Pope Francis and President Donald Trump both released statements on the Coptic church bombing in Tanta and Alexandria, Egypt. ISIS has claimed responsibility.

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Santos Colon, 17, pleaded guilty as an adult in plot to hire a sniper to shoot the pope, as well as set off explosive devices, during the pope’s 2015.

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Watch the canonization and sainthood ceremonies for Mother Teresa live via online video from the Vatican.

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The Mother Teresa ‘Do it Anyway’ poem is much beloved. However, she did not write it herself.

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Mother Teresa is being canonized by Pope Francis as a result of performing two miracles, on Monica Besra and Marcilio Andrino.

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Pope Francis recently told journalists that the world is at war, but that it wasn’t a religious one. However, in the most recent issue of the Islamic State “Dabiq” magazine, ISIS said, “This is a divinely-warranted war between the Muslim nation and the nations of disbelief.”

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Pope Francis visited the Auschwitz Nazi Concentration Camp on July 29. He is in Poland for World Youth Day.

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Elizabeth Hasselblad was officially named a saint by Pope Francis on Sunday. She was one of two saints canonized this weekend.

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Holy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper, when Jesus had his last meal with his disciples. Learn more about its history in the Bible and meaning today.

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John Kasich, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush faced questions from Anderson Cooper and a South Carolina audience on CNN. Read our recap, then vote for your favorite in our poll.

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Today Pope Francis suggested that Donald Trump was “not Christian,” citing the Republican presidential candidate’s desire to deport Mexicans and build a wall.

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A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State about terrorist training camps in Dijla, Iraq ends with a message to President Obama about Pope Francis’ visit.

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Pope Francis met secretly with Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, thanking her for her “courage” and telling her to “stay strong,” Davis’ attorneys say.

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Pope Francis is addressing the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. Find out how to watch the coverage online via live stream, plus the TV channels it’s on.

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How do you watch the Papal Mass at Madison Square Garden? Read on for details on Pope Francis’ Mass, TV channel times, ticket info, and the Mass schedule.

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Pope Francis visits St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. Check out how to watch the live stream of the event online. Get the times & TV channels to see as well.

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