Yegor Komarov: Alleged Russian Cannibal Arrested After Decapitated Body Falls Out of Car


Yegor Komarov is a 23-year-old Russian man who confessed to cannibalism after a decapitated body fell out of a car during a crash, authorities told Russian news outlets. He was arrested, along with two other people, and the case drew international attention after his court appearance was leaked online.

You can watch the video from his court hearing here.

Authorities told the state news agency Tass that the body fell out of the trunk of a Mitsubishi when it crashed into a fence on the side of a highway November 20, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

Russian Authorities Said a Victim Was Murdered in a Garage That Was Set on Fire, & the Suspects Crashed His Car

Police in Leningrad discovered a body with multiple stab wounds on the scene of the crash, and found a shovel and apparent blood inside the vehicle, the Daily Beast reported. The Mitsubishi belonged to the victim, 50-year-old Arkad Kazyanin, the Daily Beast reported. Kazyanin was an Armenian national who lived in St.Petersburg, the article said.

The New York Post reported that two of the three men who were arrested had “drunkenly murdered a man in a St. Petersburg garage,” then set the garage on fire and crashed his car.

Authorities said that Komarov confessed to killing Kazyanin, according to Tass. He has not been formally charged, and the court has until Jan. 20 to file charges.

Komarov was arrested on the day of the crash, along with two other people, the Daily Beast reported.

Online media 47news reported that while police were questioning Komarov, they took off his handcuffs.

“What are you doing, I can bite you to death!” Komarov screamed, according to the Russian news outlet.

“Police thanked Komarov for his confession, twisted his arms behind this time and put the handcuffs back on,” Online media 47news reported.

‘Do You Have Some?’ Komarov Said After He Was Asked Whether He Was Ready to Eat a Human Again

A video of Komarov’s court hearing was leaked to VK, a social media outlet used widely in Russia.

“I nibbled to just take a taste,” he said behind bars in the video.

“Are you ready to eat a human again?” a person asks.

“Do you have some?” he replied.

One version of the 44-second video clip had more than 14,000 views.

Komarov further confessed to killing a 38-year-old broker who was stabbed to death, according to the video. The body was found inside a plastic drain pipe in Sosnovka, a village in the Leningrad region, last September, the Daily Beast reported. He said he killed the broker “without any reason” because he wanted to see what he tasted like, according to the Daily Beast. The victim’s name has not been released.

Komarov also said he “hunted” for victims in a local park without security cameras, according to the Daily Beast. The International Business Times reported he admitted to cutting off a piece of a victim’s body, cooking it and eating it at home.

The broker died “in vain,” Komarov told authorities, according to the Daily Beast.

“But I killed that one in Sosnovka in vain,” he said in the video. “It turned out he was not tasty.”

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