Conservative Activists Jacob Wohl & Jack Burkman Charged With Felony Voter Suppression

Jacob Wohl

Getty/Michael M. Santiago Conservative activists Jacob Wohl (pictured) and Jack Burkman were charged with felony voter suppression in Michigan on Thursday.

Jacob Wohl, 22, and Jack Burkman, 54, a pair of conservative activists infamous for their easily-debunked fraudulent charges against high-profile Democrats, were charged Thursday with felony voter suppression, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced.

According to Nessel, Wohl and Burkman initiated a series of robocalls that were intended to suppress the vote in targeted urban areas, including Detroit. The calls went to almost 12,000 citizens, according to Nessel’s statement.

They both face four felony charges, which could carry a total of up to 24 years in prison.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Robocalls Tried to Convince Voters That Mail-In Ballots Could Be Used to Track Them for Old Warrants, Credit Card Debts & Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines

Jack Burkman

Twitter/Jack BurkmanJack Burkman was charged, along with Jacon Wohl, with felony voter suppression.

According to Nessel’s statement, a state investigation into the robocalls began in August, when reports of them first surfaced. In the calls, the caller would warn voters that if they used mail-in voting, their information would go to a database used by police, as well as credit card companies, and could lead to old warrants being enforced and debts being collected. The same database, the caller claimed, may lead to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to tracking them down and forcing a COVID-19 vaccine on them.

“Any effort to interfere with, intimidate or intentionally mislead Michigan voters will be met with swift and severe consequences,” Nessel said. “This effort specifically targeted minority voters in an attempt to deter them from voting in the November election. We’re all well aware of the frustrations caused by the millions of nuisance robocalls flooding our cell phones and landlines each day, but this particular message poses grave consequences for our democracy and the principles upon which it was built. Michigan voters are entitled to a full, free and fair election in November and my office will not hesitate to pursue those who jeopardize that.”

You can listen to a recording of one of the calls below:

Example of false information being used to suppress voting in DetroitIf you see or hear possible election misinformation, please contact the Michigan Department of State's Bureau of Elections to report it. Call 517-335-3234, email or send a private message to one of our official social media accounts. Let’s all work together to keep our elections secure and protect our democracy.2020-08-27T15:59:10Z

They were each charged with intimidating voters, conspiracy to commit an election law violation, using a computer to intimidate voters contrary to election law and using a computer to commit the crime of conspiracy. Both face up to 24 years on the charges, Nessel said.

They have not been extradited to Michigan yet, and will have a chance to formally present themselves to state law enforcement, according to the statement.

Wohl Are Infamous for Announcing Easily Disproved ‘Bombshell Evidence’ of Sexual Misconduct Against High-Profile Democrats Like Elizabeth Warren & Even Former FBI Director Robert Mueller

Since at least 2018, Wohl and Burkman have targeted high-profile Democrats, or perceived enemies of the right, for smears that usually involved sexual misconduct, The Cut reported. Among their targets have been Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Dr. Anthony Fauci and even former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who served as special counsel in the probe of President Donald Trump’s campaign team’s ties to Russia.

In 2018, when the pair announced a news conference to announce they had a woman who was coming forward with allegations Robert Mueller sexually assaulted her back in 2010, not only did the woman not appear at the news conference, but Burkman spoke with his zipper obviously down.

Almost every aspect of the hoax collapsed easily, Right Wing Watch reported. Mueller was recorded as serving on jury duty in a different city on the night the sexual assault allegedly occurred. Also, the private investigation service the pair claimed uncovered the assault, Surefire Intelligence, was easily traced back to Wohl, Bellingcat first reported. Photos of so-called employees of Surefire were found to be stock photos or, in some instances, celebrity photos.

Heavy was unable to reach Wohl or Burkman for comment on the voter suppression charges. Burkman, however, told The Daily Beast that he was not involved: “No one in their right mind would put their own cell on a robocall,” he said.

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