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Married at First Sight, MAFS

Lifetime/YouTube "Married at First Sight" airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

Married at First SightLifetime’s popular reality series featuring couples who meet at the altar, premieres Wednesday, January 1, 2020 at 8 p.m. EST. Season 10 features five new couples – Katie and Derek, Jessica and Austin, Taylor and Brandon, Mindy and Zach, and Meka and Michael – and promises even more drama, tears and love than ever before.

The experimental reality series follows several couples who have never seen each other, spoken to one another, or met in person prior to saying their vows. The show then follows the ups and downs of the newlyweds as they navigate married life with their new, “stranger” spouses.

Here’s what you need to know about the highly-anticipated 10th season of MAFS, including the title and synopsis of each episode and the schedule for the new season:

New Episodes Air Wednesday Nights at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime

Married at First Sight | Premieres New Years Day 8/7c | LifetimeThe Critic's Choice Award-winning hit series, Married at First Sight, returns for a super-sized serving of high stakes love and drama. This time, we've expanded Lifetime's highest-rated franchise to a two-hour format and have added a fifth couple to the mix to keep the real-life romance, emotional stakes and roller coaster action red hot across…2019-12-18T12:59:48.000Z

There will likely be between 12 and 16 episodes for Season 10, as Season 9 featured 14 and Season 8 featured 16. There doesn’t appear to be any specific scheduled number of episodes for any of the seasons, since Season 6 and 7 had a whopping 17 episodes, so the network changes the episode count each year.

You can check out the episode titles, air dates and descriptions for the first few episodes below:

EPISODE 10.1, FIRST COMES MARRIAGE, THEN COMES LOVE: “Five couples have only two weeks to plan their weddings, celebrate their final days of being single, and reveal to their family and friends that they are getting married to a stranger! And when the time finally comes to tie the knot, will one groom be left at the altar when his bride-to-be gets a call from her ex-boyfriend asking her not to go through with it?” (airs January 1, 2020)

EPISODE 10.2, HERE COMES THE STRANGER: “Five couples get ready to walk down the aisle to get Married at First Sight! While the first three couples celebrate their marriages with the help of family and friends at their wedding receptions, two couples still remain to take the giant leap of faith.” (airs January 8, 2020)

New episodes will air on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST following the Season 10 premiere, and each episode will be two hours long to celebrate the milestone 10th season. There are no episode descriptions for the rest of the season on Lifetime or IMDb at this time, but Heavy will update this post as soon as more information is known.

Season 10 Follows Five New Couples as They Navigate Married Life With Their New Spouses

For those who are new to the show, the series sets willing participants up with a person whom they marry without ever knowing or meeting beforehand. Each of the couples is paired by matchmaking specialists, known as the “experts” of the show. They ween out the applicants that are looking to be on the show strictly for fame or exposure, find those are seriously interested in finding love, and then go through a series of steps to match those who are the most compatible with each other.

The Lifetime series description of Season 10 reads, “Kick off 2020 with Married at First Sight as the captivating series returns for it’s milestone 10th season in the nation’s capital of Washington, DC. For the first time in MAFS history – FIVE new couples will take a leap of faith when they walk down the aisle to marry a stranger. All episodes will be megasized to 2 hours to capture each couple’s journey as they go from wedding, to honeymoon, to early nesting, to the daily struggles of working on their marriage. After several weeks together, each couple must make a decision: do they remain together or decide to divorce?”

Tune in Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST on Lifetime to catch new episodes of Married at First Sight. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out this author’s profile for all of your MAFS coverage, and more!

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