Aunt Viv thinks that Will Smith’s wife needs to concentrate on more important racial matters than the Oscars.

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In a new propaganda video purportedly released by the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Shabaab, a clip of a recent speech by Donald Trump is used to highlight American racism.

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A third Missouri teen has been charged with threatening a school shooting in a post on the social media app Yik Yak, police say.

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A police report shows that an officer and Residential Life staff saw a swastika made out of feces found at the University of Missouri in a dorm bathroom.

2 months ago 11 Comments

A freshman fraternity member at Northwest Missouri State University is accused of threatening on social media to shoot black students, police say.

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Two white supremacists have been arrested in Virginia after they planned to start a “race war,” according to the FBI.

3 months ago 9 Comments

Two Massachusetts teenagers are accused of vandalizing a mosque by writing “USA” all over it.

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The mayor of a city in Florida has been named on a list of people that hacktivist group anonymous claims are associated with the Ku Klux Klan.

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A white marketing firm employee has been fired, two weeks after he posted a photo of a black co-worker’s son to Facebook.

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The football captain of Pace University in New York has been suspended after a photo emerged of him doing a Nazi salute while wearing a Confederate flag.

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Are Cecile Barker and his rapper son, Stacks, the “f**king ni**gers” that Hulk Hogan talked about in his racist video?

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Paul Davis is a Caucasian man who lives in an apartment in Tampa, Florida. His downstairs neighbor, an African-American woman, thinks he walks too loud.

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Harper Lee’s sequel to her 1960 literary classic “To Kill a Mockingbird” came out today, but what does the title mean?

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South Carolina lawmakers voted to take down the Confederate battle flag from outside the state capitol in Columbia. But when will it actually come down?

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Bree Newsome was arrested after climbing the flag pole outside the Columbia, South Carolina, statehouse to remove the Confederate flag in protest.

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Dylann Roof has not received $4 million in donations for his legal defense fund, despite a rumor started by a fake news website and spread on social media.

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