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9 Best Exercise Bikes with Screens for Home Workouts

smart exercise bike


Exercise bikes with screens add a whole new dimension to your indoor workouts. They’re more entertaining than your average stationary bike, and let you stream live and on-demand classes. Craving the camaraderie of group spin classes? These bikes are a great compromise. They can also be pricey, especially with monthly platform subscriptions. We’ve spent hours testing several of the bikes below to help you decide whether it’s worth the splurge.

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bowflex velocore spin bike Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Includes a 1-year JRNY membership
  • Lean function for a full-body workout
  • Works with Peloton and Zwift
Price: $1,799.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
peloton bike Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Thousands of live and on-demand classes
  • High-quality instructors and workouts
  • Entry-level bike is reasonably priced
Price: $1,245.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
nordictrack s22i Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Supports up to 350 pounds
  • Generous 10-year frame warranty
  • HD screens swivel 360 degrees
Price: $1,169.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
yesoul s3 Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Bluetooth armband included
  • App has free classes
  • Great affordable Peloton alternative
Price: $499.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
myx ii fitness bike
  • Small footprint is ideal for apartments
  • High-quality classes and instructors
  • Good value in this crowded segment
Price: $1,399.00 Shop Now at MYX Shop Now Read our review
echelon ex5-s Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Free 90-day trial membership
  • One membership covers five users
  • Access to over 3,000 live and on-demand classes
Price: $1,088.07 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
renpho ai bike Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Brushless motor is very quiet
  • Adjusts to fit riders from 4'11" to 6'5"
  • Great for beginners
Price: $599.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
wahoo bike
  • Realistic hill simulations
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Doesn't require an expensive subscription
Price: $3,499.99 Shop now at Competitive Cyclist Shop now Read our review
tacx neo smart bike Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for dedicated cyclists
  • Nearly silent internal design won't disturb others
  • Simulates inclines up to 25% for serious hill training
Price: $3,199.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Bowflex VeloCore Bike

    • Works with the Peloton and Zwift apps
    • Choice between two screen sizes
    • Dual-sided pedals for SPD and athletic shoes
    • No live classes
    • Diminished sound quality on high volume
    • Seat isn't very comfortable

    Unlike most competitors, you have lots of entertainment options on the VeloCore interactive spin bike. You can watch Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video during workouts. Other exercise bikes with screens aren’t nearly as versatile, which is why the VeloCore is our editor’s favorite.

    There are two versions: the entry-level model with a 16″ screen and a premium 22″ display. Although the 22″ bike is pricier, we recommend it if you’re going to be streaming content and listening to music without headphones. 

    I’ve spent months testing out VeloCore’s features and classes. Although there aren’t as many classes to choose from as you’ll find on other platforms, there’s a healthy variety. Options include adaptive workouts tailored specifically for you and on-demand classes and videos with knowledgeable instructors.

    The instructors are fun and engaging. However, there’s definitely room for improvement. For starters, JRNY doesn’t currently offer live classes. Workouts can also feel stale because of the somewhat limited selection. As a JRNY member, however, you’ll benefit from the latest updates and features as soon as they’re available.

    Although you’ll need to stream them separately, the Peloton and Zwift apps also work with this bike. Plus, your JRNY membership carries over to other Bowflex machines, including the Max Total 16 HIIT trainer. You can use VeloCore without JRNY, but you’ll get the most out of the bike with the membership.

    Versatile platform aside, VeloCore is also more dynamic than most other spin bikes with screens. As far as we know, it’s the only home spin bike that can lean on command. Just push a knob down to sway left and right, and pull it up for a more predictable workout. The idea is to engage your core and upper body to burn more calories and tone muscles as you cycle. Although I enjoyed this feature, it’s not the main selling point.

    The VeloCore is built like a tank. I’ve logged hundreds of miles on mine without any issues, but the included 2-year frame and parts warranty is a bonus. 

    Wondering whether the Bowflex VeloCore is better than Peloton? Read our in-depth review to find out.


    Only smart spin bike that directly streams Netflix and other popular apps


    • Includes a 1-Year JRNY Membership ($149 value)
    • Explore over 50 virtual destinations
    • Adaptive workouts tailored to your current fitness level

    What we love

    • Comes with two 3-lb. dumbbells
    • Bluetooth heart rate monitor is included
    • Works with Zwift and Peloton
    • 100 resistance levels

    What could be better

    • High price points
    • Screen doesn’t swivel
    • Lacks the community feel of Peloton
    • Limited class selection compared to similar platforms
  2. 2. RUNNER UP: Peloton Bike

    • Impressive community with millions of members
    • Inspiration and engaging instructors will help you get fitter
    • Tons of off-bike workouts, including HIIT, meditation and yoga
    • Bike+ is pricey
    • Screen only swivels on the Bike+
    • Can't stream third-party apps

    The original smart bike with a devoted following, Peloton remains one of our favorites for home workouts. There are thousands of high-quality classes and instructors to choose from, so your workout will never feel stale.

    Peloton has two bikes: the entry-level Bike and the Bike+. If you don’t need a swivel screen or instructor-controlled resistance changes, it’s hard to beat the overall value of the base Peloton bike. Plus, you’ll save quite a bit of money. If you can do without these features, we think the Bike is plenty for most cyclists.

    However, the Bike+ offers a premium home cycling experience. The screen is slightly larger (23.8 inches, compared to 21.5 inches on the Bike). It’s also anti-reflective for better visibility. And if you want a rotating screen, the Bike+ is your only option.

    Since it’s been around longer than most other home spin bikes, Peloton has had more time to perfect its bike and platform. That’s evident by its dedicated fanbase with millions of followers. The bikes are also reliable and seem to hold up well over time.

    As an avid cyclist, I purchased a Peloton to maintain my fitness during the pandemic. A few classes later, I was obsessed. What I like most about Peloton’s platform is its healthy variety. You can burn a ton of calories with HIIT training, work on your endurance or let loose during one of the many fun themed rides. If you’re in a competitive mood, you can climb the live leaderboard and dish out high fives as you pass other riders. It’s an exciting tool to push yourself and connect with other Peloton riders.

    All Peloton bikes come with Delta-compatible cleats. Any spin shoe will work as long as it has the three-hole setup. Clipping in can help you feel more stable and powerful, but it can also be intimidating for new riders. Peloton is the only bike on our list that doesn’t offer cage or dual-sided pedals. However, you can swap them out if you prefer to wear sneakers.


    Massive fanbase with millions of followers


    • Peloton platform ($39 per month for Bike; $59 per month for Bike+)
    • Free 30-day Peloton trial membership included
    • Thousands of live and on-demand classes

    What we love

    • High-quality instructors and workouts
    • Huge community with millions of followers
    • Large number of workouts off the bike
    • Highly motivational real-time leaderboard
    • Bluetooth headphone connectivity

    What could be better

    • Huge price difference between bikes
    • Screen only swivels on the more expensive Bike+
    • No option to watch Netflix or stream third-party apps
    • Beginners might not be comfortable with the standard Delta-compatible cleats
  3. 3. Best Value: NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle

    • Platform has tons of live and on-demand classes
    • Beautiful scenic rides and trainer-led rides on local trails
    • Free trial iFIT membership included
    • Can't share workouts on social media
    • Difficult to stream third-party apps
    • Limited resistance levels

    The premium NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle is loaded with technology to make home workouts exciting. Features such as a swiveling HD touchscreen display, automatic trainer control and adjustable incline and decline give it a unique advantage in this crowded segment.

    There are two versions of this spin bike with a screen: 15 (S15i) and 22 (S22i) inches. We think the 15″ model is a great value and can save you hundreds of dollars if you don’t mind the smaller screen.

    Both versions are updated for even better home workouts. An upgraded sound system ensures you’ll never miss a callout again, even when your music is blasting. Enhanced auto incline and decline settings closely mimic outdoor rides and further challenge your mind and body. Hybrid SPD and toe-clip pedals let you comfortably pedal in your athletic sneakers or kick it up a notch with a pair of clip-in cycling shoes.

    The smaller screen model is cheaper, but you lose some of the sound quality and energy that comes with the more immersive 22-inch screen. If you plan on doing workouts off the bike as well, the 22-inch screen is easier to see from all angles. Both screens rotate 360 degrees. An improved HD graphics performance delivers a smoother and more reliable streaming experience.

    An iFIT membership isn’t required to use this bike, but it doesn’t make much sense to ride without it. After all, you probably want to buy the Studio Cycle for its engaging workouts. A 30-day iFIT trial family membership is included with each bike. After that, you’ll pay $39 per month. Be aware that your subscription will automatically kick in unless you cancel it before your trial ends.

    Once your iFIT membership is set up, you’ll have access to tons of live and on-demand classes. In select classes, your trainer can automatically adjust the resistance so you can focus on the workout. There’s also automatic incline and decline for realistic terrain changes. Your trainer can automatically adjust these settings as well. A live leaderboard, which Peloton also offers, helps you connect with the iFIT community and is a great motivational tool to push yourself.

    Need a mental vacation? Check out one of many available scenic rides. We haven’t tested this bike ourselves, but several users rave about the variety and quality of the outdoor rides. In some cases, you can even virtually join your instructors on local trails. It’s the ideal solution for days when you’re stuck indoors and just aren’t feeling up for a studio class. 

    Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to stream Netflix and other third-party apps on the NordicTrack bike. The iFIT platform is your main source of entertainment.


    Tons of features, including adjustable incline and decline, for this price range


    • iFIT platform ($39 per month)
    • Free 30-day iFIT trial membership included
    • Live and on-demand classes
    • Scenic rides

    What we love

    • Beautiful HD touchscreen displays that swivel 360 degrees
    • High-quality indoor and outdoor rides, including instructor-led workouts on local trails
    • Automatic trainer control
    • Mimics realistic terrain changes with -10% to 20% incline
    • Bluetooth headphone connectivity
    • Includes two 3-lb. dumbbells

    What could be better

    • More expensive than Peloton
    • Only has 24 resistance levels
    • Time-consuming assembly
    • Can’t stream your own music
  4. 4. Most Affordable: YESOUL S3

    • 100 resistance levels for all abilities
    • Silent magnetic resistance won't disturb others
    • Connects to popular apps such as Zwift and Kinomap
    • May feel cramped for cyclists over 6' tall
    • Doesn't come with a built-in display
    • Thin tablet holder

    We haven’t tested the YESOUL S3 ourselves, but it’s a compelling budget option. If you don’t want to be tethered to a pricey monthly membership, you’ll love the free app and free classes. Just set up your smartphone or tablet and you can start getting into shape. You get a lot of bang for your buck, which is why this bike is a good alternative to the VeloCore.

    According to user reviews, the app has a decent selection of classes. From total beginners to experienced athletes, there’s something for everyone. Off the bike, you can tone and strengthen your body with options like yoga and running. The classes are basic, but they’re a worthy budget alternative. You’ll need your own device to access the classes.

    A heart rate monitor is included so that you can track your heart rate and other key metrics. It’s Bluetooth-enabled to quickly and easily connect with the bike. You can also use your tablet or smartphone to work out alongside instructors or watch movies. A limited number of third-party apps will work, including Zwift for virtual rides. 

    Do you enjoy working out late at night or early in the morning? With silent magnetic resistance, your off-hours sweat sessions won’t disturb others. It also has 100 resistance levels, which is unprecedented for the price.

    This bike is fully adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. You can move the seat in four ways and slide the handlebars up and down. The recommended height range is 4’9″ to 6’2″.


    Great for beginners with free on-demand workout and cycling classes


    • Free classes on the YESOUL app

    What we love

    • Free app with free classes
    • Bluetooth heart rate monitor is included
    • Works with Zwift
    • 100 levels of resistance

    What could be better

    • Low-quality classes compared to other platforms
    • Only works with a few third-party apps
    • Device holder is a bit small for larger tablets
    • Might be too cramped for riders over 6′ tall
  5. 5. MYX II

    Price: $1,399.00
    • Bikes come with high-quality accessories
    • Can use one or both platforms
    • Tons of workouts on and off the bike
    • Pairing an Apple watch can be tricky
    • Can feel unstable for taller riders
    • Doesn't have as many classes as Peloton

    One of the more affordable smart spin bikes on our list is the MYX II. A popular choice for budget shoppers, it’s a great value for any athlete. The MYX II Plus comes with tons of workout accessories yet doesn’t cost much more than the base model. It’s the one we recommend for most home gyms.

    Our test bike was the base MYX II. It’s a reliable Star Trac bike, similar to what you’d find in a standard studio class. The focal point is the large 21.5-inch touchscreen display, which is the same on both bikes. You can swivel it to work out off the bike or make height-specific adjustments. Other perks include a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor and Apple Watch integration to track and monitor your progress.

    If you want to tone your whole body, the MYX II Plus is a solid value. It comes with a six-piece weight set and a stabilizer mat to protect your floors. An included exercise mat makes off-bike workouts safe and comfortable. You’ll also receive an EVA foam roller to loosen up before a ride and reduce post-workout soreness. An included resistance band works your upper body.

    MYX is the only bike on our list with a choice between two platforms. The first is Openfit, which I used. Every class I took, from HIIT to climbs to endurance workouts, was challenging and motivating.

    The instructors push hard but also offer a chance to rest between sets so you don’t injure yourself or lose motivation. Classes range from 5 to 60 minutes. They’re also divided into levels, so you can improve your fitness without straying from your comfort zone. For example, Level 1 workouts feature slower cadences and longer recoveries and are great for beginners.

    If you’re into live workouts, consider Beachbody’s digital fitness platform, BODi. As a member, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to live and on-demand classes. You can even turn your camera on during live trainer-led classes. Your instructor will be able to see you and provide shout-outs and corrections during your workout.

    Each MYX bike comes with a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor to reliably track your heart rate as you ride. It works really well and is quite accurate. Most rides are based on your heart rate measurements, so you’ll want to use the monitor during workouts to assess how hard you’re working.

    MYX claims its bikes will fit riders between 4’11” and 6’8″. However, one of our test subjects is 6’2″ and the handlebars wobbled noticeably on the higher height settings. We’re not as confident as MYX that this bike is truly for taller cyclists.


    Heart rate-based workouts are unique to your fitness needs


    • Openfit platform ($39 per month)
    • Beachbody BODi ($99 membership + $19.95 per month)
    • Live and on-demand classes
    • High-quality workouts on and off the bike

    What we love

    • User-friendly platforms
    • Bike has a smaller footprint than most
    • Access to two apps gives you tons of workout options
    • Swivel screen lets you easily follow workouts from the mat

    What could be better

    • Confusing membership options
    • Touchscreen may freeze periodically
    • Can’t stream Netflix or Hulu
    • Handlebars feel wobbly on taller settings
  6. 6. Echelon Connect Bike EX5-S-10

    • Huge variety of cycling and whole body workouts
    • Screen rotates 180°
    • Cheaper than Peloton and Bowflex
    • Screen is very compact
    • Seat isn't comfortable
    • Only has 32 resistance levels

    An affordable alternative to the Peloton spin bikes, the Echelon EX-5s-10 features thousands of live and on-demand fitness classes. They range from 5 to 45 minutes and cater to every athlete, even complete beginners. An included membership trial lets you try cycling, HIIT, kickboxing, strength training, running and other exercises.

    You’ll get 90 days to sample the Echelon app for free. That’s nearly 3x longer than the 30-day trial most other manufacturers offer. One membership is good for five users, so the entire family can join in. It also covers all Echelon machines.

    If you’re a fan of huge immersive screens, you might be disappointed by this bike’s compact 10-inch screen. That’s less than half the size of Peloton, MYX and the Bowflex VeloCore. However, it swivels 180° for floor-based workouts.

    Another potential drawback is the relatively short 12-month warranty. We haven’t specifically tested this bike. However, we hope it’s more reliable than the two defective Echelon Stride treadmills we tested last year. 


    More affordable than many of its competitors


    • Echelon Premier Membership ($39 per month; $399 per year)
    • Free 90-day trial included
    • Access to over 3,000 live and on-demand classes
    • Classes range from 5 to 45 minutes

    What we love

    • Clip-in and cage pedals for every cyclist
    • HD monitor swivels for workouts off the bike
    • Two integrated USB chargers
    • Generous membership trial 

    What could be better

    • Doesn’t currently offer classes longer than 45 minutes
    • Screen is much smaller than most competitors
    • Uncomfortable seat
    • Warranty is only good for a year
  7. 7. RENPHO AI Smart Exercise Bike

    • Works with Apple Watch & ANT+ heart rate monitors
    • Customized training to match your current fitness
    • Auto-resistance on Zwift and AI apps
    • Manufacturer doesn't suggest standing while riding
    • Can't sync to Garmin or Strava apps
    • Tablet isn't included

    Whether you’re looking for a beginner-friendly bike or a cheap alternative to Peloton, consider the RENPHO AI Smart Bike. It’s more versatile and lets you access over 70 classes for free. However, you need a smartphone or tablet to access the workouts. You can also use it with most popular cycling apps, including Zwift and Kinomap. 

    Before jumping into the review, it’s worth mentioning that this is more of a stationary bike than a spin bike. It’s primarily designed for riding in the saddle. RENPHO doesn’t suggest standing when cycling. If you prefer to stand, any other bike on this list will be a better fit.

    Like the YESOUL S3, the AI Smart Bike offers free access to several classes. You don’t have to pay to get HD scenic rides, instructor-led classes or riding challenges. If you don’t mind giving up the camaraderie of group workouts, as you’ll find on some other platforms, it’s a compelling alternative.

    You can use the AI bike with most third-party apps, but the auto-resistance function is only for Zwift and AI Gym app users. These two apps can automatically adjust the resistance to match the current terrain. It also works with FulGaz, XERT and Peloton (iOS only).

    To ensure you get the most out of each ride, an AI-based algorithm automatically calibrates workouts according to your fitness goals. It’s based on Functional Threshold Power (FTP) zones. If you’re new to cycling, FTP is considered the gold standard for measuring performance and tracking progress.

    Featuring Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, you can connect your Apple Watch and ANT+ heart rate monitors. The bike also works with Apple Health and Google Fit. As you pedal, real-time metrics such as RPM, resistance, cadence and calories are recorded. You can sync your statistics with compatible devices to measure your progress.

    If you’re working towards a healthier version of yourself, consider adding the RENPHO digital food scale to your fitness routine to accurately assess how many calories you’re consuming. 


    Innovative AI-based algorithm automatically calibrates workouts according to your fitness goals


    • Free AI Gym app with 70+ classes
    • No membership required

    What we love

    • AI Gym app has 70+ courses and 5 unique training modes
    • Fits most riders between 4’11” and 6’5″
    • Great budget alternative for beginners
    • Works with popular apps such as Zwift, Peloton, Kinomap and FulGaz

    What could be better

    • Auto-resistance only works with Zwift & AI Gym apps
    • Peloton app is only available for iOS users
    • Doesn’t come with a tablet
    • Straps only have toe cages but can be swapped out
  8. 8. Wahoo KICKR Bike

    • Maximum power output is 2,200 watts
    • Measures within +/- 1% accuracy
    • Fits most riders between 5' and 6'4"
    • Very pricey
    • Assembly requires at least two people
    • Doesn't have a tablet holder

    Catering to dedicated cyclists who don’t want to miss a beat when riding indoors, the Wahoo KICKR bike is a premium investment for high-level training. Throw in the bike’s simulated shifting and braking, and you’ll have a virtually unmatched indoor training experience. You’ll have to supply your own tablet, but that gives you more flexibility to choose the classes and platforms you prefer.

    We received a KICKR bike for testing. Here are our thoughts after several weeks.

    This indoor smart bike caters to busy athletes. Without an integrated screen or required subscription service, you don’t have to jump through hoops to get your bike up and running. Just assemble the bike (it should take less than an hour) and instantly connect to your favorite third-party app. No calibration required. Unlike a subscription-based bike, you’re not locked into a platform.

    Bluetooth connectivity lets you ride using popular third-party apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad. I was set up with a Zwift subscription to test the bike’s smart capabilities. Zwift recently rolled out a slew of updates, including steering functionality. Once the KICKR is set up with Zwift, steering is automatically enabled. It feels accurate and makes riding indoors more fun. You can easily disable it if you prefer.

    As you ride, your data appears on a small digital display. It’s close to the front of the bike, so you can keep your performance in check. However, the numbers can be tough to see. 

    That brings us to a potential dealbreaker. Unlike the spin bikes on our list, the KICKR lacks a built-in tablet. You also won’t find a smartphone or tablet holder. One solution is to pull up a table or desk and keep it next to you for easy access. If you’re planning on riding indoors a lot, something like the KOM Cycling Media Display could be a worthy investment.

    As a road cyclist who struggles to adapt to the fit and feel of a traditional spin bike, I really appreciated how customizable the KICKR is. It comes with a saddle and handlebars, but they’re easy to swap out. The pedals can also be changed. You can even install the same ones that are on your real bike. I received a pair of Wahoo SpeedPlay pedals for testing. They were simple to install and have a 15-degree micro-adjustable float for improved biomechanics.

    Another really cool feature is that you can set the KICKR up to precisely match your real bike. Guided by the user-friendly Wahoo app, you just need to snap a photo of your bike to match its geometry. You can also make adjustments manually. All components are easy to adjust, although the seat lever on my test bike required lots of force to stay put.

    You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from the subtle differences that make the KICKR a true cyclist’s bike. Whether you’re gearing up to crush the competition or you’re eager for a quad-busting climb, this Wahoo bike has realistic grade changes up to 20% for uphill climbs. You’ll be generously rewarded once you’ve reached the summit with descents down to -15%.

    If you still can’t quite get into the groove, try closing your eyes and imagine yourself hammering it out on your favorite course or breathing in the fresh air on your favorite outdoor routes. You might even feel the front of the bike actually raise and lower as you go. It’s not your imagination, though. The front of the KICRK moves to simulate real-life terrain changes to keep your body and mind engaged.


    Most realistic indoor training experience with customizable gearing and automatic grade changes


    • This bike doesn’t have a subscription
    • Works with Zwift, TrainerRoad and other popular third-party apps

    What we love

    • Quick and easy to set up
    • Highly adjustable and customizable
    • Guided fit through Wahoo app offers a precise setup
    • Realistic grade and terrain changes make it feel like you’re riding outside

    What could be better

    • Doesn’t have a device holder
    • Display numbers can be hard to see
    • Steering functionality is exclusive to Zwift
    • Seat may slide down unless the lever is very tightly in place
  9. 9. Tacx Neo Bike Smart Trainer

    • Works with Tacx, Zwift, TrainerRoad and other popular third-party apps
    • Accurate pedal stroke analysis helps develop a more refined technique
    • Fully customizable to match your road or tri bike
    • Doesn't have guided measurements like the Wahoo KICKR
    • Not as immersive as some competitors
    • On-board fans probably aren't sufficient for most cyclists

    Possibly the closest you’ll come to feel like you’re riding outside when you’re stuck indoors, the Tacx Neo Bike Smart Trainer ensures your training won’t suffer. With accurate measurements within 1% and loads of innovative technology, you might even emerge a better cyclist. It doesn’t have a built-in screen but is designed to use with a smartphone or tablet for interactive riding.

    Like the Wahoo KICKR Bike, it’s designed with serious cyclists in mind. The idea is to closely mimic outdoor rides. From pedal stroke analysis to simulated inclines, you won’t miss a beat when foul weather forces you inside.

    Despite its training-centric design, the Tacx Neo isn’t a boring alternative to a spin bike. You’re also not locked into a certain platform or monthly subscription.

    To make indoor rides more fun and productive, you can use your Tacx Neo with popular apps such as Zwift and TrainerRoad. As a Zwift user, you’ll be virtually connected with other riders even if you’re in your basement riding alone. You’ll also feel vibrations on surfaces such as cobblestones and gravel. To keep workouts interesting, virtual chain shifting feels like the bike is changing gears. You’ll even experience an unmistakable boost in acceleration as you leave your competition in the dust.

    Tacx has its own software, but it’s not required to use the bike. You’ll find over 100 realistic rides to help you forget that you’re cycling indoors. 

    Tacx Neo vs. Wahoo KICKR: Which Is Better?

    If you’re looking for a smart bike for serious indoor riding, the Tacx Neo and Wahoo KICKR are both good choices. They’re made for dedicated athletes, whether you’re an amateur or professional. There are some key differences, though. We’ll break those down to help you decide which is better for your needs.

    Both bikes are ultra-quiet and work with Zwift and many other popular third-party apps. You can feel the vibrations of the road, including cobblestone surfaces. Neither includes a screen, so you’ll need to set up a smartphone, tablet or laptop. A shared maximum power output of 2,200 watts is plenty for most advanced cyclists. No calibration is required, and you can stay on top of your training with accurate measurements within 1%. Easily customizable adjustments mimic your road or triathlon bike.

    However, the Tacx Neo can be used as a standalone bike trainer. That’s huge if you’re short on space or don’t want your training to suffer when traveling. Your essential training numbers are displayed on a 4.5-inch screen. They’re much easier to see compared to the small strip on the side of the KICKR. Another unique feature is pedal stroke immersion. As you pedal, your technique is analyzed in real-time to help you develop a more precise and powerful stroke.

    Wahoo KICKR is a better choice if you’re looking for a more interactive experience. It steers during Zwift rides for more realistic workouts. The front of the bike also moves up and down to simulate terrain changes, which keeps the mind and body engaged. KICKR hits a maximum 20% incline and -15% decline for hill training. The Tacx Neo offers a 25% incline, but it doesn’t tilt like the KICKR. 


    Can be used as a standalone smart bike trainer


    • This bike doesn’t have a subscription
    • Works with Zwift, TrainerRoad and other popular third-party apps

    What we love

    • Can be used as a trainer in stand-alone mode
    • Connects to multiple devices simultaneously
    • 4.5-inch display clearly displays training data
    • Structured Tacx training plans to elevate your training
    • Built-in fans are automatically controlled by your power and heart rate to keep you cool

    What could be better

    • Doesn’t have a device holder
    • ERG mode can be frustrating
    • Doesn’t steer or tilt like the KICKR
    • Very heavy and can be tough to assemble

Do I Need a Screen on My Exercise Bike?

You don't need a screen on your exercise bike, but it can offer several advantages.

For starters, you don't have to jump through hoops to set up your smartphone to access classes, track your workout statistics and more.

Also, if you choose to activate the subscription that comes with your bike, workouts can be more rewarding and entertaining. Most bikes on this list have a platform with instructor-led classes and thriving communities - two huge perks that can make working out at home much more fun.

However, an interactive exercise bike can be a huge investment. Understandably, you might be looking for guidance and advice from someone who has personally tested the bike and platform to give you the inside scoop.

Which Smart Exercise Bike Is Best for Beginners?

Your budget, exercise goals, and (let's face it) level of motivation will help determine which exercise bike with a screen is the best for you. 

Most options on our list are spin bikes with screens, but you'll also find a few smart trainer bikes. They're designed with dedicated cyclists in mind. If you're just starting out or aren't a hardcore cyclist, an interactive spin bike could be more your style.

You'll also want to pay attention to the platforms. Each one is unique. For example, Peloton has a rabid fanbase and a bigger community than any other bike. However, the Bowflex VeloCore lets you watch apps like Netflix and is much more versatile. 

Which Bikes Have a Screen but Don't Require a Subscription?

Most bikes with screens require a subscription. The idea is to become a member of the accompanying platform to unlock the smart features. Besides cycling classes, many platforms also include workouts off the bike as well for whole-body fitness.

Want a bike without a screen or subscription? The YESOUL S3 has media holders to hold a tablet or smartphone. You can also consider the Wahoo KICKR  or Tacx Neo bikes, which are purposefully designed without screens to mimic road and tri bikes. However, they're Bluetooth-enabled for workouts on Zwift and other apps. 

Which Exercise Bikes Can You Watch Netflix On?

Want to watch movies as you exercise? You can watch Netflix on the Bowflex VeloCore. Other streaming options include Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney+. 

Whichever option you choose, your workout metrics will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. This feature is only accessible during adaptive workouts.

Can You Watch TV on an Exercise Bike?

You currently can't watch TV directly on an exercise bike.

However, you can stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO Max on the Bowflex VeloCore. 

Which Exercise Bikes Have Scenic Rides?

Escape the reality of riding in your basement or cramped apartment with a scenic ride, which many bikes on our list offer.

Our top pick is the NordicTrack, which has a huge selection of scenic rides. Plus, you can ride along with instructors as they pedal outdoors. In some cases, you might even find trail rides close to home.

Some other platforms that stand out are JRNY (Bowflex VeloCore) and Peloton, although Peloton has far fewer options than some of its competitors. 

If you're eager to get outdoors despite poor conditions, consider an ebike with fat tires.

Which Is the Best Smart Bike for Zwift?

Many smart bikes on our list work with Zwift. We've tested out the Wahoo Kickr bike and can confirm that it syncs flawlessly with the popular third-party app. 

Another option is the Tacx Neo Smart Trainer. It's very similar to the KICKR bike, but has the added excitement of simulating a road-like feel as you pedal. Every cobblestone and gravel surface you encounter on Zwift (or your favorite third-party app) will feel like it does outdoors.

Can You Lose Weight Just by Riding a Stationary Bike?

You can definitely lose weight just by riding a stationary bike. However, the total amount is up to you. Spinning your legs on an easy setting won't burn nearly as many calories as racing to climb the leaderboard, for example.

The number of calories you blast depends on factors like your weight, the overall intensity and how long you ride. However, you can burn anywhere from 600 to 900 calories in 60 minutes.

If weight loss is your biggest motivation, the CLMBR vertical climber can burn over 600 calories in just 30 minutes. It engages your entire body at all times for more effective workouts.

For a non-cardio workout that can help lose weight, consider some voice-activated dumbbells, such as the NordicTrack Alexa dumbbells we've personally tested.

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