WATCH: Weatherman Jamie Simpson Loses It After Dayton Tornado Interrupts ‘The Bachelorette’

ABC 22/FOX 45 Jamie Simpson on ABC 22/FOX 45

Typically, when a breaking weather report interrupts your regular programming with news that a tornado is heading your way that can cause catastrophic destruction to your home and neighborhood with the possibility of causing mass casualties if preparations are not put in place, viewers instantly stop and listen.

However, when Dayton, Ohio weatherman Jamie Simpson tried to tell locals on Monday night that a massive twister was heading their way, many viewers took to social media to complain that he was interrupting The Bachelorette. To say Simpson was peeved would be an understatement. And to his credit, the tornado that ripped through Dayton severely damaged buildings and homes in several towns after touching down in Montgomery County. The damage to the metropolitan area of Dayton was described as “catastrophic.” For video of the aftermath, click here.

However, people in the midst watching Hannah Brown hand out roses on The Bachelorette, did not appreciate the interruption. And Simpson lost it on air.

Referencing the influx of the online criticism he said, “Viewers are complaining already… ‘Just go back to the show.’ No. We’re not going back to the show folks. This is a dangerous situation, okay? Think about if it was your neighborhood. I’m sick and tired of people complaining about this. Our job here is to keep people safe and that’s what we’re going to do. Some people complaining that it’s all about my ego – STOP. Just stop right now. It’s not. I’m done with you people. I really am. This is pathetic.

Jamie Simpson Dayton Ohio Weather Dude goes off2019-05-28T04:32:00.000Z

Before Simpson could return to the weather report, he had one more message to those Bachelor Nation viewers, an apology for losing his cool. However, this was not an apology for delivering an incredibly serious weather report during their favorite reality show.

“Alright. I’m sorry, I did that,” he said. “It just really bothers me that we have people that don’t care about other people’s safety around here. That’s just ridiculous.”

Even The Bachelorette star herself responded to the outrage online. Hannah tweeted “Lolz too funny, thanks Dayton, Ohio for the love, but be safe. naders are no joke.”

Others on Twitter quickly backed Simpson with support, especially those watching ABC 22/FOX 45 for their news updates. Knowing their local meteorologist was wrongfully getting flack for merely doing his job, they sent out messages of appreciation for keeping them informed during such a scary situation.

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