During his confirmation hearing this morning, Rex Tillerson faced tough questions from Marco Rubio and refused to say that Vladimir Putin is a war criminal.

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Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Dean Heller introduced a bill, called the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act, to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

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In an interview on Face the Nation, Marco Rubio expressed confidence that Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim ban will never happen.

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Marco Rubio has announced that he is running for Senate. The move could shake-up the race for race, as he leads Democrat Patrick Murphy in polls.

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Did Marco Rubio win the Washington, D.C. primary when he’s no longer in the race? Learn more about the Republican side of the D.C. primary here.

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Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive republican nominee, is his former rival Marco Rubio supporting him?

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After losing the Florida Republican primary to Donald Trump and without a path to the nomination, Rubio suspended his campaign. Watch the video of his concession and suspension speech here.

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Marco Rubio is poised to drop out of the race for President, leaving the question of what will happen to his 163 delegates. Read on to find out more.

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Donald Trump leads Republican primary polls for Florida, with Marco Rubio second and Ted Cruz third. Trump heavily leads the forecasts and prediction markets. Here’s what you need to know.

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Donald Trump leads the Republican delegate count ahead of the March 15 primaries, with Ted Cruz second, Marco Rubio third and John Kasich fourth. Kasich, however, is poised for a big victory in Ohio.

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Marco Rubio trails Donald Trump in the polls, projections, and betting markets in his home state of Florida ahead of the March 15 primary, and may drop out if he loses the state. Read more to find out.

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Find out what the latest Republican polling numbers have to say about John Kasich’s chances of topping Donald Trump in the Ohio primary.

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Find out what the latest Republican polls say as the Florida GOP primary nears.

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Find out what the latest polls say about Donald Trump’s chances of winning the Illinois Republican primary.

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In a bizarre moment during a Marco Rubio rally, a heckler stood up and accused the Republican presidential candidate of trying to steal his girlfriend.

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John Kasich looks to win his home state of Ohio on Tuesday. Find out what the latest polling numbers have to say about the Republican candidates.

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