Phil Stair, a government official with Land Bank, resigned after an activist allegedly captured him on audio using the “n word” racial slur to refer to blacks.

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Nooses and rope were found in Washington D.C. at a national Smithsonian African-American history museum, Martin Luther King Jr. statue, and other locations.

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Bill Maher caused outrage when he used the “n-word” during his HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher. It’s not the first time he’s made a controversial statement.

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Video shows that Bill Maher used the “N word” racial slur on television during a conversation with Sen. Ben Sasse.

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Sports journalist Jason Whitlock has caused controversy with his comments about LeBron James and the role that wealth plays in racism. Learn more about Whitlock here.

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LeBron James’ home in Los Angeles was reportedly the target of vandalism. The perpetrator sprayed the n-word on the front gate of his home. Watch his response.

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A video shows a white woman at an Arkansas Wal-Mart telling a Latina woman to leave the country before calling another shopper the n-word. Watch the full video.

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A white woman in Manassas, Virginia was on her cell phone in a mall seeking help finding another store when a Hispanic man offers help. She racially attacks him and complains that he speaks Spanish.

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A man named Michael, who is wheelchair bound, cussed out and attacked a Hispanic man for speaking Spanish to his mother on the phone in an airport. The man then makes racist remarks.

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Racist texts an Arkansas teen got from her father for going to prom with a black man have gone viral. The father threatened to disown his daughter, Anna Hayes.

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A beauty pageant winner from the University of Texas is catching major heat on social media for “not being black enough.”

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United Airlines is taking a beating on social media following a disturbing video showing an Asian doctor named David Dao being violently removed from a plane from Chicago to Louisville before takeoff at O’Hare International Airport.

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Hasel Afshar of Troutdale, Oregon had his home broken into and vandalized with anti-Islamic graffiti while he was away for 3-days. Afshar is Iranian but is not a Muslim.

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David Small, a private investigator, appears to have attended a stranger’s funeral service. He got up to make derogatory remarks about Chinese people following the eulogy by the woman’s son, Adrian Wong.

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A man in Singapore waiting to get cash from an ATM lost his temper at a woman in a hijab he accused of being a foreigner. Oddly, the man sounds like C-3PO voice actor Anthony Daniels.

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Benjamin McDowell, a 29-year-old South Carolina man with white supremacist ties, has been accused of planning an attack “in the spirit of Dylann Roof”

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