Police in North Carolina are investigating a Facebook video showing a man dumping a pot of boiling water on a cat, causing the wounded animal to cry out in pain.

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Martin Shkreli refused to answer questions, invoking his Fifth Amendment rights, during a Congressional hearing. Watch video of his appearance here.

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A man driving a pickup truck pointed a gun at a biker during a wild road rage incident in Nevada. The biker posted video of the incident to Youtube.

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The FBI has released video shot from an airplane showing the fatal shooting of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon. Watch it here.

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The NYPD released a video showing five men suspected in the brutal gang rape of an 18-year-old girl in a Brooklyn park. Watch the video here.

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Maine Governor Paul LePage is facing criticism after making comments about drug dealers coming to his state and impregnating “young white” girls.

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A 41-year-old career criminal has been charged with felony assault in the random slashing of a woman who was walking to work in Manhattan.

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Jerry Devine, the coach of the Neshaminy High School boys basketball team, appears to headbutt a referee during a game in Pennsylvania.

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A video appears to show Jerry Devine, the Neshaminy High School basketball coach, headbutt a referee during a game in Pennsylvania Tuesday night. Watch it here.

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President Barack Obama gave an emotional speech on gun control today, announcing new executive orders he will issue. Watch video of the full speech here.

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The NTSB has released underwater video showing the wreckage of the container ship El Faro. The ship sunk near the Bahamas in October during Hurricane Joaquin.

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Bill Cosby briefly appeared at a courthouse in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday to face charges of aggravated indecent assault. See video here.

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Boxer Mike Tyson tried to take his daughter’s new “hoverboard” out for a spin, but it didn’t end well. Watch the retired boxer’s hoverboard fail here.

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CNN anchor Poppy Harlow, who is pregnant, had a scare Monday morning when she passed out while live on the air. Watch video here.

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A large tornado caused severe damage in the northern Mississippi city of Holly Springs, killing a 7-year-old child and injuring several others people. See videos here.

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Black Lives Matter protesters have gathered at the Mall of America in Minnesota. Watch a live stream here.

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