Steven Mnuchin, a Wall Street banker who has donated to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, has been named Donald Trump’s national finance chairman.

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Bernie Sanders beats Trump by higher margins than Clinton in every poll. Here’s why he might be a stronger candidate for the Democratic party.

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This Vegas model and actress said in an explosive interview that she had a 10-month affair with a Fox News reporter.

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A married Fox News reporter has been yanked off the air after a Las Vegas hostess revealed their steamy 10-month affair.

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Shirley Henry, an editor for NPR, is the wife of Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry, who was taken off the air after a report that he cheated on her.

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Sanders got a mixed bag of results from his Indiana win.

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Cruz has gone back and forth about the issue.

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Clinton beats Trump if the election were held today.

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Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign to win the GOP nomination. Find out what happens next in Republican race.

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Hundreds of voters protested the New York primary and shared their stories during a Board of Elections hearing. See their stories and videos of the protest.

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Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich head to Nebraska next on the campaign trail. Find out the latest details on the upcoming Republican primary.

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Find out all the details on the latest West Virginia Democratic polling numbers. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton head to West Virginia in two weeks.

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Find out all the details on the latest California Republican polling numbers where Donald Trump leads Ted Cruz.

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Clinton leads significantly delegates, but the race is closer before accounting for superdelegates.

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Donald Trump today piggybacked on a tabloid report that tied rival Ted Cruz’s dad to the assassination of JFK.

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The former Secretary of State is expected to take Indiana.

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