out of the house after telling her “f–k you.”

Following the episode’s premiere, Aladin removed all of the photos of Laura from his Instagram account. Prior to the episode, Aladin had dozens of pictures of the two together and often gushed about his wife on the social media platform. However, Laura’s account hadn’t changed following the episode, and she continued posting pictures of Aladin for weeks after, so it appeared at the time that Aladin might have taken down the pictures purposely to spark some extra drama for the show.

However, it’s starting to look like the timing of Aladin’s Instagram purge might have just been coincidental to the episode’s air date, especially after details of their relationship over the last few months started to emerge. Read on to find out what’s been going on with the reality couple.

Laura Announced Last Month That She Was Pregnant But Suffered an Ectopic Pregnancy

According to Starcasm, Laura announced via a surprise Instagram post that she was pregnant, claiming that she and Aladin had a “muffin in the oven” on September 14. Although fans thought she was joking, Laura confirmed to an Instagrammer a few days later that she was pregnant while also giving the person permission to post the conversation.

“We just found out I am with child, so lots has changed,” Laura revealed to Instagrammer talker_of_shits_ in a text message conversation just after her initial announcement. “I was totally surprised!” she added — in addition to giving @Talker permission to post the conversation.

However, shortly after the post above went public, Laura spoke with the same Instagrammer and revealed that she had actually suffered an ectopic pregnancy, and that she was no longer with child. An ectopic pregnancy is a medical situation in which the fetus develops outside the uterus, typically in a fallopian tube.

She Admitted That She Was Trying to Get Aladin’s Attention With The Pregnancy Reveal Because He Had Her Blocked on Instagram

Although the reality star said that she had lost the baby, the same Instagrammer revealed screenshots of another conversation with Laura, who admitted that she only shared the news of her pregnancy to try to get Aladin’s attention because he had her blocked on Instagram. The Instagrammer asked if the pregnancy was a hoax, and Laura claimed that it wasn’t. She claimed that she was actually pregnant, but she wasn’t able to carry the baby to full term. She also said the only reason she was so quick to open up about the miscarriage on social media was because she wanted Aladin to unblock her so the two could talk.

“I very much had an ectopic pregnancy,” Laura said in the conversation, which can be read above. “I was so sick and my doctor, when I was in Canada last month, told me that the blood work came back and I was pregnant. I am no longer with a baby and it crushed my world because I lost everything in life all at once it seemed. And I couldn’t even tell Aladin about the baby because he had me blocked. I wanted Aladin to see the post. I wanted him to know we almost made a baby … so close!”

During the same conversation, the reality star also revealed some shocking allegations against Aladin; she claimed that he was abusive and that he was refusing to give her any of her belongings back while they were waiting for the divorce to go through.

It’s unclear at this time what the timeline of the pregnancy or split actually is, but all of that will likely be revealed over the next two weeks during the Couples Tell All two-part finale.

However, During a recent public Q&A session with his followers on Instagram, Aladin appeared to unintentionally disclose he and Laura split up either two months ago or two months after their Tunisian wedding ceremony. After a follower asked him if he was engaged, he answered, “”No engagement… who would get married and then get engaged 2 months later? Not me,” Aladin replied, attaching three laughing emojis to the response.

Be sure to tune in tonight at 9/8c to catch Part 1 of the Couples Tell All special, and don’t forget to check out this author’s profile for all of your 90 Day Fiancé coverage, and more!

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