New On Netflix: Carrie

The 2002 TV movie adaptation of Stephen King’s first novel starring Angela Bettis and Patricia Clarkson isn’t so much disastrous as it is just pointless.

New On Netflix: The Dark Half

Stephen King and George Romero deliver an entertaining piece of self-congratulatory meta-horror featuring a terrific dual performance by Timothy Hutton.

Best Of Netflix: End Of Days

With the closing of the year comes the end of all things. Here are some movies available on Netflix that won’t exactly fill you with a sense of hope and warmth for the future… but they’re still pretty awesome.

New On Netflix: Creepshow 2

As tired as the original Creepshow was inspired, Creepshow 2 compiles the tales of a vengeful wooden Indian, a water-dwelling black blob and a resurrected hitchhiker.

Best Of Netflix: Alien Abductions

Whether you believe in little green (or grey) men or think we’re definitely all alone out here in the universe, these alien abduction movies will have you looking up at the night sky with a little more fascination – and caution.

Best of Netflix: Stay Out Of The Air

We recently told you to stay out of the water, ’cause there might be sharks or aliens or piranhas or Dustin Hoffman down there. Now we’re saying it might be a good idea to stay out of the air, too, because a little gremlin or Pac-Man-ish monsters or bad jokes or Bruce Payne might be lurking.