Scientific American Backs Joe Biden Over Trump In First Ever Presidential Endorsement

Joe Biden

Getty/Drew Angerer Joe Biden pictured on September 14, 2020.

Scientific American, the oldest continually published magazine in the United States, officially endorses former Vice President Joe Biden in its October issue. It marks the first time the journal, which has counted Albert Einstein among its contributors, has ever waded into a presidential election.

“Scientific American has never endorsed a presidential candidate in its 175-year history,” the magazine’s editors wrote. “This year we are compelled to do so. We do not do this lightly.”

The endorsement largely sprang from President Donald Trump‘s response to the coronavirus pandemic and rejection of the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change, the editors wrote.

Here’s what you need to know:

Scientific American Declared That Trump Has Been ‘Dishonest & Inept’ in Response to Coronavirus & That Biden Will ‘Follow the Science’ on Climate Change

The endorsement rails against Trump’s response to the coronavirus, attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, cuts to scientific research and push to roll back regulations at the Environmental Protection Agency.

“The evidence and the science show that Donald Trump has badly damaged the United States and its people — because he rejects evidence and science,” they wrote. “The most devastating example is his dishonest and inept response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which cost more than 190,000 Americans their lives by the middle of September.”

The editors called Trump out for not formulating comprehensive plans for testing, protective equipment and health guidelines when the first grave warnings about coronavirus came in January and February.

Biden, on the other hand, offers “fact-based plans to protect our health, our economy and the environment,” the editors wrote. “These and other proposals he has put forth can set the country back on course for a safer, more prosperous and more equitable future.”

At the same time the endorsement came out, Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, posted an ad to Twitter pushing the idea that a Biden-Harris administration would aggressively tackle climate change.

Scientific American’s editors alleged that Trump’s entire coronavirus strategy has boiled down to an infamous quote he offered during a March interview: “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

Trump instead blamed his predecessor, Barack Obama, China and other countries, the editors wrote.

“It’s time to move Trump out and elect Biden, who has a record of following the data and being guided by science,” they concluded.

Just Monday, Trump Attacked the Science Behind Climate Change & Claimed, ‘It’ll Start Getting Cooler’

The magazine’s endorsement came just as Trump made news with odd comments on climate change that he made during a round table with California Governor Gavin Newsom and state officials to address the region’s current wildfire emergency.

A moment during Trump’s exchange with California Natural Resources Agency Secretary Wade Crowfoot went viral as Trump rejected climate science.

Crowdfoot noted that this summer, “temperatures have exploded” and broken records in the state.

“One area of mutual agreement is vegetation management,” he said. “But I think we want to work with you to really recognize the changing climate … That science is going to be key, and if we ignore that science and put our heads in the sand, we’re not going to succeed together in protecting Californians.”

Trump did not agree.

“It’ll start getting cooler,” he responded. “You just watch.”

“I wish the science agreed with you,” Crowfoot said, prompting this response from Trump:

“Well, I don’t think science knows, actually.”

Newsom has called Trump and other’s rejection of climate science “B.S.,” the New York Times reported.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Biden campaign had not officially responded to Scientific American’s endorsement.

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