Skull Trooper Officially Returns to Fortnite

Fortnite Skull Trooper Return

Update: The Skull Trooper is back in Fortnite as part of this morning’s patch. For those who have purchased the skin before it hit the item shop today you will be rewarded with an exclusive Purple Skull Trooper to show off your OG status.

Original story below…

In a tweet late Tuesday night Fortnite officially teased the return of the Skull Trooper.

This skin first debuted during Fortnite’s seemingly neverending Halloween event last year and was one of the first skins to debut into the game. Since the skin came early in Fortnite’s lifespan a lot of players missed out on it the first time around.

The tweet showcases a skull and a pickaxe which seems to suggest a pickaxe will be coming with the skin this time around. During the Skull Troopers first time in the item shop, there was no special pickaxe to go with it.

It turns out this “soon” means tomorrow as it has been greeted with a message in the game saying “bone-chilling gear coming to the Item Shop!” and that it’s coming tomorrow.

This will surely end up being the Skull Trooper skin unless Epic Games plans on disappointing much of the player base.

Fortnite has shown a willingness to return previously unobtainable skins back into the game recently starting with the Red Knight and they have kept that trend going with the most recent one being the Power Chord.

If you go onto Fortnite’s Twitter page or any big Fortnite player’s Twitter then you’ll see a lot of players claiming to be selling accounts with Skull Troopers on them. These posts will likely end up being a lot less popular if the skin is indeed coming back.

Now players will have to wait and see if the Ghoul Trooper will be making a return sometime later this month. There have been several Halloween skins released so far in October but none will create as much buzz as the Skull Trooper will.

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