A viral video on Twitter shows a naked child, stated to be of the Burma Rohingya Muslim minority group, being repeatedly tasered by an alleged Buddhist Burmese soldier. Burma is also known as Myanmar.

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A woman calling herself a Donald Trump voter went on a “racist” rant directed at Michaels store employees in Chicago, a witness says. Watch the video here.

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Delta has apologized and says it should have removed a Donald Trump supporter from a flight after he went on a disruptive rant. Watch the video here.

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The death of Fidel Castro was celebrated in Miami and Little Havana. Watch video. Meanwhile, people mocked NBC’s Andrea Mitchell for appearing to almost cry.

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San Antonio Police have released surveillance video showing the suspect in the shooting of Detective Benjamin Marconi, who was killed Sunday during a traffic stop.

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A white teacher at Harlem Park school in Baltimore was fired after she was caught on video berating black students, including calling them the n-word.

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Asher Woodworth, of Portland, Maine, dressed as a tree and blocked traffic before police led him away. See photos and video.

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A woman who used the n-word at least 12 times during a racist attack on a Chicago couple has been charged with a hate crime.

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First Lady Michelle Obama addressed the sexual assault accusations made against Donald Trump during a Hillary Clinton rally in New Hampshire. Watch here.

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Body camera video from the fatal shooting of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis by Louisiana officers Norris Greenhouse and Derrick Stafford has been released. Watch the full video here.

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See videos and photos from the armored truck police response against the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. Protesters are decrying the militarized response and arrests.

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Justin Carr, a Charlotte riots protester, was shot and killed, police say, by another protester. See video. Warning: Graphic.

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Lyric Scott, a woman who says her father was fatally shot by police in Charlotte, North Carolina, is streaming live on Facebook at the scene. Watch here.

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A video shows the moment a bomb exploded at a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey, while it was being investigated by a robot. No one was injured.

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Miracle Mattress, a store in San Antonio, Texas, has apologized after posting an offensive commercial for its “9/11 Twin Towers Sale.” Watch the ad video here.

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Patty Wetterling gave a heart-wrenching and emotional statement on video after Danny James Heinrich confessed to murdering her son Jacob Wetterling.

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