Adelaide Schrowang: Florida Woman Charged in Delta Mask Incident [WATCH]

Adelaide Schrowang

Lee County Sheriff Office Adelaide Schrowang's mugshot.

Adelaide Schrowang is a Sarasota, Florida woman who was removed from a Delta flight and arrested after police allege she refused to wear a mask and spit at passengers at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers, Florida. The incident was caught on a video that went viral.

The video was shared on Twitter July 10, 2021 and went viral over the next several days. One post of the video showed it had 6,100 views July 13, 2021. Schrowang is 23. She remains in custody in Lee County Jail, according to her booking records.

“A Florida woman was kicked off a Delta flight for allegedly refusing to wear a mask and spitting on other passengers. She told police they weren’t respecting her human rights,” ABC Reporter Sam Sweeney wrote in a caption of the video.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Viral Video Shows the Woman Arguing With Officers on the Flight, Who Repeatedly Ask Her to Put on a Mask

KKTV reported that prior to the beginning of the video, Schrowang argued with flight attendants who told her to put on a mask, and the captain ordered her to get off the plane. Police were called to assist after she refused to put on a mask or get off the plane, the news outlet reported. Officials also alleged that she spit at passengers and was disruptive with law enforcement during the booking process.

The roughly 2-minute video opens with two officers talking to the woman, who is seated on the airplane. One officer says he is going to tell her “one more time” to put a mask on. She responds by asking why they have a right to put their hands on her.

“What am I doing that makes you feel like you have the right to put your hands on me?” she asks.

“Seriously though, can you help me to understand, as a human,” she continues before breaking into tears.

An officer tells her that the aircraft will be deplaned, and she will be arrested.

“As soon as they deplane, you’re going to jail,” an officer responds. “Simple as that.”

She stands up and points at the police officers, saying “I want to trust you,” and “That’s not healing.”

The woman continues to argue with the police officers, saying they told her they wouldn’t arrest her.

“So you, as a cop, should have to honor that,” she says.

“We’re getting to the point where you’re not respecting my human rights as a constitutional right,” she says as she is removed from the plane.

Lee County Jail Records Show Schrowang Has Been Arrested Twice in the County

adelaide schrowang mugshot

Lee County SheriffAdelaide Schrowang’s mugshot from her 2018 arrest.

Lee County Jail records show Schrowang remains in custody at the Florida lockup in lieu of $65,000 bond. She was charged with resisting an officer (obstructing without violence), trespass and interference with aircraft operations. The charges were filed by the airport police department.

Schrowang is scheduled to appear in court on her charges at 8 a.m. July 27, 2021. She was booked into the Lee County Jail July 7. Her full name is Adelaide Gabrielle Schrowang, her arrest record indicates.

Schrowang faced previous charges in Lee County in 2018 when she was charged by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office with loitering and resisting an officer (obstructing without violence). Court records indicate she pleaded no content to the charges and was sentenced to time served and ordered to pay a fine.

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