Todrick Hall Cancels All Interviews Following Backlash

Todrick Hall

CBS Todrick Hall on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

Todrick Hall came in second during the “Celebrity Big Brother” finale on February 23.

But when he and the winner, Miesha Tate, finally left the “Celebrity Big Brother” house and joined their fellow houseguests on stage, the mood wasn’t exactly celebratory.

Many of the jurors, including Teddi Mellencamp, Chris Kirkpatrick, Todd Bridges, and Shanna Moakler, made digs at Todrick as they cast their votes for Miesha to win. And they didn’t rush to congratulate or hug Todrick once they were in the same room as him.

Todrick has received criticism from his fellow houseguests and the “Celebrity Big Brother” fanbase for making personal attacks against houseguests, particularly Shanna Moakler. He also irritated people by bringing race into the game (he said of Shanna, “do you want to help some like white blonde girl get to the end?”) as well as houseguests’ families (he told Chris Kirkpatrick that his son would be disappointed by his gameplay).

After the finale, it is customary for the three finalists to do a series of press interviews. Cynthia Bailey and Miesha Tate both did interviews. But Todrick canceled all press, seemingly in the wake of the backlash against him.

Todrick Canceled Press Without Rescheduling

Shortly after the “Celebrity Big Brother” finale, it became clear that Todrick would not be doing any press. Sharon Tharp, the Managing Editor of Digital for Us Weekly tweeted, “Soooo Todrick just canceled all press interviews. And I’m not kidding.” She continued in a separate tweet, “It’s unclear at this time if they will reschedule or not.”

Todrick was unaware of how “Celebrity Big Brother” fans felt about him until after the February 23 finale. The hashtag #TodrickExposedParty is trending on Twitter. Todrick has yet to post on his Twitter or Instagram accounts since getting out of the “Celebrity Big Brother” house.

The ‘Big Brother 23’ Cast Reunited on Finale Night

Members of the “Big Brother 23” cast reunited in Los Angeles on the night of the “Celebrity Big Brother” finale.

Whitney Williams’ Instagram story showed Hannah Chaddha, Kyland Young, Derek Frazier, Britini D’Angelo, and Derek Xiao as well as Mirai Nagasu from “Celebrity Big Brother.” Hannah Chaddha also posted a picture with Chris Kattan from “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Whitney Williams previously stated on Twitter that she was thinking of canceling her trip to see the BB23 cast because she didn’t want to feel uncomfortable around Todrick after all the allegations against him. Several members of the “Big Brother 23” cast are close friends with Todrick.

But Whitney later tweeted that she spoke to her cast members and “it sounds like we’ll hardly see Todrick anyway.”

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