Ziyed Ben Belgacem, described as a “radicalized Muslim” by police, was identified as the Orly airport attacker in Paris, France.

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With Hurricane Matthew heading to Florida, are Florida airports – in Orlando, Miami and other cities – open? Some airports are closed with flights cancelled.

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LaGuardia Airport Terminal B was locked down, after a report of an unattended vehicle. See videos and photos of what’s happening in New York.

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The LAX Airport says a man in a Zorro costume was detained amidst the panic over false reports of an active shooter. See the video and memes.

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People at LAX airport fled in panic as reports of an active shooter circulated. Police say the panic was caused by loud noises, and there was no shooter.

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A troubled young man attacks a man in a pink shirt and calls him a “faggot.” Then kicks the man in the testicles. Onlookers tackle him and police arrive.

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What the heck is a Knee Defender, and why did it cause a fight to break out in mid-air during a United flight?

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A Qatar Airways plane made an emergency landing escorted by a Royal Air Force fighter jet at England’s Manchester Airport after a passenger passed a note saying there was a bomb onboard.

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A brain scientist in Arizona was arrested after he brought his AR-15 rifle into a terminal of Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix Friday.

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These aren’t spy weapons, but some seem like they could be. Check out these scary knives and bombs modified to try to trick the TSA. Luckily they got caught.

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Just thank your lucky stars you’re not on board this flight.

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Passengers stuck on the tarmac at Reagan National tweeted their frustration.

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The plot would involve filling an implant with an explosive liquid and injecting a catalyst liquid into it.

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