Meka & Michael, MAFS Predictions: Are They Still Together?

Meka and Michael, MAFS, Married at First Sight

Lifetime Will Meka and Michael stay together or call it quits before Decision Day? Read on for our "Married at First Sight" Season 10 finale predictions and spoilers.

Meka Jones and Michael Watson, one of five couples featuring on Season 10 of Lifetime’s hit experimental reality series Married at First Sighthave had a rocky road to their “happily ever after” since the two first met at the altar. Both reality stars have struggled to find common ground when it comes to their marriage, and neither star has been able to get over the uncomfortable awkwardness of marrying a stranger, which has put a deep strain on their relationship.

With their marital issues highlighted so extensively on the show, fans might be wondering if the two were able to work through their problems and make things work in the end, or if they went their separate ways after filming wrapped up for the season.

Are Meka and Michael still together today? Although it’s still a bit too soon to predict with much certainty, we’ve got some thoughts on what might go down between the two. Read on for our MAFS predictions on Meka and Michael. Warning: some Married at First Sight spoilers ahead! Turn back now if you’re not caught up and don’t want anything ruined for you!

Meka & Michael Had an Awkward, Tense Start to Their Marriage

Meka and Michael have had a tough go of it since the beginning. Although both reality stars attempted to make the most of their awkward nuptials, it was clear that neither star was very comfortable with the experiment after actually going through with it.

Both Meka and Michael had differences of opinion when it came to having children, and the stars spent most of their honeymoon sleeping in separate rooms. They even skipped the catamaran trip with the other four couples in order to get to know each other better, as they both admitted that they weren’t very happy with where things were going in their relationship. The two often bicker about small, insignificant things (like how many pillows should be on a couch), and they just can’t seem to get on the same page regarding communication.

In an interview with SoapDirt published earlier this month, Meka also admitted that she didn’t find her husband “immediately attractive.” While she said she went into the experiment of marrying a total stranger with an “open mind,” she still wasn’t totally totally satisfied with who the experts set her up with, and it’s unclear if she’s changed her mind since that interview (but we don’t think she has).

They Don’t Have a Connection & We Don’t Think They’ll Last

Married at First Sight: Meka Accuses Michael of Lying (Season 10) | LifetimeWatch all new episodes of Married at First Sight, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite Lifetime shows at The honeymoon turns very tense when Meka confronts Michael about an invasive ultimatum made off-camera in this clip from Season 10, Episode 4, "One Night Spouse". #MarriedAtFirstSight Subscribe for…2020-01-23T14:59:49.000Z

We don’t think these two will stay together, come Decision Day. From what we’ve seen so far, neither reality star seems to be putting their full effort into overcoming their awkwardness and finding common ground with one another. Although both Meka and Michael seem like they want to get to know each other, even their little private outing in Panama seemed forced, and Meka can’t seem to move past Michael’s comment about having sex on the honeymoon, which he claims he never said. They just don’t appear to be a good match and they have almost no connection at all, so we don’t see them working through their issues and staying together in the end.

What do you think? Do you agree with us and believe they will call it quits, or do you think Meka and Michael will be able to work through their issues and figure things out by Decision Day? Take our poll below!

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