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  • Voter Registration Down Statewide in Virginia After Wire ‘Accidentally’ Cut

    Voter registration went down statewide in Virginia on the last day to register, when a cable was "accidentally" cut, causing panic online.

  • WATCH: Amy Coney Barrett Refuses to Say If She Would Vote to Overturn Roe v. Wade

  • Trump Says He Is ‘Immune’ to COVID-19 at Rally — ‘I’ll Kiss Everybody in the Audience’

  • John Kennedy Evokes ‘Star Wars’ & ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ In Odd Supreme Court Confirmation Speech

  • Kamala Harris Appears With RBG Picture Book to Protest Coney Barrett Confirmation

  • Amy Klobuchar: ‘In the Name of RBG,’ Do Not Confirm Amy Coney Barrett

    Senator Amy Klobuchar lashed out at President Trump and Republicans at Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing Monday, saying, "In the name of RBG, we should not go backward."

  • Amy Coney Barrett : COVID-19 Shadows Columbus Day Confirmation Hearing

  • Trump Hosts Hundreds of ‘Blexit’ Supporters & Candace Owens at White House ‘Peaceful Protest’

  • Trump Warns Iran Not to ‘F*** Around With Us’ Live on Rush Limbaugh

  • Michigan Sheriff: Militia Suspects May Have Just Been Trying to ‘Arrest’ Governor Whitmer

  • Debate Moderator Steve Scully Admits His Twitter Wasn’t Hacked

    Steve Scully, moderator of the planned second presidential debate, sent an eyebrow-raising tweet Thursday to Anthony Scaramucci and claimed Friday that he had been hacked.

  • Pelosi Pushes for Commission on Presidential Capacity, But Says It’s ‘Not About’ Trump

  • October 15 Debate Is Canceled; ABC Will Host a Biden Town Hall Instead

  • Elliott Broidy: Former Top Trump Fundraiser Charged in Foreign Lobbying Scheme

  • Nancy Pelosi: ‘Tomorrow We’re Going to Be Talking About the 25th Amendment’

  • Donald Trump Says He Won’t ‘Waste His Time’ With Virtual Debate Against Biden

  • Brecklynn Brown: Utah 8th Grader’s Question Read at VP Debate

  • Fact Check: Did Donald Trump Suspend All Travel From China?

  • Kamala Harris: ‘I Would Not Trust Donald Trump’ on a COVID-19 Vaccine

  • VP Debate: What Has Mike Pence Said About Kamala Harris?

    Vice President Mike Pence will debate Senator Kamala Harris for the first and only time Wednesday. Here are some of the criticisms Pence has so far lobbed at Harris.

  • Anyone Without a Mask At Tonight’s VP Debate Will Be Escorted Out — Trumps Included

  • ‘Laughable’ Plexiglass Between Mike Pence & Kamala Harris Mocked Before Debate

  • Stimulus 2: Trump Now Says He Would ‘Immediately’ OK Standalone $1,200 Checks

  • Stimulus Package 2: Trump Says No More Negotiations Until After Election

  • VP Debate: What Has Kamala Harris Said About Mike Pence This Year?

    Vice President Mike Pence will debate Senator Kamala Harris for the first and only time Wednesday. Here are some of the criticisms Harris has volleyed at Pence this year.

  • Supreme Court: Justices Thomas & Alito Suggest Overturning Gay Marriage Decision

  • Trump ‘Space Force’ Twitter Spree Sparks Questions About Dexamethasone ‘Side Effects’

  • Trump Was at Fundraiser Just Before Positive COVID Test; Campaign Warns Attendees

  • Hours Before COVID Diagnosis, Trump Condemned Proud Boys, White Supremacists

  • Conservative Activists Jacob Wohl & Jack Burkman Charged With Felony Voter Suppression

    Notorious conservative activists Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman were charged in Michigan Thursday with felony voter suppression based on a fraudulent robocall effort.