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21 Best Raised Planter Boxes for Your Summer Garden

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably looking for ways to become more self-sufficient and limit your trips to the grocery store. Add supply chain issues to the equation and you’ll discover that raised planter boxes are the perfect way to have a garden and keep your hands and mind busy while doing something that’s incredibly healthy for you and your family. Plus, the act of growing your own food is incredibly empowering. But a fair warning here – it’s likely to become a lifelong passion. As an avid gardener, I can attest to the fact that gardening is a seriously addictive sport!

Growing and nurturing your garden is a wonderful way to keep your kids engaged with your family while also playing in the dirt. What’s not to love about that? Gardening also teaches them valuable lessons about where their food comes from – knowledge that will last a lifetime. The raised beds featured here are unique as well as long-lasting, plus they work well, particularly if you have limited growing space.

To get your seeds started and pre-grown starts planted properly, a great potting bench and the proper garden tools can be back savers that will support your efforts to grow abundant produce at home.

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If you're looking to become more self-sufficient, there's nothing more fulfilling than raising your own fruits and veggies in the comfort of your own backyard.

What Are the Advantages of Raised Planter Boxes?

Some of the biggest advantages of these planters are the fact that you can grow an abundant crop of fresh produce in a minimum of space. These boxes allow for an easy entree into gardening for your children as well, and if they're out of school, it's a wonderful way to teach them about the food chain and how not all foods need to come from a grocery store. 

According to Macaroni Kid, gardening teaches your little ones about healthy eating as well as being an activity that engages all their senses. 

Do Raised Garden Boxes Have Other Benefits?

Naturally, we wouldn't be writing about them if we didn't think they had so many positive benefits. For older folks (like this author,) they help to alleviate much of the stooping involved with traditional gardening.

These planters offer a more ergonomically favorable "perfect picking" height that makes the experience a lot more fun with a whole lot less back pain. 

As you'll see in this video, the option to get their garden up off the ground is a real boon to seniors and those with ambulatory issues, allowing them the experience of gardening, despite their disability.

Another big advantage of raised beds is that they reduce the number of bugs and slugs getting into and eating up your tender plants. (So aggravating!) Taller boxes are especially effective in that regard and allow you to treat for pests like slugs and ants around the perimeter of your beds without impacting the soil and plants.

What Are the Best Raised Planter Boxes?

There's no perfect answer for which garden boxes are best because it all depends on your situation. If you're in an urban loft, where mud and dirt aren't a welcome addition to your balcony, you might want to consider raised garden beds made from PVC materials, plastic and netting. 

Planters with casters are particularly popular because they can be moved around a small balcony to get maximum sun, and easily moved out of the way when you want to eat dinner.

If you have the advantage of having a yard, no matter how small, there are garden boxes that can turn you into a backyard farmer with ease. Most will not be mobile, of course, but if you've got the space there's a perfect large garden bed to keep all your plantings contained.

What's the Best Way to Start My Backyard Garden?

If you want to start plants from seeds, you can go big and get yourself a greenhouse. They come in large sizes and small patio sizes too. 

Don't forget that now is the time to order your seeds, and you'll want to get some bags of potting soil and some seed starter trays. 

What's the Best Wood for Raised Garden Beds?

We have to say, there's some disagreement about that. We've always been a fan of western red cedar because it's rot-resistant and pest-resistant too. 

Fine Woodworking, however, recommends treated pine in their list of outdoor yard and garden projects. And depending on your needs, you might not want wood at all.

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