Melissa McCarthy hosted SNL for the fifth time tonight. Check out her best skits of the evening here.

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A promo for tonight’s episode of SNL shows Melissa McCarthy transforming into Sean Spicer to the tune of West Side Story’s “I Feel Pretty”.

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Spicey is back! Melissa McCarthy was spotted filming a pre-taped ‘Saturday Night Live’ segment, driving Sean Spicer’s podium around New York City.

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Social media users have been clamoring for actress Melissa McCarthy to play Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Saturday Night Live.

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Nobodies is the new TV Land sitcom produced by Melissa McCarthy, who also guest stars. Meet the real stars of the new show.

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Nobodies, a new TV Land series produced by Melissa McCarthy, debuts on TV Land tonight. Find out when the first episode starts and watch the trailer.

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After starring in one of the funniest Saturday Night Live sketches in years, Melissa McCarthy returned to play Donald Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer tonight.

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Melissa McCarthy is featured in Kia’s 2017 Super Bowl Ad. Watch the full-length commercial for the car company here.

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Watch the preview of Melissa McCarthy running in the hysterical commercial teaser for Kia’s Super Bowl ad.

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Ghostbusters is set to release this weekend, starring Melissa McCarthy. Ben Falcone, McCarthy’s husband, has actually directed her in a couple of movies.

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Paul Feig is the director of the new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie and has found success with his work on television and the hit ‘Bridesmaids.’

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Watch the funniest videos of the week with news bloopers, an unaired ‘SNL’ clip, some tight pants, & a hilarious campaign video. Check out the best funny clips here!

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Who is Melissa McCarthy married to? Get the details and best pics of McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone here.

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Melissa McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone, co-wrote the new hit comedy Tammy, which hits theaters this week. Find out more about the dynamic duo.

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The amazing Melissa McCarthy brought her hilarious talent to the SNL set last night. Check out her awesome opening monologue.

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Check out this Live Blog during the Emmy Nominations for Up-To-The Minute Updates on Homeland, Mad Men, 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, and Netflix domination!

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