John Edward Robinson Is on Death Row Today

John Robinson

Kansas City Department of Corrections John Robinson

John Edward Robinson is on death row in Kansas, serving time in the deaths of multiple women. He is suspected in at least two other murders.

Robinson was known as the “slave master,” luring women who were interested in BDSM through online chat rooms. He would sometimes have the women sign “slave contracts.” But not all of the cases began with sex. In one case, he was accused of targeting a single mother, Lisa Stasi, and took her baby to give to his brother. In some of the cases, the women worked for him at his business.

Robinson is on death row in the El Dorado Correctional Facility, in Butler County, Kansas, according to prison records.

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John Edward Robinson Is 75 & Incarcerated in Kansas

Kansas prison record on Robinson.

John Edward Robinson is now 75 years old and he is on death row at the El Dorado Correctional Facility, in Butler County, Kansas, according to prison records. He was admitted to the facility January 24, 2003. The records show he is not working in the facility. His custody level is listed as “special management.”

He has received two disciplinary citations during his time in the prison in the last three years. On July 3, 2019, he was reported for disobeying orders. On February 19, 2016, he was reported for undue familiarity, his prison records show.

Robinson filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of Kansas. On November 6, 2015, the state Supreme Court in Kansas vacated the convictions in the Stasi case and another. He remains on death row because the Kansas court upheld one capital murder conviction (other cases were in Missouri). The court wrote, “In sum, we affirm Robinson’s capital murder conviction charged in Count II (Suzette Trouten’s death). We reverse his capital murder conviction charged in Count III (Izabela Lewicka’s death) and his first-degree murder conviction charged in Count V (Lisa Stasi’s disappearance) as unconstitutionally multiplicitous with the capital murder conviction in Count II.” He remains on death row due to the Trouten conviction. The aggravated Interference With Parental Custody conviction in the Stasi case was upheld.

robinson charges

John Edward Robinson convictions in Kansas, per the state prison system

Robinson was initially convicted in the murders of Suzette Marie Trouten, Izabela Lewicka, Beverly J. Bonner, Sheila Faith, Debbie Faith, and Lisa Stasi, according to court documents. He is also suspected in the deaths of Catherine F. Clampitt and Paula Godfrey.

The Bodies of Some Victims Were Never Found

Robinson was initially convicted of murdering six women, and suspected in the killings of at least two more women. The bodies of five of his alleged victims were located on Robinson’s properties in Missouri and Kansas.

“Around 1 p.m. on June 3, Johnson County Sheriff’s Detective Herald Hughes learned a cadaver dog alerted on two yellow, metal barrels on the property,” a court filing in Robinson’s case said. “The barrels were located out in the open, just to the south of a wooden shed located several yards to the southwest of the trailer on the property. Hughes opened the barrels and confirmed each contained the remains of a human body.”

The bodies in the barrels in Linn County, Kansas were identified as Suzette Marie Trouten and Izabela Lewicka.

Three additional barrels were found at a storage unit Robinson rented in Raymore, Missouri on June 5, 2000.

“In the back of the locker, officers saw three barrels,” court documents said. “The first was black and sealed with a gray lid. They opened the top and discovered a body inside. The two other barrels were located in front of the black barrel. They were covered with a large plastic sheet, and cat litter had been sprinkled around the outside of the barrels inside the plastic. Some of the litter appeared to have absorbed a dark fluid. The barrels were wrapped together with two additional pieces of plastic sheeting held up with pieces of duct tape. Thompson examined the plastic sheeting and duct tape and developed four latent prints of value. Three of the latent prints matched Robinson’s known prints, and one was not identified. The officers did not open the second and third barrels but suspected they too contained human remains.”

The remains were identified as Beverly J. Bonner, Shiela Faith and Debbie Faith.

He was also initially convicted of murdering Lisa Stasi and kidnapping her baby daughter, Tiffany Stasi, to give to his brother. The body of Lisa Stasi was never found, and Tiffany Stasi was found in the care of Robinson’s brother, Donald Robinson and his wife, Helen. She was being raised as Heather Tiffany Robinson. Today, Heather Robinson is trying to find her mother’s body and lay her to rest.

John Robinson is also suspected in the deaths of Catherine F. Clampitt and Paula Godfrey, who were associated with Robinson’s business, Equi II, and disappeared.

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