Updated Republican Delegate Count 2016: Trump in Control

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Donald Trump, here at an event in Florida, leads the polls there by a significant margin. (Getty)


As the Republican Party establishment attempts to wrestle control of the primary process away from Donald Trump, the frontrunner looks to establish an unbeatable polling lead and take control of the primary. Trump has 559 of the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination before the convention, and several of the states voting March 15 or after give all of their delegates to the plurality-vote-getter, with Florida called in his favor, meaning that Trump could take even more delegates than his out-in-front polling numbers suggest. The only candidate with a mathematical path to stop him is Ted Cruz at 370, although the other two could play enough of a spoiler to take the race to the convention.

Meanwhile, March 15 marks the “last stand” for the two candidates at the back of the pack with primaries in their home states. John Kasich, in last place among the still-running candidates with just 63 delegates (a full 100 behind third-place Marco Rubio), has admitted that he’ll “have to win” Ohio to keep the primary race competitive. Good news for Kasich: he’s currently leading the Ohio race according to recent polls aggregated by RealClearPolitics. Kasich also got an unusual endorsement: Rubio’s staff encouraged Ohioans to vote for the governor instead, in order to deny Trump the winner-take-all 66 delegates.

Here’s an updated look at the GOP delegate breakdown.

Updated Republican Delegate Count

This table is based on data courtesy of the New York Times.

Candidate Delegates
Donald Trump 559
Ted Cruz 370
Marco Rubio 163
John Kasich 63