WATCH: Meteors Appear to Explode Over Dallas, Texas, & Norway [VIDEOS]

dallas meteor videos

Facebook A meteor seen in Dallas and shared in videos on Facebook.

Many residents in Texas, including in the Dallas region, saw what appeared to be a giant meteor exploding over the night sky on Sunday, July 25. Meanwhile, a large meteor was also seen over Norway, with videos circulating on social media. Some people in Texas said they initially thought they might have been seeing a comet or a UFO, but many sources are now saying it was likely a meteor or meteorite. Multiple videos are circulating showing what residents saw lighting up the night sky in both Texas and Norway.

Residents Shared Videos of What Looked Like a Meteor Over Dallas

As of the time of this article’s publication, there was not yet an official confirmation of what was seen in the sky. CBS DFW reported that it was an “alleged meteor.” In online discussion groups, some people wondered if it might have been space junk burning up in the sky. The video above was taken from a Tesla dashcam while the driver was on 635 and later shared by Dallas Texas TV.

This next video was shared by CBS DFW:

Julie Bandy of Carthage, Texas, sent this next Ring video to Doug Warner of KSLA. Her video recorded the meteor around 9 p.m. Central and she said that her camera was facing north. Warner commented that he was hearing reports of people seeing it in Lousiana and Oklahoma too.

Zachary Hall, an Arkansas storm tracker, shared this next video on Facebook, referring to the object as a meteor.

Meteorologist Shel Winkley of KBTX shared this security cam video from the Brazos Valley on Facebook, shown below.

This next video was shared from a home in Bullard, Texas.

In one online discussion group, one person commented that they heard a loud boom over Lubbock that no one could explain. Another person wrote that it was so bright in Frisco, they thought it might have landed in Dallas. Another person near Kerrville, Texas, reported seeing the meteor too.

Texas Storm Chasers Referred to the Object as a Meteorite

Although many local media sources said the object had not been officially identified as of the time of this article’s publication, Texas Storm Chasers was reporting that the object was a meteorite. Texas Storm Chasers also noted that some people even heard a boom as it passed over parts of Texas and Oklahoma.

Lonestar Storm Chasers shared on Sunday night: “Rockwall Emergency vehicles are en route to the FM-551 area where the meteorite may have possibly landed. This is NOT CONFIRMED to have hit earths land. If we receive any details, we will post them on this post.”

However, Northeast Texas Storm Chasers reported that the Rockwall rumor was not accurate, writing: “Update 10:15pm. The pictures roaming showing the crash site is FALSE. It’s daylight in the picture. The possible landing out of Rockwall has been confirmed False as well but still a beautiful sight.”

DFW SkyWatchers tweeted: “Luckily, it burned up in our atmosphere before landing. I’m guessing it was space junk or a disassembled satellite re-entering the atmosphere, but it may have also been a Perseid meteor!”

This video was seen over the DFW Metro, caught by EarthCam.

A Meteor Was Also Reported Over Norway

Videos were also circulating of a large meteor reported in Norway.

The Guardian reported on YouTube: “An ‘unusually large’ meteor briefly lit up southern Norway on Sunday, as it sped at up to 20km per second across the morning sky. Reports of sightings started at around 1am, with sightings of the phenomenon recorded as far north as Trondheim. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.”

On Twitter one person commented: “So there was a large meteor seen in Texas AND Norway?”

Another Meteor Was Seen in the South Carolina Region

Another meteor was seen in the South Carolina region, reported meteorologist David Finfrock. It was seen around 10:11 p.m. Central.

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