Max Cook, Jacob Redfearn & Jake Woodruff: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

max cook, jacob redfearn, jake woodruff

Max Cook, Jacob Redfearn and Jake Woodruff were killed in the incident in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. (Facebook)

Three Oklahoma teens were fatally shot after police say they broke into a home in Broken Arrow and were confronted by the homeowner’s 23-year-old son, who had armed himself with an AR-15 rifle.

Max Cook, Jacob Redfearn and Jaykob “Jake” Woodruff, who range in age from 15 to 18 or 19, were killed in the botched burglary attempt, KOTV reports.

The homeowner’s son, identified in court documents as Zach Peters, was not injured. He is not facing charges and the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office said it appears he was acting in self defense.

A 21-year-old woman was arrested after she admitted to police she dropped the three teens off at Peters’ home and was supposed to be their getaway driver. Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, of Collinsville, told police she fled after hearing gunshots.

She was arrested on suspicion of three counts of felony murder. Felony murder charges can be brought against someone who commits a felony resulting in death in Oklahoma regardless if they actually kill someone, according to state law. Rodriguez was also arrested on three counts of first-degree burglary.

The burglary occurred on the afternoon of March 27, police said.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Teens Smashed a Glass Window & Entered the House Wearing Black Clothes, Masks & Gloves Before They Were Shot Dead, Police Say

Zach Peters told police he woke up to “loud bangs” when the three intruders broke a glass door in the rear of the house, the Tulsa World reports.

He armed himself with an AR-15 rifle and confronted the teens in a hallway. After they briefly exchanged words, he opened fire on the trio, identified as Max Cook, Jacob Redfearn and Jake Woodruff, police said. Two of the burglars died in the home’s kitchen, while a third escaped to the driveway, where he collapsed and died.

“They were dressed in black, all had masks on, and all had gloves on,” Deputy Nick Mahoney told reporters, adding that the initial investigation suggests the teens planned to burglarize the house. “There was a short exchange of words and then gunfire happened.”

Peters lives in the house on Clearview Drive in Broken Arrow with his father, the homeowner, and his mother.

Police responded to the home for a report of shots fired about 12:30 p.m., the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office said.

The 911 call made by Peters to report the shooting and break-in was released Wednesday.

“I shot two of them, now I am barricaded in my bedroom,” Peters said in the call. “I can hear one of them talking.”

Police said all three teens were killed when Peters fired at them with an AR-15 rifle. Two died in the kitchen and a third collapsed and died in the driveway outside.

You can listen to the call below:

A neighbor, Leon Simmons, told KTUL-TV he heard the gunfire.

“Well, I thought it was thunder, I just heard something, I had the doors closed,” Simmons told the news station.

“The shots were so loud — loud enough that I ran to the window to see what had happened,” another neighbor, who didn’t wish to give her name, told the Tulsa World. “Something in me knew it was gunshots, but I didn’t know what had happened until I went to leave my house and saw all the police officers.”

Zachary Peters volunteered to go to the Wagoner Sheriff’s Office to give a statement to investigators, KTUL-TV reports.

“Preliminary investigation, it looks like it was self-defense,” Deputy Nick Mahoney told the news station.

The case could fall under Oklahoma’s “Make My Day” law, which says a resident has the right to use deadly force if an intruder has entered or is entering the resident’s home, the Tulsa World reports.

The Wagoner County District Attorney’s office will decide if charges are filed against Peters.

“This matter is currently still under investigation. The district attorney’s office is in consult with the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office for advice on this matter and will continue to work with the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office in this matter,” First District Attorney Jack Thorp said Tuesday at a press conference. “We do not anticipate filing formal charges until possibly later in this week or early next week.

zachary peters, zach peters, zack peters, zachary peters oklahoma, zachary peters broken arrow

Zachary Peters. (Facebook)

“At that time there will be a final decision,” Thorp told reporters. “I know there’s questions that have been posed regarding ‘Stand Your Ground’ law as well as the application of the felony murder rule. We hope to hope to answers those questions with our formal filing decision when we reach that decision.”

Thorp said “there’s a lot of things to look at in this case.”

When asked about possible charges against Peters, Thorp said, “at this time, all charges and all the information is going to be reviewed.”

Thorp said, “This is obviously a triple homicide, and so we want to make sure that we cross all of our t’s and dot all of our i’s and insure that we have the maximum amount of information before we make formal decisions. It is complex.”

You can read more about Peters at the link below:

Zach Peters: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A 23-year-old man gunned down three burglars with an AR-15 rifle after the trio broke into his father's home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, police say.

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2. The Getaway Driver Is Accused of Planning the Burglary & Police Say She Knew the Homeowner’s Son

elizabeth marie rodriguez, elizabeth rodriguez, elizabeth rodriguez oklahoma

Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez.

Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, the 21-year-old woman who admitted to being the getaway driver, is also accused of planning the burglary, KTUL-TV reports. According to court documents obtained by the news station, Rodriguez had prior knowledge about the house and knew Zachary Peters by his first name.

“Rodriguez planned the burglary and took the three suspects to the residence on two separate occasions on today’s date wanting to steal items,” police said in a probable cause affidavit. “Rodriguez instructed the three suspects to burglarize the residence while she waited in the driveway in her vehicle until she heard gunshots then fled the scene.”

According to court documents, Rodriguez turned herself in after seeing news of the shooting on TV because she wanted police to be able to tell the families of the three teens about what happened. She refused to give further information to investigators. But another witness has given police information, according to the court documents.

“We know somehow they have some acquaintance, but we don’t know how or why,” Deputy Nick Mahoney told the Tulsa World, of the relationship between Rodriguez and Peters.

Rodriguez is being held in jail without bail pending formal charges. Her arraignment was delayed on Tuesday because the investigation is continuing. She was arrested on probable cause, but the “matter is still under investigation,” prosecutors said.

Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, 21, is accused of setting up a burglary that led to the shooting deaths of three teens, including her boyfriend, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

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3. Cook Was Dating Rodriguez & Was From Owasso

max cook, max cook elizabeth rodriguez

Max Cook and Elizabeth “Liz” Rodriguez in a photo posted to Rodriguez’s Facebook page on March 19.

Max Cook was dating Elizabeth Rodriguez, according to his Facebook page. It is not known how he knew the other two teens involved in the burglary. He was friends with Jacob Redfearn, but not Jake Woodruff, on Facebook.

According to his Facebook page, Cook went to Owasso High School and was from Owasso, Oklahoma. He lived in Tulsa.

He worked at Taco Bueno, according to his Facebook profile.

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4. Redfearn Was a Student at Collinsville High School & a Friend Said He Was ‘Happy Go Lucky & Always Had a Smile on His Face’

jacob redfearn, jacob redfearn oklahoma, jacob redfearn broken arrow

Jacob Redfearn. (Facebook)

Jacob Redfearn went to Collinsville High School and was a native of Collinsville, according to his Facebook page.

A teen who called himself an “old friend” of Redfearn wrote on Facebook, “it really sucks when someone makes one bad decision and their life is over with.”

John Thompson III continued, “He was always happy go lucky and always had a smile on his face even when he was down. R.I.P. and fly high buddy. Please watch over your brothers and your family. I know they taking it really hard right now.”

Thompson posted photos of Redfearn to his Facebook page and said Redfearn “was murdered” when someone asked who he was. Redfearn’s brother, Jordan, replied, “He wasn’t murdedhe made a bad decision that cost him his life unfortunately.”

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5. Woodruff’s Sister Says He Was ‘Only 15’ & Did ‘Something Wrong,’ but Was a ‘Sweet, Kind-Hearted Boy’

jake woodruff, jaykob woodruff

Jake Woodruff in a photo posted to his Facebook page just hours before his death.

Jaykob Woodruff was a student at Owasso High School, according to his Facebook page.

“So for everyone who wants to be negative about this needs to remember the sweet kind hearted boy,” his sister, Kendra, wrote on Facebook. “He would give you the shirt off his back no matter if it was cold outside. His friends meant the world to him no matter if they were good or bad. He was only 15. I know what he did was wrong I’m not saying it’s not but please be positive for his friends and family we love him and will always miss him.”

Keira Ellison wrote on Facebook that a candelight vigil will be held for the three teens on Friday at 8 p.m. at Owasso High School.

“Bring your own candle, everything else is provided,” she wrote. “Please absolutely no negativity.”

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A 41-year-old man previously suspected in two murders is accused of strangling 19-year-old Kelsey Tennant during a burglary in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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  1. I would feel sorry for the three degenerates and the simpleton girlfriend of the awesome AR-15 shooting homeowner, but I’m not going to. All three received their just presents from the universe. It’s called cause and effect. Break into someone’s shit, expect to get broken.

    “He Was ‘Only 15’ & Did ‘Something Wrong,’ but Was a ‘Sweet, Kind-Hearted Boy’”.

    Sure, Sweet and kind-hearted enough to go break into someone’s house with the intent on robbing and potentially hurting the homeowner(s). Good riddance, justice served, suck it bitches. How’s that lead taste now?! Steal that.

  2. What a total tragedy. Unfortunately, when multiple people act together in a criminal conspiracy there is a grave chance of an innocent person being harmed. If masked men break into your home you and your family are in total peril. The evil mindset of the perpetrators should be assumed if you are to survive. Accordingly the lethal force used by a homeowner is justified – even if it appears that in this case the young men may have been far over their heads.

    What a total tragedy that these kids died so young. It’s also a tragedy fir the young man who rightfully killed them.

  3. You are not planning a stealth burgling if you bring three guys. This was plainly going to be a strong-armed robbery. Please stop trying to saint and knight the criminals.

  4. So sad to hear 3 young lifes lost in this incident although they should not have done what they did I believe no one “deserves to die” may the lord forgive them and support their friends and family through this difficult time(and indeed the householder if he was in a position where he had no choice but to shoot) these are my ethical opinions I should have a right to express them without being hated for daring to have a littel sympathy/empathy. Just like we have the 2nd amendment i also have the 1st amendment rights.

    • Wrong, they deserved to die Mattman. We don’t need scum who would do that running around. The hero shooter probably saved many lives and stopped many robberies in the future, highly unlikely these thieves and or assaulted would have stopped at just one act if not stopped.

      • Personally I don’t agree with you it goes against all my moral, religious and ethical views I believe no one deserves to die. But every one is entitled to their own veiws I guess. Still a very tragic incident nonetheless RIP to those who died.

    • Wrong answer Buckwheat, Death by STUPIDITY is ALWAYS deserved. I do feel for the shooter though The close quarters nature of the incident will change the man forever.

  5. Once you decide to break into somebody’s house your life is worth whatever you take (or try to take).
    “He Was ‘Only 15’ & Did ‘Something Wrong,’ but Was a ‘Sweet, Kind-Hearted Boy” – Yeah, he did something wrong… at the wrong time. In this case, the homeowner had a gun which saved his A** and killed three other A**es. Feel sorry for the families of the three boys, but also for the victim (homeowner) who will have this memory for the rest of his life. He has my support and sympathy for being forced into a situation in which he was very well prepared.

    * “I believe in God and guns. Come into my house uninvited and you meet’em both”

  6. The story is coming together. She had apparently been in the house at some time and knew they had some valuable guns. They scoped the place out and probably thought no one was home. Otherwise, they would have brought better weapons. One of the intruders had brass knuckles which can be real handy for breaking glass (Perhaps there were guns in a glass display case.) They broke in and the resident yelled at them, telling them to leave and they copped an attitude and threatened him. (Teenagers have a bad habit of thinking they are indestructible.) Then he shot them. I bet the intruders and the girl will all test positive for drugs. Guns are as good if not better than cash for buying drugs.They are also easier to steal than cash. An assault rifle would be quite valuable in the drug world. It was the guns that made this house a target. It was a coincidence that the intruders entered when someone was home. So the intruders are dead and I think it is incredibly irresponsible to post a picture of the victim. His suffering isn’t over yet as it is really tough for people to cope with such a traumatic event. So, don’t think that were any winners here.

    • Snerdguy, you almost got it she new that Zack guy had drugs and them kids thought he wasn’t home and where gonna jack him,Why I know this because I used to be a dumbass kid and did that shit all the time”grew up thank god and lived to tell the story”You don’t break in a house you know has a gun.But dope ya,I wouldn’t doubt if he knew it was one of them breaking in and shot there ass anyway… Drugs kill on this one I’ve seen this happen to many just happens to be in suburbs this time

  7. The two younger teens should have at school and the 19 year old should be in class or at work at that time of the day.
    The 21 year old woman will be found guilty on all 3 counts of first degree murder, and will spend at least 20 years in prison.
    the shooter will not face charges because even if the three teens were unarmed, they could still be deadly force to reckon in a close encounter. The end result could have been different if the son of the home owner wasn’t armed with a high powered rifle.
    There is no info or evidence that the three teen or the 23 year old woman were career or habitual criminals and the price they paid is vastly bigger than the crime they did, Perhaps it was their first major mistake in life, but it’s too bad that they never had a chance to learn for themselves that crimes don’t pay , and life is not always fair.
    I(f you have teenage childrem, show them this news article. You may save their lives.

  8. Thank god Zack had a gun, or he’d be dead now. No negativity and a candlelight vigil for these three criiminals? Oh, please!

    • The family and friends of theses 3 people have every right to grieve in peace and hold a candlelight vigil if they wish to do so. Regardless to wherever the householder was in a position where he had no choice but to shoot (we don’t have enough info on that so I will reserve my judgement on whether or not the householder was in such a position) 3 people lost their lives in this very sad and tragic incident it doesn’t really matter if what they did was wrong they are still human beings and deserves to be treated as such. We should also remember we don’t know these 3 people so we don’t have any right to judge them. RIP to those who died may god forgive them and help their families and friends through this tragic time. And if the householder holder did act out of no choice and made every effort to avoid shooting (unconfirmed reports say after he shot them he begged the 911 operator for first aid advice and begged cops to tell him they survived) then I hope he also gets the help and support he needs.

      • These were PREDATORS, they were treated as such, and Society was made better for it.

        Each criminal that’s killed by their last intended victim makes Society just a little bit safer, and just a little bit BETTER!

    • I think the candle light vigil is for the families, not the victims. None of the families that I read have blamed the homeowner for shooting, but they are grieving their loved ones. I agree with you, thank god the homeowner had a gun. I’d have done the same as he did.

      • I think you may have misunderstood me I was referring to the 3 kids family’s should have every right to hold a vigil. If i was the homeowner I would probably NOT have shot these poor kids unless I thought my life was in IMMEDIATE danger. I know they shouldn’t have done what they did but it is still so sad they died (may god forgive them and help their families and friends) as for the householder I don’t know enough about the situation so I will reserve my judgment. But if some of the roumors are true that one of these kids was shot from behind then in my opinion this is a murder.

        • Well, Matt, you know the old saying, don’t you? “Opinions are like a-holes. Everybody has one and most of them stink!”

        • If they were still in the home, it should STILL BE legal to shoot the three POS.
          I know it offends some people, but they deserved what they got from their last intended victim.

  9. It’s “sad news” comments today; but when the news first broke and people assumed they were Hispanic…no sympathy.

  10. To the two Facebook comments down below I don’t have Facebook so I can’t reply directly) where the people say they would not have shot the kids unless they advanced towards them I appreciate that, that is what i call responsible gun ownership. If you try you best to avoid shooting and only do it as a last resort I have respect for you and have no problem with those kind of people owning guns. However if you are a “criminals deserve to die” type person who would shoot immediately on sight then I think you should NOT be allowed a gun.

  11. 3 high school kids killed because of some idiot who thought it would be a good idea to do a home invasion and kill or maim some white dudes. The victim should not have been identified. (Peters) He did nothing wrong but defend his life with a legal to own rifel. Now all the thug friends of these criminals know who he is. The only illegal weapon was brought in was by the home invaders. If the two victims would have been killed there would not have been any noise because they would have been knifed or beaten to death. Three on one is very bad odds and he was lucky he came out alive. Rodreguiz deserves a death sentence for what she did. That should be the outrage for the deaths of these three high school students. If this woman is put on death row, all your scum will go to Dallas or somewhere other than OK to do their crime. If OK puts her on death row for this kind of violence all your criminals will move to CA. Send a loud and clear message OK, dont put up with this kind of violence.



  14. When I was 15 I did a lot of stupid things, and as a result had to deal with serious consequences, including getting stabbed and almost killed late night in a part of the city I shouldn’t have been, doing things I shouldn’t have been doing. I do feel bad for these kids, because it’s easy not to know any better, or to be influenced by others when you’re a teenager. That being said, I have a family now, and if you come into my house, I can’t assume your intentions, and my life, and the lives of my family will take precedent over your safety.

  15. I feel so sorry for the parents/family of the three young criminals. They have to live the rest of their lives missing these young men and wondering if somehow they could have prevented what they did (trust me here as a parent … it’s just what we do). My heart breaks for the young man who has to live with having taken 3 lives too (even if in self-defense). There’s no telling how that fact will effect him the rest of his life though I’m so happy for him & his parents that he had the means TO protect himself! Hopefully the fact that he was defending himself will help him come to peace with it if he isn’t yet. The girl who thought up and apparently talked those 3 young men into doing this deserves what ever the law allows. I feel for her family also. NO one wants their child to end up in such a place. However I hope she gets what is coming to her also. If not for her stupid, selfish idea those guys would probably be alive today. The entire thing is tragic for sure & on many levels.

  16. It is not like this is a one time bad decision that was made. This was done repeatedly according to the get away driver. Her face lit up as she bragged about their usual sucess and her only regret is getting caught! Really! Your boyfriend and friends die and thats not the biggest regret? And why are people saying they were “so kind” and “good” boys? They are career criminals, just with very short careers. Decisional good and bad have consequences and some are leathal.

  17. Yea, he will give you the shirt off his back, that he just stole from someone else. LOL, said that they would high light these idiots, good guys do not break into homes.

  18. all this crap about the young innocents. They were geared up for felony breaking and entering, burglary, and brought weapons meaning they were down for some armed robbery too. Fortunate the resident had a proper weapon for dealing with such criminal scum. Fortunate for everyone else in the region that their criminal careers were terminated early, before they ‘graduated’ to far worse acts.

  19. And the older woman (23)(Rodriguez), who planned the whole robbery for these minors UNBELIEVABLY has 3 MORE future victims in her own 3 father less offspring. CPS needs to adopt those ones OUT, FAR, FAR from her evil and degenerate influence!

  20. The older woman (23)(Rodriguez), who planned the whole robbery for these minors, causing the dumb boys deaths, UNBELIEVABLY has 3 MORE future victims in her own 3 father less offspring. CPS needs to adopt those ones OUT, FAR, FAR from her evil and degenerate influence!

  21. I got SUPER emotional listening to the 911 Tapes… That young man Mr. Peters has a full life ahead of him where he has to process taking 3 lives in his self-defense. Shame on those 4 suspects trying to RUIN the lives of others because they only thought of themselves and did not take into account the MANY possible consequences of letting their desire outweigh their respect for others. Mr. Peters, your family reared you well and you were prepared for that event we can never prepare enough for. I admire your extreme maturity and the respect with which you obviously hold everything and everyone. I am only sorry that you have to endure the psychology of 3 Justified Homicides. You did the right thing man, and I’m sorry that this lot fell on you.