Jennifer Boyle, a human resources professional for Sinai in Chicago, is accused of being the woman who went on an alleged racist rant at Michael’s. She also went on a rant at a Peet’s.

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A woman calling herself a Donald Trump voter went on a “racist” rant directed at Michaels store employees in Chicago, a witness says. Watch the video here.

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Will Sims, a pianist and musician from Richmond, California, was beaten and shot in what police say was a hate crime. Daniel Porter-Kelly is accused of the murder.

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After a 15-year-old black teenager was shot dead, the white suspect allegedly said that he got “another piece of trash off the street.”

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A University of Kansas cheerleader says she’s “appalled” after a racist Snapchat was sent from her phone.

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A University of Kansas cheerleader has been suspended from the cheer squad after she was accused of sending a racist Snapchat.

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A white teacher at Harlem Park school in Baltimore was fired after she was caught on video berating black students, including calling them the n-word.

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Stephen “Steve” Bannon has been accused of racism and white nationalism, in part because of his work for the site Breitbart. Donald Trump has named him a top adviser.

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Philadelphia police have released video of the man they say is responsible for putting pro Trump and racist graffiti on cars and houses in Pennsylvania.

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A black church in Mississippi was burned and vandalized, with the words “Vote Trump” written on its side.

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Independent candidate Evan McMullin has been the target of smears from a white nationalist in a pro-Trump robocall in Utah, which McMullin has a chance of winning.

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A sophomore at the University of Central Arkansas was kicked out of his fraternity after wearing black face as part of a Bill Cosby costume and posting a photo of it on Instagram.

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A woman who used the n-word at least 12 times during a racist attack on a Chicago couple has been charged with a hate crime.

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Donald Trump supporting Twitterers have come out with a chart with “code words” for racial epithets to avoid account suspension. Multiple Twitter users are now using the replacement words.

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International terrorism watchdog group Site Intel is reporting that Islamists on Telegram channels are calling for a race war in the United States after the recent police shootings of Keith Lamont Scott and Terence Crutcher.

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A self-proclaimed white supremacist stabbed an interracial couple in Olympia, Washington before saying he wanted to go to a Donald Trump rally, police say.

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