35 Best Snow Globes You’ll Absolutely Love (Updated!)

Who says snow globes are just for the holidays? Not us. We’ve found lots of collectibles to brighten the Christmas season, along with others that commemorate special events, and plenty more that are musical, magical, and fun. Perfect as gifts, these are our picks for the best snow globes.

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Why Do We Love Snow Globes?

It's hard not to be enamored with snow globes. They simply bring out our love of fantasy in so many ways. From the idyllic tiny scenes inside to the magic of snow you can enjoy, but not shovel is pretty darned appealing. 

Whether they contain replicas of snow or sparkling glitter, and when gently shaken these water balls change for calm scenes to swirly blizzards. Kids are especially mesmerized by them. Thankfully, lots of snow globes are automatically activated by a switch on the base in case you're worried about tiny hands letting them crash to the floor while shaking.

How Were Snow Globes Invented?

Believe it or not, there's plenty of evidence to say that if Thomas Edison had invented a better lightbulb, we might never have gotten to indulge in our passion for snow globes.

According to this article by Linda Rodriquez McRobbie for MentalFloss, there's a bit of a comical and quite interesting story about how they came into being.

Where Can You Find Illuminated Snow Globes?

Adults especially love illuminated snow globes. Often the scene inside involves snowy villages and Christmas homes. Thanks to incredibly small but efficient LED lights, a flip of the switch is enough to make the tiny towns and homes glitter with realistic warmth.

We've found that those by Thomas Kinkade are the most elegant and realistic, but also the most expensive of all.

Kids seem to be more enamored with anything that continuously changes color. Once again, thanks to LED technology, you can get color-changing snow globes at a really reasonable price. They're so affordable, in fact, you could put one in each of your kids' rooms for a relaxing way to lull them to sleep.

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