It’s time for President Obama to spin the wheel and decide who the next head of the Department of Justice will be.

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Billy Karen Vaughan Fox Interview

The Vaughn’s lost their Navy SEAL son in Aghanistan in 2011, now they’re demanding the resignation of President Obama.

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obama racist laser light show, obama banana russia laser show

In Moscow, a light show projected on the American embassy wishes President Obama a happy birthday then portrays him as a monkey eating a banana. The Moscow Student Initiative took credit for the stunt.

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Obama Ray Rice

A new dub of Barack Obama singing the summer pop hit “Fancy” is a viral hit. Made up of a bunch of presidential speech videos, the PoTUS’ version is catchy.

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Here are pictures and gifs that show an aging President Barack Obama’s graying hair over time.

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malaysia flight 17 victims, plane shot down in ukraine

The president says at least one American was onboard the plane shot down over Eastern Ukraine.

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Obama Phonecall Tim Howard Clint Dempsey

Obama told two U.S. heroes that they had “captured the hearts and minds” of the country.

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david green, hobby lobby, hobby lobby supreme court, hobby lobby court case

David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby, is celebrating his Supreme Court victory after SCOTUS ruled his company can refuse to offer insurance for types of birth control because that go against Green’s religious beliefs.

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President Obama suffered a security breach at a Marriott hotel gym in Poland after video of him working out emerged and his personnel have no idea who did it.

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Welles Crowther, the man in the red bandana, saved at least a dozen lives on 9/11 but lost his own. President Obama paid tribute to him at the opening of the 9/11 museum.

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