Halli Goldman
An American Hero Builds An Oreo Separating Machine [VIDEO]

The greatest invention since, I don’t know, the second most recent invention.

Woman Jailed After Making 11 False Rape Accusations

Pig Tapeworm Attacks Vegetarian Punk Rocker

Porn Industry Generously Replenishes Michigan Man’s Stolen Smut Collection

Michael Jackson Dermatologist Faces Arrest for Keeping His Ferrari

Chuck E. Cheese Killer Faces Execution: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Nathan Dunlop is almost a dead man walking after the court’s rejection of his death-sentence appeal.

Ashley Judd Prepping for Possible Senate Bid In 2014

Woman Catches Fiance Cheating on Russia’s Google Maps

Ke$ha Chews Up a Cannoli and Spits it in Her Minions’ Mouths, Baby Bird Style [VIDEO]

Woman Defies Odds By Having TWO Sets of Identical Twins At Once

Sheriff: Oklahoma Man Died of Spontaneous Human Combustion

One local sheriff isn’t afraid to acknowledge the paranormal.

Cops Engage in High-Speed Chase of Doughnut Truck

Snoop Dogg Plans to Teach 8-Year-Olds about Weed Smoking

200 Dead Dogs Found in Man’s Backyard

Tourist in NYC Raped after Partying at Lavo Nightclub in Midtown

Brother of Killer Dad Loses Out on $1.5M and Jumps to His Death

Stranded Cruise Ship is Human Waste Cesspool: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

N. Korea Pisses Off World, Again, with Underground Nuclear Test

Duke Fraternity Suspended After Party Is Dubbed ‘Racist Rager’

Applebee’s Receipt Drama Back on the Front Page of Reddit

I just hope this doesn’t take the focus off how bad their food really is.

‘REPORT’: Justin Bieber Cheated on Selena with Rihanna

Maryland Bill Lets Cops Track Your Cell Phone with NO WARRANT

Report: Lance Armstrong Under Investigation for Criminal Charges

This Chinese Boy Has Been Sleeping with His BFF Python for 12 Years

Cannibal Cop Offered to Serve Up His Own Wife for Slaughter: Documents

He suggests you eat his wife with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Rocket Launchers Collected in N.J. & Seattle Gun Buybacks

T. Boone Pickens IV Dead: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Ron Jeremy Hospitalized in Critical Condition After Heart Aneurysm

The Office Created to Close Guantanamo … is Closed

Bullet Ricochets Off Boar, Kills Man Driving a Car a MILE Away

France edges ahead of America in the race for most-ridiculous gun-related accidents.