The NHL star boyfriend of TV sportscaster and ‘Dancing With The Stars’ co-host Erin Andrews was arrested on Friday on suspicion of possessing cocaine and Ecstasy at a Las Vegas casino swimming pool.

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The Chiefs wide receiver was arrested early on Tuesday, November 12, charged with possession of weed and speeding.

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It turns out it’s not legal everywhere.

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Utah man Curtis Clark Green pleaded guilty in a Baltimore court for drug conspiracy for his involvement in the operation of Silk Road, the Internet drug market.

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has refused to resign from office after he admitted smoking crack cocaine while drunk.

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Weeks after doctors believed the drug had arrived in Arizona, cases are popping up in Illinois.

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Lamar Odom’s drug tests have been leaked. Read on to find out what the results were.

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The 49ers Linebacker has been out of commission all season due to a pending drug charge as well.

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Promescent is the new FDA approved spray that claims to prevent premature ejaculation. Do you need it?

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In the largest seizure of Bitcoin assets in history, the government has shut down an online market that sold drugs and illegal services.

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Five ex-soldiers, including ex-U.S. Army sergeant Joseph “Rambo” Hunter, were arrested amid an alleged conspiracy to kill a DEA agent and an informant.

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Miley Cyrus recently stated in an interview that she loves the drugs Molly and marijuana, but she hates cocaine (coke). Read everything she said right here.

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Here are the five most revolting videos of people taking and suffering from krokodil, the Russian flesh-eating drug.

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Here are the most disgusting photos of the effects of krokodil, the flesh-rotting drug that rocked Russia and has just arrived in the United States.

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Doctors in Arizona say that Krokodil, an injected drug popular in Russia, has made it to the United States. The drug is known to rot people’s flesh.

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Zac Efron allegedly collapsed from a “hillbilly heroin” overdose, using oxycodone. Read on for details.

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