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7 Best Jogging Strollers: Which Is Right For You?

jogging stroller

Jogging strollers aren’t just for marathon runners. The best jogging strollers are also perfect for walking on all kinds of terrain, including trails, dirt roads, sand — even snow.

Read on to discover the best jogging stroller for your active lifestyle.

What Are the Best Jogging Strollers for Active Parents?

bo revolution se stroller, jogging stroller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • BOB jogging stollers are widely considered the best of the best
  • Durable, easy to use, and safe
  • Designed for a comfortable ride on any kind of terrain (like hiking trails), thanks to shocks, supension, and more
Price: $549.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
BOB Gear Rambler Jogging Stroller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Like all BOB jogging strollers, it has an awesome suspension system, creating a comfortable ride on any terrain
  • Air-filled tires can navigate rough terrain, like hiking trails
  • Cheaper than other BOB jogging strollers
Price: $427.49 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
chicco tre stroller, jogging stroller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Unlike most jogging strollers, it has pneumatic tires, which won't pop (Most jogging strollers have air-filled tires instead)
  • Has hand brake, which is a great safety feature for descending steep hills
  • Works with Chicco's infant carseats, for jogging stroller travel system
Price: $677.50 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Baby Jogger Summit X3 jogging stroller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Easy and fast one step folding
  • Light weight
  • Smooth ride
Price: $499.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Phantom, 50 Pounds , best jogging stroller, baby stroller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Strong steel frame
  • Includes parent/child tray
  • Less expensive price point
Price: $149.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
joovy zoom 360, jogging stroller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Stylish and modern
  • Lightweight option
  • Can use car seat adapter for infants
Price: $289.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
chicco activ3, jogging stroller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • One-touch fold
  • Tires designed to never go flat
  • Adjustable suspension
Price: $526.76 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Best for Rugged Terrain: BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller

    • BOB jogging stollers are widely considered the best of the best
    • Durable, easy to use, and safe
    • Lunar reflective fabric for added visibility in low light
    • Suspension system keeps child comfortable on bumpy terrain (like dirt roads)
    • Works with Britax and other popular infant car seats, as part of jogging stroller travel system
    • Bob jogging strollers are more expensive than most other options
    • Car seat adapter and organization accessories are sold separately
    • Does NOT have the hand brakes (for braking on steep downhill sections) that come with the BOB Allterrain Pro

    The BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller is one of the best jogging strollers for parents who like to take their children on more rugged terrain, like hiking trails.

    It has air-filled tires (a must for all-terrain strollers), and a suspension system to keep your little one comfortable on bumpy terrain.

    BOB jogging strollers are more expensive than many other strollers brands, but they’re the top of the line — particularly when it comes to jogging strollers and all-terrain strollers.

    And they’re built to last. Many reviewers mention using their Bob stroller for years (and through having multiple children), without noticing any wear and tear on the stroller. These strollers might cost a bit more upfront, but they really stand the test of time.

    The Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller stroller has front-wheel pivots for low speeds (like cruising around on a beach), but you can lock the front wheel if you’re traveling at a higher speed (like if you’re actually jogging). This will create more stability at higher speeds, but help you navigate with ease at lower speeds.

    You can even customize the adjustable suspension system for the type of terrain you’re traveling.

    Your child will be comfortable in the roomy seat, which has a five-point harness. The canopy can be adjusted between multiple positions to keep your little one out of the elements.

    The quick-engage rear brake system can be activated with one foot, if you need to park the stroller in a hurry. This helps improve safety on rugged terrain.

    The frame is easy to fold and pack in your car.

    It’s also really easy to use this BOB jogging stroller as part of a complete baby travel system. In fact, Britax, one of the safest car seat brands, even designed an infant car seat to use specifically with BOB jogging strollers like this.

  2. 2. BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller

    • Like all BOB jogging strollers, it has an awesome suspension system, creating a comfortable ride on any terrain
    • Air-filled tires can navigate rough terrain, like hiking trails
    • Cheaper than other BOB jogging strollers
    • Slightly less storage than the more expensive BOB jogging strollers
    • Slightly shorter seat might not be ideal for taller children, according to a couple reviewers
    • Accessories have to be purchased separately
    • Adapter sold separately (if you want this as part of jogging stroller travel system)

    The BOB Gear Rambler Jogging Stroller stands out because it’s one of the more affordable BOB jogging strollers available.

    Of course, BOB jogging strollers are still more expensive than most other brands of jogging strollers. But they’re built to provide a smooth, comfortable ride on the roughest terrain, and to handle with ease.

    Compared to the more expensive BOB jogging strollers (ie. the BOB Allterrain models), the Rambler has a 2-step fold system, instead of the slightly-easier, one-step fold system you get with the pricier BOB models.

    And the cargo basked is a little smaller than the other BOB jogging strollers.

    But it is significantly cheaper than the other BOB models.

    And it still comes with a suspension system to keep your little one comfortable while traveling over roots, rocks, and pebbles. And it still fits children up to 75 pounds, and comes with air-filled tires. (Air-filled tires are found on most jogging strollers, and they’re a must for off-road terrain.)

    Like all BOB jogging strollers, this can become one of the best jogging stroller travel systems, too. (You can pair it with infant car seats from many popular brands.)

    This popular, durable jogging stroller should last you for years to come — and keep your little one safe and happy on all your outdoor adventures.

  3. 3. Best for Jogging on Steep Roads: Chicco TRE Performance Jogging Stroller

    • Easy one handed fold, stands on its own while folded
    • Lightweight aluminium frame
    • Connects with Chicco car seats for a travel system
    • Fits children up to 55 pounds (slightly larger than most comparable models, which are only advised for kids up to 50 pounds)
    • Pneumatic tires don't pop, because they're filled with foam, not air (Most jogging strollers have air-filled tires)
    • Has had brakes, which can be great if you're descending steep hills
    • More affordable than other jogging strollers with hand brakes (a less common feature)
    • Relatively heavy at 28.5 lbs
    • Does not have an extra large sun canopy
    • Pneumatic tires, which don't provide as smooth of a ride (more designed for smooth pavement, not off-road terrain)

    The Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller stands out because it works with any Chicco Keyfit or Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seats, making it ideal for one of the best baby travel systems.

    This stroller has pneumatic tires, with a 12-inch front wheel. and 16-inch rear spoked wheels.

    Pneumatic tires are filled with foam, instead of air. This means you won’t have to worry about getting a flat (which can be a big hassle, if you’re far from home).

    But pneumatic tires don’t provide quite as smooth of a ride for your child, if you’re traversing bumpy terrain. So if you’re planning to take your jogging stroller on all sorts of terrain (like hiking trails or gravel roads), this probably isn’t the right stroller for you.

    This stroller has a unique “control console” at your fingertips. This model even includes hand brakes, which can come in handy if you’re going down a steep hill.

    It’s not easy to find jogging strollers with hand brakes. The only other model we’ve seen that includes a hand brake is the BOB All-Terrain Pro, which is much more expensive than this Chicco stroller.

    If you like to jog mostly on pavement, but you live in a steep, hilly area, this is the perfect stroller for you.

  4. 4. Baby Jogger Summit X3

    • Easy and fast one step folding
    • Extra light weight and does not take up a lot of storage space
    • Suspension system makes for a very smooth ride
    • Air filled tires can be punctured or go flat
    • Does not come with organization accessories
    • Storage basket underneath is relatively small

    Baby Jogger is known for the the smooth ride and solid construction on their jogging strollers. The Summit X3 is their latest model jogging stroller, featuring air-filled tires and all wheel suspension for an extra smooth ride. The wheels are quick-release for storage, and are extra large at 12″ and 16″ so you can take them on any terrain. This stroller has a lockable swivel front wheel with lock control on the handlebar so you can easily switch between high and low speeds while on the go. This stroller also has a hand-operated drum brake, which is much faster acting and more effective than typical brakes, and gives you more control on rough terrain.
    Additional features include one-handed folding, a comfortable reclining seat and a UV50 canopy to protect your little one from wind and sun.

    The Summit X3 is also compatible with infant car seats using a car seat adapter (sold separately), so you can use this stroller from the day you bring baby home! You can also purchase accessories such as a child’s tray, parent’s console, or weather shield to make the ride more convenient for you and your baby.



  5. 5. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

    • Made of a super strong stainless steel frame
    • Includes parent and child tray
    • Less expensive than other models
    • Heavier than many other models
    • Must be fully reclined to fold up
    • Seating area for child is relatively small

    Here is another less expensive model from Baby Trend. It comes with all of the features you would expect in a nice jogging stroller including large air filed tires, parent tray with cup holders, front lockable swivel wheel, a reclining padded seat with five point harness, a child tray, and a large shade canopy. This stroller is made of light and durable stainless steel, so it will protect your child in any situation. It has large sized bicycle tires to effortlessly roll over any terrain, from paved roads and parking lots to city parks and dirt paths. This stroller can also convert into a travel system by locking your infant car seat into the child tray for a safe and secure ride for your little one. With an effortless one finger triggered fold, this stroller is also super easy to pack up and store away.

    You cannot beat the price on this jogging stroller from Baby Trend! Any parent on a budget will love the quality construction and great features in the Expedition stroller.


  6. 6. JOOVY Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

    • Very stylish and modern design
    • Weighs less than most other strollers at 25.7 lbs
    • You can purchase a car seat adapter to use with infants
    • More expensive than many other joggers
    • Handle bar is not adjustable
    • Air filled tires may go flat or puncture

    Joovy offers a high-end stroller that is not quite as expensive as some other models. This is a very stylish stroller, and it is the only one on the list that comes in flat color choices like the flat black pictured above. The seat is extra wide, giving your child great visibility, and there is also a multi reclining option on the seat if they fall asleep or want to lay back. The jogger comes with a parent organizer, tire pump for the air-filled tires, and a running leash. The tires are 16 inches in the rear and 12.5 in the front, and the front wheel can either swivel for low speeds or lock for jogging and running. This is a very lightweight stroller at just over 25lbs. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum and has an easy to use fold which makes it compact for storage or travel.

    One thing that makes this stroller unique is a straight-through axle that runs straighter than cheaper strollers, and a suspension system to guarantee a smooth ride even at high speeds. You can also purchase a car seat adapter to turn this into an infant stroller and travel system.

    The JOOVY Zoom is a high-end stroller at a reasonable price, and has one of the most eye-pleasing designs of any stroller on this list.




  7. 7. Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller

    • Lightweight aluminium frame with one touch folding
    • Tires are designed never to go flat
    • Adjustable suspension for a smooth ride
    • Only fits Chicco brand infant car seats
    • Not as rugged as some other jogging strollers
    • Reviewers found the parent console to be flimsy

    The Chicco Activ3 stroller is a perfect solution for parents who want a jogging stroller but will also be using it for everyday use such as running errands or taking short walks. This stroller has the same classic stroller look as four-wheeled models and does not look quite as sporty as some other jogging strollers. It is super easy to create a travel system with this stroller because it fits easily with any Chicco Key Fit or Key Fit 30 infant car seats. The fabrics on the Activ3 stroller are very stylish and made of a waterproof material that is durable and easy to clean. The stroller is constructed of lightweight aluminum and has an easy one-touch fold for quick and hassle-free transport.

    One very unique feature of this stroller is that it does not use typical air-filled tires. The tires are designed to never go flat, but offer the same smooth ride as air-filled tires. There is also an adjustable suspension that can be adjusted with a tap of your foot as you transition between rough and smooth road conditions.

    Chicco Activ3 strollers are on the lower end of the price scale, but they do not sacrifice any quality in their construction. For parents who do not want to deal with flat tires on their stroller, this is a good choice!



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