NASA’s OSIRIS-REx is launching for asteroid Bennu tonight. You can watch the launch on live stream right here.

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Watch NASA’s Juno spacecraft arrive at Jupiter via these live streams, as it happens, for free online. See DSN antenna responses and watch simulators too.

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Mars will be at its closest point to the Earth tonight. You can view the planet on an online livestream in this article.

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These are photos of Mercury crossing and passing over the Sun, a rare event that last occurred a decade ago. These are the best photos of Mercury’s transit.

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Watch Mercury cross in front of the sun online live, right here. Watch NASA’s and five other livestreams, including videos from other countries, all day.

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These are videos of the stunning total solar eclipse on March 8, 2016. The next total eclipse won’t be until August 2017.

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A stunning solar eclipse was seen in parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Australia, and other regions today. These are photos of the total and partial eclipse.

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Tonight’s total eclipse of the sun won’t be viewable in the U.S. When is the next total solar eclipse that you can see in the United States? Is it far away?

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Tonight is a rare total solar eclipse. Watch three free livestreams of the eclipse and find out what time this year’s only total eclipse of the sun begins.

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These are the best Twitter and Instagram photos from Astronaut Scott Kelly’s year in space. Stunning photos show the immensity of our universe.

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Astronaut Scott Kelly returns after a year in space. Find out more about his mission, little-known facts about his year, and what we’ll learn from his trip.

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Watch the livestream of astronaut Scott Kelly returning to Earth after spending a year in space.

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Apollo 10 astronauts heard strange music on the other side of the moon. But the explanation isn’t so mysterious. Find out what they heard and listen to it.

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These are photos of Albert Einstein and his journey with the General Theory of Relativity, which predicted gravitational waves.

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What are gravitational waves? How does LIGO detect them? This video about gravitational waves by PHD Comics will answer your questions.

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Astronaut Edgar Mitchell believed aliens and UFOs were real and part of a huge coverup. Did he ever see aliens? What did he say publicly?

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