Super Straight Movement Flag Video Hits TikTok, Draws Criticism

super straight flag

TikTok The man who made the super straight flag

What is the super straight movement flag? It’s a trend that started on TikTok, whereby people declare that they are “super straight” – attracted only to cisgender men or women. The man who started the trend in a video even made a black and orange “flag.”

People are debating the term on Twitter using the #superstraight to talk about the new “movement.” Some people are criticizing the use of the term because they believe it mocks the LGBTQ community, specifically transgender people, since the original user added a commentary saying he wouldn’t date trans women.

“I’m a little late to find out about the #superstraight nonsense. It just feels like they’re doing this to mock the struggles of LGBT+ people. I hope this sh** goes away because honestly it’s really f***ing stupid,” wrote one of the many critics on Twitter. Some people made mocking versions of the so-called flag.

The LGBTA Wiki wrote, “While some cisgender individuals who identify with this term are supportive of transgender individuals, it is still not appropriate to use this term, as it has been overtaken by exclusionists and TERFS. It is also unneeded, as having a preference for cisgender people does not require a label.” Critics of the term say that cisgender people don’t face discrimination in society and, thus, don’t need a label.

That didn’t stop the trend from spreading. Another person wrote, “I am coming out of the closet as Super Straight! More than 40 years and counting. #superstraight.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Original TikTok User Has Removed His Video, in Which He Claimed That He ‘Made a New Sexuality’

According to HITC, the super straight flag trend started with a TikTok video posted by TikTok user Kyle Royce, who has since removed it. However, the video was preserved on Twitter.

‘Yo guys I made a new sexuality now actually. It’s called super straight. Straight men such as myself get called transphobic because I wouldn’t date a trans women,” he said in the video.

He said he wouldn’t date a trans woman because he doesn’t consider them to be real women. “So now I’m super straight. I only date the opposite gender. Women that are born a woman. So now you can’t say I’m transphobic. That’s just my sexuality you know,” he said.

Then he recorded another video that says “super straight’s official flag: let our voices be heard.” It contains a flag that is black and orange.

The Super Straight Terminology Has Drawn Criticism on Twitter From Those Who Believe it Mocks the LGBTQ Community

The reaction on Twitter varied, but many people criticized the term. Others tried to further its use. Here are some of the comments:

“I’m SUPER STRAIGHT and proud.”

“no joke seeing this super straight BS pop up on tik tok confirms just that there are so many insecure people that need to express how SUPER NOT GAY THEY ARE…..dude if you have to create a flag and title to tell us your SUPER straight, you might need to telehealth a therapist.”

“Straight people are not oppressed. Straight people don’t get yelled at in the street for kissing someone they love. Straight people don’t have negative names given to them for being straight.”

“How does it invalidate the trans community when trans people can be #superstraight too?”

“hope y’all realise y’all look like a clowns to the REAL members of the lgbTq+ community im just sayin

“Being #SuperStraight is not a mockery of the LGBTQ community. We have love for every community. Our only wish is to not be hated, targeted, and to be accepted by everyone in society. That’s why we will not stop, can not stop till this is a global movement.”

“If youre all for being #superstraight or #supergay etc thats totally fine, but these interactions are turning more hateful towards trans ppl now.”

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