Vikings Insider Rips Justin Jefferson Trade Rumor After Former Exec Piles On

Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings

Getty Justin Jefferson #18 of the Minnesota Vikings.

The Minnesota Vikings did not attempt to trade Justin Jefferson according to various team insiders, the latest being The Athletic’s Alec Lewis.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reported on April 25 that he heard the Vikings wanted to move up and that Jefferson would be part of the deal. Pioneer Press columnist Charley Walters wrote on May 25 that New York Giants rookie receiver Malik Nabers was the target.

Former Cleveland Browns general manager Michael Lombardi cited the narrative during an appearance on the “Pat McAfee Show.”

“The question is do the Minnesota Vikings pay Justin Jefferson, right? That’s the fair question,” Lombardi said on McAfee’s show on May 31. “But if they could have gotten Nabers for Jefferson, they probably would have traded him. But to trade him for draft picks that you don’t know what you’re getting back, how can you trade him? Everybody says, ‘Well, trade a player for two No. 1s.’ I don’t know what I’m getting with those two No. 1s whereas if I trade him for Nabers, who’s a legitimate – could be a cheap No. 1 receiver for four years, okay, now I can do that.

Lewis chimed in after that.

“You can just say anything in this media environment, and no matter who you are someone will believe it and give it life, and there will be no repercussions for being totally wrong,” Lewis posted on X on May 31. “What a time.”

Lewis did not cite anyone specifically, though he did react to Lombardi’s comments.

Vikings Insiders Shut Down Justin Jefferson Trade Rumors

Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings

GettyJustin Jefferson #18 of the Minnesota Vikings.

ESPN’s Kevin Seifert also took the Jefferson trade narrative to task, catching hold before Lombardi weighed in.

“This rumor has made the rounds, and it’s admittedly juicy, but the Vikings did not try last month to trade up and draft WR Malik Nabers,” Seifert posted on X on May 28. “Great player, but Vikings have a better one in Justin Jefferson. Still working to extend Jefferson and no interest in trading him.”

Jefferson has been in town, attending Minnesota Timberwolves playoff games. But the Vikings need him back with the team. They are getting two new quarterbacks acclimated to the offense and personnel.

Teammate Brandon Powell – who won a Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams – made an outright statement regarding the stud receiver’s absence.

He also made clear what he expects from Jefferson when the latter returns.

“I want to see him today. It’s good to see him around. We learned a lot from watching him,” Powell told reporters on May 29. “Once he get back, I know he’s going to be ready to go, so I ain’t worried about it.”

Justin Jefferson Could Benefit From Waiting Out WR Field

Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings

GettyJustin Jefferson #18 of the Minnesota Vikings.

Florio notably speculated on May 30 that the Vikings and Jefferson could reach an agreement on a new contract “as soon as next week”

However, that was to illustrate a point about Miami Dolphins star Tyreek Hill.

Conversely, Jefferson could be waiting out each of his counterparts to avoid setting the bar too low for himself. He is expected to reset the market with his new deal, so it makes sense to let the rest of the field settle in before committing.