Pennsylvania Recount 2016: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

People gather for a rally with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, former US President Clinton, US President Barack Obama on Independence Mall, November 7, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. / AFP / Brendan Smialowski (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

People gather for a rally with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, former US President Clinton, US President Barack Obama on Independence Mall, November 7, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Getty)

Green Party nominee Jill Stein mounted a legal challenge in Pennsylvania on November 28 seeking to force a recount in the battleground state (although technically the lawsuit came from voters).

Even before the election, some experts were saying a recount in the Keystone State could be a nightmare because the state is one of a few to rely on electronic machines to such a degree that they don’t have paper backups (although they aren’t connected to the internet). However, it’s far more complicated to force a recount in Pennsylvania than it is in other states, and right now Stein is banking on getting a judge to order one, although Republicans argue the judge has no authority to do so.

Stein filed the paperwork to formally seek a Wisconsin recount on November 25, beating that state’s deadline by just 90 minutes. She has raised more than $6 million in just over a day to seek recounts in three battleground states that gave Trump the election by close margins: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Stein on November 28 also filed a lawsuit to force a hand count of ballots in Wisconsin; the state’s Election Commission had left that decision up to each county. The same day, Stein sued in Pennsylvania. USA Today said Stein supporters also started filing petitions asking for recounts at the individual precinct level, which is the other way in that state to force a recount. However, she has nowhere the number needed to accomplish a statewide recount through that method. Furthermore, Stein missed deadlines to seek more recounts at the precinct level in Pennsylvania, instead filing the lawsuit seeking a recount that must demonstrate fraud. Republicans in the state have derided it as lacking merit.

Hillary Clinton – whose campaign says she will participate in the Wisconsin recount (and possibly those in Pennsylvania and Michigan when the filings happen) but didn’t seek them herself – would need all three states to flip to win in the Electoral College, which meets in December. She is ahead by more than 2 million popular votes. Trump called the recounts a “scam.”

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is defending the election results, according to Politico, saying, “it has seen no evidence of hackers tampering with the 2016 presidential election” and adding, “We stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people.”

Her campaign’s lawyer acknowledged the difficulty of overturning the election in a statement (no recount has overturned a margin even as large as Michigan, the tightest contest of the three). However, the campaign said Clinton was joining the Stein recount efforts to ensure election integrity and to monitor the process.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Stein Claims the Pennsylvania Results Were ‘Illegal’ but Officials There Defended Them

PITTSBURGH, PA - NOVEMBER 07: Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton greets supporters during a campaign rally on November 7, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With one day to go until election day, Hillary Clinton is campaigning in Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton greets supporters during a campaign rally on November 7, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Getty)

According to, Stein’s campaign lawyer said in the court filing that the election was “illegal” and results inaccurate. The news site said the Stein campaign based this claim “on research suggesting there might have been irregularities with electronic voting machines, among other evidence.” One-hundred Pennsylvania voters technically filed the suit and also filed for recounts in some precincts in Philadelphia and Bucks County, said It is likely impossible for Stein to cover the entire state with filings at individual precinct levels because it would take many thousands of voters doing so, said the news site.

CBS Local said it would take at least three voters seeking recounts in each of 9,200 precincts to proceed that way. Only a tiny fraction of that number has done so.

NBC 10 said it was “unclear if the courts have that authority” to grant a recount, however. The television station said Democratic Secretary of State Pedro Cortes said there was no evidence of “voting irregularities or cyberattacks on Pennsylvania’s electronic voting machines.”

The Clinton/Stein challenge faces the steepest hurdles in Pennsylvania, where Trump won by the largest margin of the three swing states, none of which had voted for a Republican for president since the 1980s. The states were part of a trend in which white working class voters shifted toward Trump throughout the Midwest.

In Pennsylvania, unlike Michigan and Wisconsin, “voters or candidates can petition courts for a recount of the vote. A judge is required to make a decision on whether one should go ahead,” said the UK Daily Mail.

The Stein campaign wrote on its fundraising site, “Because of you, recounts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are funded! Next up is Michigan. Congratulations on meeting the recount costs for Wisconsin and Pennsylvania! Raising money to pay for the first two recounts so quickly is a miraculous feat and a tribute to the power of grassroots organizing.” Michigan’s deadline for a recount is November 30. Pennsylvania’s recount filing fee of $500,000 is the lowest of the three states, the Stein campaign said.

The Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s Office has published these election returns for the state:

Donald Trump: 2,934,583
Hillary Clinton: 2,863,945
Darrell Castle: 21,193
Jill Stein: 49,170
Gary Johnson: 144,141

That makes Trump’s margin in Pennsylvania 70,638 votes. The state last voted for a Republican for president in 1988. Obama won the state 52% to 46.6%.

Democrats did win a series of state offices (attorney general, auditor general, state treasurer), although a Republican prevailed in the race for U.S. Senate.

Trump won Wisconsin by 22,177 votes and Michigan by 10,704 votes. Wisconsin’s recount will now commence starting late next week, the state’s Election Commission said. Stein has not formally asked for the recounts in the other two states yet, but, as noted, she has several days to do so.

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2. A Pennsylvania Recount Was Previously Called a ‘Nightmare’ Scenario Because of the State’s Reliance on Aging Electronic Voting Machines

philadelphia protest

People march in the streets in protest of the election of Republican Donald Trump on November 9, 2016 in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Trump’s victory was widely seen as an upset. (Getty)

Even before the election, news reports were raising concerns about Pennsylvania’s voting machines. The Los Angeles Times ran a story in which one expert dubbed the possibility of a Pennsylvania recount a “nightmare scenario” because the state largely uses electronic voting machines so aging they look like old washing machines.

NBC News said more than 80 percent of Pennsylvania voters use electronic machines that don’t have paper back ups. NBC said Pennsylvania is one of 15 states to rely this heavily on electronic voting machines.

The Los Angeles Times also said Pennsylvania was one of the only states in the country that almost entirely uses computerized machines for voting. The newspaper said there aren’t paper ballots to back them up. In contrast, Wisconsin uses a mixture of paper ballots and electronic machines, and Michigan uses paper ballots.

Because the election hadn’t happened yet when it was written, the LA Times news article was, perhaps somewhat ironically, focused on Donald Trump’s claims of election vote rigging.

The Los Angeles Times wrote that computer experts said “the old electronic voting machines have a hidden flaw that worries them in the event of a very close election. The machines do not produce a paper ballot or receipt” and quoted an election expert as saying, “The nightmare scenario would be if Pennsylvania decides the election and it is very close. You would have no paper records to do a recount.”

3. The Machines Were Kept in a Warehouse & Experts Said it Would be Very Time Consuming to Hack Them

HERSHEY, PA - NOVEMBER 04: Donald Trump walks onto the stage at a rally on November 4, 2016 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. As both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump make their final pitches to the American people, recent polls show a tightening race in crucial swing states. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Donald Trump walks onto the stage at a rally on November 4, 2016 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. (Getty)

Before the election, though, experts told CBS Pittsburgh it would be difficult to hack the machines because they are an “island” upon themselves, meaning they are not connected to each other and would, thus, have to be hacked individually. There are 4,500 machines, and they were stored in a warehouse, the station said.

The TV station quoted an expert as saying it would take about four months to hack them all. The machines are not connected to the internet, said NBC.

On Election Day, some voters in Pennsylvania reported that the machines were changing their Trump votes to Hillary Clinton.

NBC News said some citizens sued the state a decade ago, “arguing the lack of a paper trail made hand recounts impossible, which could leave the outcome of an election in doubt” but lost the case.

4. The State Has Outlined a Process for the Recount Even Without Paper Backups

The Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s Office published a detailed handout (above) on how a recount process works. In a county in which an election district uses an electronic voting system that does not utilize paper ballots, “the county board must conduct the recanvass similar to the procedure used to recanvass the vote cast on voting machines,” the Secretary of State says.

The county board “must make a record of the number of the seal upon the voting machine
and the number on the protective counter or other device.” The board must “make visible the registering counters of the machine, and without unlocking the machine against voting, recanvass the vote cast on the machine.”

The board is then to “recanvass by examining the totals tape on each machine, which shall constitute the recount total.”

If there is a discrepancy, “the county board of elections must unlock the voting and counting mechanism of the system and examine and test the system to determine the cause of the discrepancy,” the handout reads. “In this case, the counter must be reset at zero before it is tested, after which it must be operated at least 100 times. After the examination and test has been completed, the machine inspector must prepare a written statement detailing the result of the examination and test.”

Exit polls showed Clinton winning Pennsylvania, and the discrepancy between the final results and those polls (5.6%) was among the highest in the country, according to

5. A Group of Professors & Lawyers Has Raised Concerns About the Election Results

electoral map

What the electoral map would look like if Clinton had won Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. (270toWin)

A group of professors and lawyers met with the Clinton campaign to press for recounts. New York Magazine chronicled their efforts, saying the group believes it has found election anomalies in Wisconsin’s results because counties with electronic voting machines had less Clinton support than counties without them. However, others have pointed out this could be due to a rural/urban split in how Clinton was perceived, as well as other demographic variables, and other statisticians have ridiculed the claims.

No evidence has been offered proving fraud, but the group feels previous hacks attributed to the Russians means the election’s integrity should be verified.

Vox published an article outlining flaws in the claims, pointing out that white rural voters all over the Midwest shifted to Trump, including in states that use only paper ballots (like Iowa.) Vox says Michigan only uses paper ballots. Statistician Nate Silver is also skeptical about the claims.

Clinton’s campaign counsel, Marc Elias, wrote in a post on that Clinton’s campaign had vetted the election’s integrity and found no actionable evidence of outside interference in the election. But Elias wrote that Clinton would now participate in recounts, saying, “It should go without saying that we take these concerns extremely seriously. We certainly understand the heartbreak felt by so many who worked so hard to elect Hillary Clinton, and it is a fundamental principle of our democracy to ensure that every vote is properly counted.”

Elias noted, “This election cycle was unique in the degree of foreign interference witnessed throughout the campaign: the U.S. government concluded that Russian state actors were behind the hacks of the Democratic National Committee and the personal email accounts of Hillary for America campaign officials, and just yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the Russian government was behind much of the ‘fake news’ propaganda that circulated online in the closing weeks of the election.”

There have been other reasons cited for Clinton’s loss in Pennsylvania. The state received news its residents would face one of the largest Obamacare premium increases in the country in late October. Clinton’s comments on coal were poorly received.

She did not mobilize her base in urban areas to the degree that Barack Obama had, and Pennsylvania was not a state with robust early voting. Economic stress and a desire for a change candidate could also have motivated some white working class voters in the state to vote for Trump. Some polls showed Trump voters had more enthusiasm and that voters were motivated by concerns over jobs and other economic issues. Some felt Trump’s position on trade appealed to some Pennsylvanians.

Trump has kept busy tweeting about Fidel Castro’s death and announcing cabinet picks. Trump had stayed silent on the recount efforts until November 26, when he released a statement calling them a “scam.” Trump then unleashed a slew of tweets saying nothing will change and pointing out that Clinton criticized him during a debate for saying the election was rigged.

“The people have spoken and the election is over, and as Hillary Clinton herself said on election night, in addition to her conceding by congratulating me, ‘We must accept this result and then look to the future,’” Trump said, calling the recount “ridiculous.”

In his most controversial tweet, Trump claimed, without offering any evidence, that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 presidential election. (Read more about this unproven claim and its possible conspiracy theory origins here.)

His campaign chairwoman, Kellyanne Conway, did tweet a single comment making fun of the efforts.

During the presidential campaign, Trump was the one claiming the country’s electoral process was “rigged.” Conway told Bloomberg, “What a pack of sore losers. After asking Mr. Trump and his team a million times on the trail, ‘Will HE accept the election results?’ it turns out Team Hillary and her new BFF Jill Stein can’t accept reality.” Stein was critical of Clinton during the election.

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    • illegal to ask for pa. recount since Pres. Trumpf has margin of victory over billary of more than 1% of total vote’ 1% of tot, pa. vote is approx. 68,00 & the trumpster won by over 70,000 votes!!! so that ugly, smarmy, dumbass Jewesss should just go away.put her on the next raft to Haifa [they prob. cant stand her or Soros’ illgotten blood money!!!

      • Hold on! Is it really illegal to ask for a recount in Pennsylvania bc of the larger margin? If that is true…*does a happy dance*
        Why didn’t Shill Stein take that fact into consideration?

        • Don’t know about the margin part, but I do know in Pennsylvania you have to show strong evidence of fraud, which they don’t have. All they are really doing is saying “we are afraid something happened,” but they’re not basing it on anything, it’s just a random fear. No judge is going to let the lawsuit go forward on that.

      • It’s the same in Michigan. Trump’s margin of victory of 10,704 votes is larger than the 2,000 votes or les required for the “Close vote margin” excuse:

        Close Vote Margin:
        Vote count difference (not percentage-based)

        Recounts initiated by a close vote margin are mandatory if the close vote margin is triggered, but only at the statewide level. This requirement applies to both initiatives and candidates in any primary or election, except for partisan offices in which more than one person is elected. Mich. Comp. Laws 168.880(a)(1). Additional exceptions are noted in the Bureau of Elections “Election Recounts” manual (see page 5): The margin is set at 2,000 votes or less, regardless of the number of votes cast in the election, and when that margin applies, neither candidates nor voters would be required to file a petition as set forth below to initiate a recount.

        Candidate-Initiated Options:
        Close vote margin required (in certain cases)
        Candidate determines how many/which precincts to recount
        Party official may petition for candidate

        • Actually, any affected voter or candidate can petition for a recount in almost any state regardless of the margin of victory. The numbers you are referring to above are the triggers for automatic recounts (i.e. in Michigan if the margin is 2,000 or less, the state initiates an automatic recount). In some cases states don’t have to approve a petition for a recount, or the state may require the petitioner to pay for the recount – but petitioning for a recount is never “illegal” – in any state.

  1. The old fashioned honorable thing to do is accept that you lost. You lost. Go away. The world and we the people at home have chosen our President. If we wanted a crazy dishonest bitch as our leader we would have voted her in. Instead of George Soros overthrowing our government through the media in which he firmly holds the strings, we have a second chance to once again be great, to once ahead lead the world and not follow, to be strong and decisive as a country, to be The United States of America we all grew up in. We will never let the media dictate to us. We will never believe in a New World Order or a Socialistic government. Our government system has always been envied because it is NOT socialist. I hope Soros is thrown in jail soon.

        • Yeah, those two million votes came from the West Coast, a large part of which is Hellafornia. Need I say more?
          However, in this country we don’t care about popular vote. Electoral college has been deciding the winner of elections for 200+ years, and that is not about to change just bc some children are unhappy with the election results. #getoverit #trump2017-2024

          • Anonymous is my hero! Without our whistle blowers Julian and Veritos Clinton and the DNC wud have pulled off the biggest illegal scam on this country ever even tried. We never wud have recovered the losses the middle class wud have suffered. I thank GOD for peopl
            e like you Anon Thank you 4 lookin out!

      • You mean illegals? A recount is only valid of integrity they claim for the recount if they verify each and every vote to make sure they’re NOT illegals or even dead people voting! Because those two million? What a coincidence it is that Fox before the elections was already claiming nearly two million fraud and suspected fraud votes were lingering along with dead people.

        • exactly right and why I wonder are they only looking at states that Trump won and not the closer states that Clinton won or the anomaly that all her votes came from 3 states 4 the popular and not evenly dispersed.Only places where there were sanctuary cities check it out. She is using #SwineStiensScam to run out the clock so some states votes are not counted by missing their deadlines to turn in counts Plu s WHY did they wait 3 weeks after the election was conceded to come up with the scam in the first place.

      • all californians. No representation of entire country. small states want their votes counted too. Yeah. and then when the recount is still in trumps favor your 2m will still not accept it. I beg to differ! Also, consider the consequences of a very much expected civil war should this scam place clinto in office.

      • The 2 million voters are located in California. They can ask for California state recounts til the end of time. It will not change the results for the rest of the country.

        • funny how California was almost ruined by a republican celebrity opportunist and you’re still going to equate it to the left lol god you people are politically disingenuous to the core. Or ignorant. Or both. Because we definitely have to discriminate and diminish people that live in larger states to empower smaller states disproportionately because in doing that we fix that pesky will of the people that makes winning elections haaaaaaard. You’re ignorant and wouldn’t have a fragment of patriotism if you farted blood into your jizz stain and stomped blueberries on it. State borders have no place in electing leader for everybody. Only republicans think that and they only think that because they have benefited from its undemocratic structure. You don’t even know anything about the electoral college and here you are defending it like the cog for authoritarianism you are.

          • You never took a civics class or studied American History from Revolution through Civil War, did you? Your post is pretty much opposite what the Constitution was designed to do, which was in large part to protect against the tyranny of the majority. And, of course, to constrain federal government power while maximizing individual liberty.

            But why let silly things like facts get in your way?

      • Actually they all live in one county of California, and due to our Republic system of voting it doesn’t matter. Anyway, the question is how many of them are legally allowed to cast the vote they cast? Personally I want a recount in California, Arizona, and New York where the voters are verified. That isn’t going to happen either, but in the end the fact is the country mouse beat the city mouse this time, accept it.

      • Once again, and with feeling — the name of the game is “get 270 electoral votes.” Candidates campaign and voters vote based on this. Hillary collected more seashells in a gem-collecting contest. If you want to change to a popular vote for the future elections, call for the states to convene and change the constitution. If you do so, the candidates will campaign entirely differently, and you’ll see a large upswing in conservative voters that are current;y suppressed and/or ignored in blue states.

        But as the rules are now — and have stood for the history of this country — Trump won the election by a 306-232 margin, flipping six swing states with between 6 and 29 electoral votes each. Hillary barely even showed up on the map. If an overabundance of fraudulent and illegal votes were cast in corrupt Democrat bastions like around LA et. al., that doesn’t mean anything.

        Let’s face it — the Democrats and most Hillary supporters are just surprised the cheating we all know occurred on behalf of Clinton, wasn’t enough to overcome the groundswell of anti-establishment sentiment.

    • You are so right, I agree with you completely. The loser just is so pathetic. We, the people’s want our country back and not in the hands of Soros or any special interest.

    • No, a crazy megalomaniac got control of the country.. just wait and see. There will be a revolution when he doesn’t hold true to his promises that sucked all the trumpsters in.. Donald is out for Donald.. he didn’t get to where he is because he played by the rules.. bankruptcies, fraud legal suits, grabbing P8ssy, taking what he feels is his.. he will pad his pockets & his buddies pockets more… who was claiming the election was rigged until he won?????????? for weeks he boo hoo hoo’d… be real.. he is like everyone other politician… he lied!

      • Lmao….. and hillary , with murders, child prostitution, human trafficking, protecting rapist, selling out our country to the Middle East , advocates the killing of full term babies , selling arms to our enemies, treason , and wanting to destroy our constitution , … in what fantasy , a better choice???

      • he has already saved 1000 jobs for a little town no one else cared about. He is not even in office yet but he is working day and night 7 days a week and thru the holiday to serve the people. He has refused to take any more than 1 dollar per year pay and his company is being turned over to trustees and his children in December tho he doesn’t have to do it. When will you liberal snot rags flag burning disrespectful hacks accept this man is genuine HE REALLY WANTS TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN FROM THE INNER CITIES TO THE HIGHEST TOWERS because he wants all people to succeed He is a refreshing patriotic gun loving human being who loves the every man THAT IS WHY HE WON THAT IS WHAT THE LEFT WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND

  2. Hillary conceded the election to Donald Trump. She told her voters to accept the results and for the nation to pull together and begin healing. Now her lawyers say Hillary is in favor of a recount. What a lying loser who will stop at nothing for power. Hillary conceded the election to Trump and now she goes back on her word.

    • But of course, Hillary Clinton can demand a recount. After all, we know she lies. So, her concession was a lie and thus invalid, so she is still running! So, in her mind, she has the legal right to demand a recount. The power of Lies compells you! The power of Lies compells you! The power of Lies compells you! The power of Lies compells you!

      • bill you nailed it The power of lies compels her She hasn’t a decent bone of Honor in her body When she was staying quiet I actually backed TRUMP not wanting to prosecute her. Now I am pushing harder than ever for that impartial investigation into everything she has touched The power of lies compelled her to do

  3. I live in PA and already know of vote flipping to killary….. machines would not register a vote for Trump….. PA has always been easy to steal, this time it was a landslide for our Pres elect. Kinda tuff to have 125% voting in 6 counties…… time to go to jail, hill

    • Maybe the Hillary supporters in PA who tampered with the machines did understand how it worked and accidentally flipped a bunch of machines for Trump? Ha! And PA doesn’t have a paper ballot backup system?

  4. Good grief. The Democrats have control over the voting system now, not the Republicans. There is no way Trump could have hacked these machines, but it would be possible for Obama — very easily — to get academic collaborators to produce fake exit polls. I mean every other poll the con artists associated with the Democrat Party produced over the past year or so has been falsified and far off the mark (because falsified). They engage in fake polling all the time as push polling, to mold public opinion. And here they are doing it again post-election in order to find yet another way to steal their way into power.

  5. they will steal the election mark my words clinton will “win” the election and her lesbian lover stein will get a huge payday. The Green party showed its true colors and allied with the communist party or the democratic party

  6. Why dont you people report the facts correctly. Jill Stein has been lying about Pennsylvania all along. Their laws dont allow a candidate to call for a recount. They must appeal the election on court but PA requires proof of “Prima Fascia” which in terms is evidence of election wrong doing that can stand in court until proven otherwise. Just saying that a bunch of idiot computer scientists say you can hack the election will not stand. The court will reject that immediately. The only other way is to have 3 electors from each district file counties a petition for a recount in the district, but being that PA has over 9100 districts, you would have to file 9100 petitions and find over 27000 people to file them. good luck with that. Besides that there is a 5 day deadline after each county canvasses their vote and that deadline already happened so thats out. Face it liberals Hillary lost and will stay the looser. So own it.

    • Charlie, please challenge your info to the state , I will gladly as well. Aside from this the computers were independent and was not connected to the Internet , so hacking was not possible, The state’s unless challenged by the voters, seem pressured by the opposition. There is no legal justification for recount. Everyone should press this forward . And Michigan also. All paper ballots, was recounted and certified as mich elect announced last weds start a twitter feed #uselessrecounts so people can get info

    • The funny thing is, the “computer experts”, Clinton, and the White House, have all stated they have found nothing to indicate fraud or hacking. The “scientists” are merely going on the BS that they perceive are “statistical anomalies”. RECOUNT -DENIED.

    • she filed a lawsuit to force a recount in PA saying the election was illegal. I just hope they throw it out #SwineStiensScam has allowed Clinton a way to run out the clock so that none of these state votes will count because the delays will put them over the deadline thus throwing the election to the congress where she can claim they gave it to TRUMP de-legitimizing his presidency and as the new “FOLK HERO” connecting with the flyover people she will run against TRUMP in 2018 THAT IS HER PLAN. Remember you heard it from @TrumpCountryUSA 1st. She already has her PR team working the “FOLK HERO” fraud and the we all know CNN is just going to attack every move Trump makes.PRAY I AM WRONG AND SHE GOES AWAY

  7. Those imbeciles! The EXIT POLLS showed Hillary winning because we TRUMP voters agreed to keep our vote choice to ourselves and did not participate in the exit polls…and they KNOW THIS by now…duh! They are just grabbing at straws for a recount and now it looks like commie Georgie-poo Soros is getting his recount!

    • The fake exit polls are probably about as accurate as the fake regular polls they tried to push before the election. I’m sure they could just “exit poll” democratic counties. PA needs to reject the recounts for lack of cause.

  8. Remember when there was whining about the potential that Trump wouldn’t accept the results of the election. Remember when there was concern that Trump might win the popular vote while Hillary won the electoral college. Of course, that was all OK then because Trump would have lost. Interesting how the tables have turned and what was once bad is now good. Typical for the Clintons….

  9. Trump must have won; look at the volume of stupid defending his win on this comment board.

    He won and the majority of the current voting public in America are either insane, feeble, sheep or just plain ignorant.

    Burn it all down!

  10. Regardless of how the recounts turn out, Trump still faces the electoral college votes on December 19th. The Electors interviewed are starting to declare that they will not vote as their state voted. They might stick with a Republican like Kasich or go with Pence, but many Electors don’t like Trump, what he stands for and they don’t like the people that he has chosen so far for his cabinet. If Trump does get the votes from Electors on the 19th, then he is still refusing to sell off all his assets so not to cause conflicts of interest. If he continues to refuse to do this, the impeachment process will start on day one of a Trump presidency.

    • Regardless of how the recounts turn out, Trump still faces the electoral college votes on December 19th. The Electors interviewed are starting to declare that they will not vote as their state voted.


      LOL, nice try, Liberal. Those six electors you are alluding to are ALL Democrat electors and will not be voting in any case for Trump. The truth is TWO Republican electors gave said they will not vote for Trump while ONE Democrat elector said they will not vote for Clinton. The rules say the Republicans can replace (and has done) an elector who pledges to not vote for the candidate of the Party. In any case Trump has a 78 EV lead on Clinton which is all but impossible to overcome under any conceivable circumstances. Even if all the contested States are prevented from voting their EC votes due to being unable to finish recount, Trump STILL leads in the EV count and the call goes to the US House of Representatives which is controlled by……THE REPUBLICANS!! Can you guess how they will vote?

    • Another moron reading dumb articles and stating an incorrect opinion. The electoral voters that are pushing for other electorates to vote Trump out come from state that Hillary won. They dont count. If you knew anything about the electoral college the states that TRUMP won are diehard republicans who would never vote any other way. You LIBERALS cannot face the fact that the old hag lost and there is no way around it. LOOSERS

      • Hey Charlie, opinions can’t be incorrect. Facts and theories can be though. So you’re statement about opinions is the thing that is actually incorrect.

        Charlie can’t English very well, bear with him folks.

    • Hate to disappoint you but some of those electors, if changing their vote ACCORDING TO THE PEOPLE’S VOTE, will be thrown OFF the committee and/or fined up to $1000 for breaking the law in the elector’s state. Evidently, you have not read up or don’t care to know the rules of the voting process. You refuse to admit that someone other than the liar, Hillary, could win. Jill Stein is being another stupid, fall in line, nitwit because of the money she will receive from this petition that is left over. I doubt she will use it for “voter reform.” It will be used to expand her base for next election. Jill Stein is a criminal who should not even be allowed to run for office, and cannot if her last arrest is deemed a felony, as it should be since expensive construction equipment was involved.

      • Sorry if my first question didn’t quite make sense. To clear it up- according to the popular vote, an elector MUST vote for the candidate with the most votes. If Trump had 2,000 popular votes and Clinton 1,000 popular votes, the elector of that state MUST choose Trump whether they like it or not. if they don’t, then they get thrown off and replaced by an honest person who will vote the voice of the people. This notion that no one gets their vote counted is ridiculous. Those who think that way do not know the laws and before doing themselves an injustice, they need to do the research. Just taking a party’s word for something is not sufficient since they all lie to one extent or the other.

  11. So all actual evidence points to the hard fact that there was no fraud (on the Republican side anyway – Pew Research has found evidence of millions of illegal immigrant votes for Hitlery meaning Trump also won the popular vote – not that it matters since we live in a republic, not a democracy.) So no evidence and no reason to recount, since PA and WI voting machines aren’t on the internet and MI uses all paper, but heck, let’s put 1000s of people to work needlessly and put the country in more turmoil. Good ol demonrats…party trumps country every time for them. If they can find a way to steal this, they will. This is what happens when you constantly hand out tropheys for losing.

  12. I find it funny, though not surprising, how the left was mocking Trump for saying the election was rigged. Now that they lost they insist that there was a ‘russian hacking’. In the words of Obama ‘what does that even mean?’

  13. So the theory is that mystery voters who failed to show in primary, or at rallies, or display T-shirts-bumperstickers-yard signs , and were accurately measured in polls such as LA Times also mysteriously had their vote ‘stolen’ on election day —–in three key states?

  14. Several times you refer to Hillary winning the popular vote by a very large margin. Now THERE is something that could use a recount. Ever since California allowed illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses, they have been also been registering them to vote with a simple question; “Are you legally allowed to vote here and would you like to register at this time?”— No documentation is required. The number of illegal voters in that State alone is calculated at anywhere from 600,000 to 3,000,000. There goes your popular vote….

    • Have no fear, Cindy Dawn….California already petitioned for a ballot question next local election. The question: Should California secede from the United States and become it’s own nation?….Maybe the whole west coast should secede, then a wall could be built there, too, but first they’d have to round up all the former west coast natives that moved to infiltrate conservative states in the midwest so the rest of the country could go back to fair politics and elections by the people. :)

      • When the haters go low,, liberals go high. At least we care about all people and don’t spew hate. I can’t tell you how many Trump voters have posted to my facebook calling Hillary voters stupid and trying to rub our noses in it.. Talk about sore winners! This was an emotional election and made many people depressed. And by the way to the California haters, I know we won’t secede but we would take a hell of alot of tax money with us. We don’t get back near the amount we pay in. We deserve an equal voice for our over 30 million population..Hate crimes are up and nazi Germany comes to mind. Someone even burnt down a Budhist temple in LA. Fortunately no one was killed It never dawned on me that someone would go after such a peaceful people.Open your eyes and instead of keeping the hate in your heart keep informed on those being appointed to run the country and what they are doing with their jobs and keep your Congress people on speed dial. Maybe even watch the confirmation hearings. Also pay attention to some of the fact checking sights. Peace to all and let go of hate. You will be a much happier group of people. I believe people who waste energy on divisiveness make themselves more miserable than those who let it go. Sorry if this sounded like a lecture, that was not my intention.

        • LOL No hate on the losing side? Just some riots, arrests, Trump voters being beaten, fires set, looting, police assaulted, highways blocked, signs to kill Trump, lots of social media posts to kill Trump, many PRINTED UP signs saying “F–K TRUMP”, calls for and signs saying to rape the new First Lady. Oh, little things like that from the peace-loving left. Is that what you call “going high”, or is it “being high”? And you all just love your little “fact-checking” sites, run by, guess who, all of YOU. Please be realistic and stop trying to act so innocent and holier-than-thou. We are not stupid. You also won’t secede because then who would fund all your programs the Feds fund, like taking care of your many illegal aliens you give sanctuary too, welfare, food stamps, many, many, many subsidies. It will all balance out, in fact, the other 49 states will probably come out on green side of the ledger if you secede, so go, please, just go. There is no hate in my heart nor in the hearts of most of us. We are just fed up with all the nonsense and lies and subterfuge, putting up with the endless street violence and unchecked crime for one thing, and we finally stood up and spoke, with votes. Enough is enough.

    • I’m a conservative and believe in stricter voter I.D. laws, but do not like dis-information

      My understanding is that California State law requires motorists to prove identity and legal presence to obtain a regular driver license. If applicant cannot prove documentation of legal presence, they can apply for AB 60 license which is formatted slightly different from regular license. AB 60 license holders are not registered to vote.

      Also, my understanding is that new regular license holders that are registered to vote still have there information vetted before being added to voter rolls.

      I highly doubt the feds would allow California to add voters to the voting rolls without adequate controls in place to keep out illegals.

      If I am incorrect, I stand corrected.

  15. PA votes were not even “close”. This is a waste of taxpayer dollars! A recount is not done if the votes are less than .05%. Trump has 70,000 votes! And the petitioner has to show proof of voter fraud! Even Obama admits there was no frauder fraud! So, most likely, a judge would not aprove the recount (unless a payoff by Soros?)???

    • Restoring confidence in the voting process is more to the point of what the end goal would be here. Trump is the one who opened the can of worms about things being rigged. I think this will a good way to put this rhetoric (using this word in this context is a stretch, I know) to it’s end.

      I really don’t believe Trump supporters have any concern here, but it is a worthwhile exercise.

    • I live in PA and we are insulted by our votes being challenged. I doubt our courts will even approve it. We are different, we are not a “state”, we are a Commonwealth within a Republic. So, good luck with that. As a PA taxpayer I’d better not see any PA being spent. Come back in two weeks and see well that “recount” effort worked out here in PA. It’s ridiculous in too many ways to even go into here. Judges here are highly Independent and very territorial and they all run on boths party ballots. Yes, really. So, again, good luck with the latest tantrum from the losing side.

  16. The deadline for a petition to file for a recount in Pennsylvania was on the 19th and the deadline to start a recount was on the 23rd.The deadline on the 28th is to contest the election, entirely different. Why doesn’t the media take the time to look up the actual laws in Pennsylvania before putting forth false narrative? It’s all available on their site. Only voters or three electors from each county can request a recount, campaigns can’t.

  17. Why do the Trump supporters care so much? They are certain it was fair and square and it won’t be overturned.

    The reaction I’m seeing here are that of people that are concerned that they got away with something.

    I don’t believe it will yield anything resembling an overturning of the results in any dramatic way, but it is a good exercise to do to show the integrity of our voting process, regardless the cost.

    If the population starts to lose faith in the process being legitimate, then it’s kind of a slippery slope from there. Thanks to Trump, he already recklessly planted the seed in many peoples minds.

    If really hope no evidence of tampering is uncovered because that is going to cause some big problems in the future of the voting process.

    • Why? Because A) Clinton is being a complete hypocrite, and B ) this isn’t designed to overturn this election–it’s designed to push it past the Dec. 19th date, so that they can further put into question the “legitimacy” of the Trump Presidency. Trump is President, get over it.

      • “Clinton is being a complete hypocrite” – Not really. She sat on the sidelines for weeks because she didn’t want to do this, but at this point it’s more about restoring faith in the system and she seems VERY reluctant to take any action; so much so, someone else had to initiate the process since she probably wasn’t going to.

        ” this isn’t designed to overturn this election–it’s designed to push it past the Dec. 19th date, so that they can further put into question the “legitimacy” of the Trump Presidency” – I’m not sure this even makes any sense. Pushing out the date (Electoral votes aren’t required to be cast until sometime in January, Dec 19th is just the first date they can start casting them) does nothing. The real result from a recounting or inquiry is to have a second, harder look at those close states and I expect numbers may change slightly, but no more than the margin of error and Trump will still have won and Democrats and America in general can feel better that things are working as they should. If they weren’t working as they should, it will have uncovered weaknesses in the voting process that can be corrected in the future. Corrections that very well may benefit a conservative candidate in the future.

        The end of the day, most just want a fair and accurate system that can be as resilient to tampering as possible.

        I really hope the electorates cast tons of votes for Kasich, Romney or Pence as ‘write-ins’.

    • Because it does not meet our rules for a recount and we would have to pay millions for this and in Pa with no paper trail it would keep us from making our electors legal in time….That seems like a lot of good reasons and if anyone cheated it will be Hillary Like Obama did last time…


  18. How would the media be reporting this if the roles were reversed? Can you imagine? “Sore loser! Tyrannical Trump! Undemocratic Trump Can’t Accept Election Results!” and on and on. But, Hillary? Stein? It’s A-OK

  19. Hillary just cooked her own goose. Trump said he wouldn’t appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her antics. After all this, he will most likely change his mind and so he should. Send her to jail..

    • We aren’t sore losers. We don’t trust anything that involves Trump or his campaign mgr. He told so many lies that he probably believes them, himself. This isn’t hard to prove. He has no manners and no class. Hillary, on the other hand, is making sure the votes are counted correctly. This is because she respects the wishes of her supporters, who requested this. I thought the electoral college was supposed to prevent mob rule; apparently not in this case. How will he get along with other countries? He can’t even get along with the media in the U.S. Wait until his appointees disagree with him; we know there will be his usual juvenile name calling. That is probably the best that we could hope for. Someone should tell him this is the real world, not Celebrity Apprentice.

      • Cindy Nash so naively stated “Hillary, on the other hand, is making sure the votes are counted correctly.” I will ignore your other tripe since its founded in opinion – which you are entitled to – but devoid of actual facts. If Hitlery were so interested in making sure the votes are counted correctly, do you agree or disagree with the notion that we should followup with voting in VA, CA, NV, and CO – all of whom have actual REAL discrepancies with voting machines as well as actual real facts and reports of people who should not have been able to cast a ballot (illegals, felons, the dead, and people who manage to vote more than once) doing so successfully? There is more evidence of THIS actually occurring than any of the shenanigans that have been imagined and already disproven in WI, MI and PA. My guess is you will disagree with me as you either 1) have your head in the sand or 2) are another uninformed voter who thinks Hitlery is someone she clearly is not. Let’s fact it – Hitlery lost the election because she was a poor candidate. That’s the bottom line. She was so poor, that peopl;e who voted for King Putt in 2008 and 2012 either stayed home or voted for someone else. She even managed to lose a big chunk of the African-American voting block. She was horrid. End of story. Now her own words work against her. She promised to accept the outcome of the election no matter what. Like most everything else in her life, she’s lied about that too.

  20. Here is the Pennsylvania process for a recount:
    Close Vote Margin:
    Less than or equal to .5%

    Epic fail for sore losers Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and Jill Stein.

    Candidate-Initiated Options:
    While candidates cannot file a direct request for a recount, they may appeal the “order or decision of any county board regarding the computation or canvassing of the returns of any primary or election, or regarding any recount or recanvass thereof.” During the appeal process, the court may determine that a recount is necessary. See 25 P.S. 3157.

  21. Trump’s firewall is PA. With it, he’s at 280, which means that MI and WI do not necessarily need to be counted.
    Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein are going to fail in MI as well, as Trump’s margin of victory 10,704 is outside the scope of 2,000 or less that justifies a recount.


  23. By all accounts Clinton won the popular vote why? Because she carried the east coast and the west coast states, which are the most populated and by far the most liberal states in the USA. However they are also the most disconnected states from the rest of the country. Even in an economic crises, states and cities on the east and west coast are less effected because there are more economic opportunities. In my humble opinion Hillary Clinton lost the election when she said and I quote:”We are going to kill coal”, and she said it with glee. When she said that, she lost people in states like: Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky and other states who rely heavily on coal for jobs. Compound that with the fact that the population felt disconnected from politicians and they all went looking for someone who was not so deeply connected with the political establishment. Will Trump turn out to be the right choice ? I don’t know. Only time will tell. If he manages to better the economy he will most likely be reelected. I just hope that this country will not be worst off for having elected Trump.

    • So, are the larger number of people disconnected or are the people that live in the rural, less densely populated, less diverse and have larger land mass more likely disconnected? It really boils down to the purpose of the house and the senate as well as the electoral college. In this case, the will of the population voted for Hillary, while the electoral college votes, which balance this out, went to Trump. Coal and other damaging types of fuel sources need to be phased out. Somebody has to make the hard choices. It might suck, but if you think past you and your immediate needs and think of the country or even the species as a whole, it’s clear something has to be done. It sure sucks to lose your job, but do you keep going down this polluting path just because people won’t pick themselves up and adapt?

      Trump just tells everyone what they want to hear and they just believe him. He even has been caught on video pandering to one crowd and saying the opposite to another, but no one cares. It’s mind blowing.

  24. We aren’t sore losers. We don’t trust anything that involves Trump or his campaign mgr. He told so many lies that he probably believes them, himself. This isn’t hard to prove. He has no manners and no class. Hillary, on the other hand, is making sure the votes are counted correctly. This is because she respects the wishes of her supporters, who requested this. I thought the electoral college was supposed to prevent mob rule; apparently not in this case. How will he get along with other countries? He can’t even get along with the media in the U.S. Wait until his appointees disagree with him; we know there will be his usual juvenile name calling. That is probably the best that we could hope for. Someone should tell him this is the real world, not Celebrity Apprentice.

    • Lmao……. Hillary has been lying to the American people for 30 years ! Nothing that comes out of her mouth is the truth!!! And don’t forget she voted for both wars , advocated for NAFTA, has been involved in more scandals than any other politician ever! Guilty of multiple felonies, but gets away with it because they don’t think she meant to do it!!!! ……. Benghazi was because of a video! Entered Bosnia under sniper fire, only deleted emails about yoga and daughters wedding ! Stole over 200,000 from White House when moved out ! Lost 6 billion of the tax payers money !! Has protected rapist since the 70’s !! Her mentor was a kkk recruiter and leader. ( Robert Byrd )…. has been implicated in human trafficking and child prostitution!!!! Takes money from foreign powers for diplomatic favors !! Wants to dismantle the constitution!! Has insulted every minority in the country openly and still calls others racist ……. taco bowl voter, super predators, deplorables, Christians need to stop clinging to their bibles and their guns!!!! All for murdering full term babies !! And let’s not forget the 149 people that have mysteriously died that was connected to her !!!!! BUT YOU KEEP THINKING THE EVIL BITCH GIVES A DAMN ABOUT YOU !!! Lol 30 years and hasn’t helped nobody but herself!!!!!!

      • “Hillary voted for both wars” – Trump advocated for the wars as well, as did most people immediately after 9/11.

        “Guilty of multiple felonies” – Hillary has neither been, charged, tried or convicted of any felony.

        “Wants to dismantle the constitution” – please cite a credible source.

        “149 people that have mysteriously died that was connect to her” – last I heard this conspiracy theory was only at 50 or so; I guess she’s been busy as of late. Please cite a credible source.

        If you think Trump is going to do anything for you beneficial, you’re crazy. He’s going to run this country into the ground and benefit while doing it. Nobody is going to want to say “I told you so”, because it’s just going to suck for everyone.

        Hillary, while an unsavory alternative, at least knows there are boundaries to certain things and can see the repercussions of her actions before doing them.

        Why people just keep on parroting back whatever Trump says as if it were truth is baffling. Think for yourselves and be critical of anything said and do your own research. You have a brain that is capable of examining these things.

        • I need to reply: Loser, snowflake, crayon, snowflake, whiner, crayon, safe space, participation trophy, go back to where you came from, gash/bitch/pussy. I think I covered all the conservative talking points…

      • Aron do you really think that any politician gives a hoot about you or any of us? Democratic or republican? They all go into politics to help themself.

  25. all along, i’ve been against the idea of Hillary being prosecuted in spite of disliking her intensely. no more, though. i’m for prosecuting her to the full extent of the law now. and OF COURSE millions of illegal aliens voted whose best hope to remain in this country was to help secure a Trump loss, illegal noncitizen votes welcomed by sanctuary communities who protect them with “Eyes Wide Shut” policies.

    once again, Donald Trump is willing to go out on a limb and speak unvarnished, politically incorrect Truth. very brave of you, soon-to-be-President Trump!

    • You do realize that there is NOTHING to prosecute her for. She has been investigated by her worse enemies, including Starr who did everything he could to get her. The head of the FBI hated her, and found nothing. You also realize, I hope, that Trump does not have ANY power to prosecute her.

  26. So really there is no reason for JillHill to be putting the country through this nonsense. Michigan doesn’t use machines, so their concerns there are unfounded. PA requires probable cause and court approval, and WI also sees no probable cause but are being forced to do this anyway. I only see one possibility here – Clinton is extremely angry, feeling the election she tried so hard to steal (Pew Research reporting MILLIONS of illegal immigrant votes – not to mention the normal Democrat base of dead voters, felons, etc) was somehow “stolen” by President-Elect Trump and the “Evil Russians” despite the fact there is not one shred of evidence short of a theory by “experts” which was already disproven when one accounts for demographics and the fact that the democrats ran a poor candidate. This whole thing was cooked up by a woman scorned. What she is trying to do is subvert the will of the people in MI, WI and PA to have their electoral votes discounted (since they wont complete a recount in time for the Electoral College vote). It fits with the reasoning why they waited until the last minute to file for recounts. If nobody gets to 270, this goes to Congress. They will then further claim that President-Elect Trump is an illegitimate President since the election will go to the House for a majority-wins vote. This will reflect poorly on the rioting cupcake and snowflake Hillery supporters – none of whom understand how the Constitution or our Republic works. They don’t even understand why the Electoral College keeps voting fair between the States, or how Trump won a majority of the popular vote in the majority of states, how it balances out, etc. Show them a county-by-county map, and they become angry. They would rather those thin areas of blue dominate the election every 4 years via national popular vote. Fact is, if Hitlery forces the outcome she wants, the Constitution will STILL be followed by the Republican Majority in Congress, and they will vote for Trump (House) and Pence (Senate). Those of us that see whats going on will argue the point that the Democrats caused this entire mess in the first place, but it will fall on deaf ears, because they dont care about America. They only care about themselves. People have had enough with the REAL party of hate and nazi-like behavior.

    • You might as will call her JillHillTrump since you are adding names to her. Neither Hillary nor Trump wanted a recount. Both said they would participate if it came to that. And JillHillTrump hates Hillary and Trump equally. You can find videos of JillHillTrump talking about the evils of both candidates. JillHillTrump has repeatedly said that she’s not interested in changing the outcome of the election. She’s only interested in making sure our voting system is valid.

      • Jillenstein is a damnable liar.
        She WILL TAKE Hitlary over Trump any day of the week. PRECISELY why she waited until it was too late to count some of the states HILLARY won in…and why she isnt fighting in court to force a recount in Nevada. 1] its not enough EC votes to make any difference like the states shes crying about. 2] Hillary won NV so no need to bother with a recount anyway.
        She will keep going PA now that WI and MI arent panning out. And she or one of her proxies WILL go after Florida since its now the very last hope for Hillary to reverse the results.

        My guess is Hillary and the DNC and possibly Jillenstein as well are working on the Electoral voters to get them to vote against the will of the people of their states…which SHOULD be a punishable offense…ie prison time in EVERY state.

        No…Jillenstein is NOT interested in our voting system. She IS trying to overturn the elections and its fairly daft of anyone to make the claim otherwise given the OBVIOUS EVIDENCE.
        I’ll bet a nice crisp $100 bill that Hitlary has made it clear to Jillary that there is a nice cushy job awaiting her if she can flip this thing.

  27. Donald said the election was rigged so lets make sure it is not. He started the ball rolling and we will finish it. You can not take back the rigged election just because you won. Lets all make sure the election is not rigged just the way donald would do if he lost. If it was the other way around you all would want a recount. If you truly believe donald won what is wrong with a recount? Looks like President Obama may be in office a little longer than thought.

    • Elaine likes to chase her imaginary tail in her spare time. She also enjoys long walks up and down the hallway where she has “Hillary 2016” posters hung left and right. She parties like it’s 2008.

    • Trump knows the system is rigged. Demorats would rarely ever win if it werent.
      and honey….YOU are the ones screaming that there is NO fraud…WHEN you WIN, that is.
      Trump was calling it out BEFORE the election started. JIllenfreak only started her rampage AFTER Hillary lost.
      Jillenstein ISNT stupid, sweetheart…she KNEW she didnt have a chance in hell of winning.
      These third party dopes are there for ONE reason….to steal votes from the two big parties…nothing more, nothing less.
      Jillary waiting until the last couple days before pulling this crap so no one would be able to see what she was up to and file COUNTER recount efforts in HITLARY states.
      Again…the skeez isnt stupid…shes a lawyer for pete sake. She KNEW when the filing deadlines were and she KNEW which states she was going after.
      Wait until the deadlines are close, file and before anyone can figure out how to respond its too late to file anywhere else to check HILLARYs vote count in states like NH and NV.

      I will say this, sweetheart. You all have PROVEN that you DO INDEED believe in election fraud. So from here on out we DONT WANT TO HEAR YOUR CRAP WHEN YOU WIN AND WE DEMAND RECOUNTS
      YOU open this can of worms and from here on out EVERY election you WILL be reminded that you pulled this nonsense. *I* personally will incite recount demands EVERY time a Demorat wins an election from here for as long as Im alive.

  28. Why can the Democrats call for a recount in 3 states with no evidence of corruption but Trump can’t ? You know that it wasnt Jill Stein she just a puppet a corruption of the democrats party puppet master George Soros!

  29. I’d like to see where the donations came from? I highly doubt they were $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 donations from the public. Someone out there is funding this, and what they are hoping to do is push the recount past the December 19th deadline for electoral voting. Just my Canadian point of view. Please tell me I’m wrong, we need a Trump here in Canada too and a lot of us here are now seeing that it is possible, and that the scumbag Trudeau is a loser puppet.

    • Well, since the donations are being collected by her campaign, the contributions are actually subject to the $2700 limit and reported to the FEC, just like any other direct campaign contribution. I’m sure you can look up the breakdown by employer at

  30. Five quick facts you need to know about the Jill Stein “recount” scheme:
    1) SCAM
    2) SHAM
    3) FARCE
    4) SOROS

  31. Why are they using a fake crowd picture thinking that this many people would come out to see Hillary & Obama AFTER the lost election? Even during the election Hillary could never get a crowd of people to see her even when they held free concerts. Now Americans are learning the tactics of Communistic ideology of using fake information and propaganda. Wise up America, dump Common Core and the major news industry.

  32. God, I feel like I am in Trump’s ADHD mind, reading these comments. Could you guys be more a) stupid and b)incoherent? When Palin makes you look articulate you know you should go back to grade school and try to get an education.

    1. Jill Stein hates Hillary and Trump equally.
    2. It’s not illegal to ask for a recount..
    3. If you have districts that have more votes than registered voters, there is something wrong with the system.

    I will save you the trouble: snowflake, safe space, participation trophy, if you don’t like it, leave, oh, and crayon… I think I got all conservative talking points… except if gash, and pussy.

  33. They cant figure out why SWING states SWUNG….idiots.
    Ive said this for years…dems will get in power…pizz people off and get voted out….reps will get in power…pizz people off and get voted out…..lather, rinse repeat.
    THAT is the pattern and if it takes a ‘scientist’ to figure it out then god help our scientific community…god help us all if WE are so d***ed mentally defective that WE cant even see the patterns after watching a few voting cycles.