‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Jurors Slam Todrick Hall During Finale

Todrick Hall

CBS Todrick Hall on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

During the “Celebrity Big Brother” finale on February 23, the eight evicted houseguests became a panel of jurors and voted to crown the season’s winner.

Miesha Tate won the final Head of Household competition of the season and took her ride-or-die throughout the competition, Todrick Hall, to the final two with her. Miesha and Todrick had an opportunity to speak to the jury before the final vote, saying why they deserved to win.

Todrick talked about having a hand in every single eviction, even when he wasn’t Head of Household. During his speech, several of the jurors were visibly annoyed or angry. Teddi Mellencamp, the first evicted houseguest, shook her head. She was initially in an alliance with Todrick until he began working with Miesha instead.

Todd Bridges, who had nothing but good things to say about Todrick until he was evicted and saw clips of things Todrick had said behind his back, rolled his eyes. Chris Kirkpatrick visibly pursed his lips when Todrick mentioned not wanting to win just because he’s Black. In our exit interview with Chris, he said that Todrick made a habit of playing the victim in the game.

Shanna Moakler wouldn’t even look at the screen as Todrick spoke. Todrick has been criticized for making comments about Shanna’s clothing choices on the show. He also convinced her allies, Carson Kressley and Cynthia Bailey, to turn on her and backdoor her.

When Todrick mentioned wanting to use the prize money to make more music for his fans, both Todd and Chris rolled their eyes.

Several Jurors Called Todrick Out When They Voted

As each evicted houseguest stood up to cast their vote, many of them took the opportunity to make digs at Todrick.

“One of your favorite movies is Wizard of Oz, but you’ve forgotten that we could see behind the curtain,” Teddi Mellencamp said. In our exit interview with Teddi, she criticized Todrick for acting like he really needed the “Celebrity Big Brother” prize money and then later saying that he had considered buying a $250,000 costume for the Wizard of Oz-themed room in his house.

Chris Kirkpatrick dedicated his vote to his young son, Nash, saying that he knew his son wouldn’t want him to vote any other way. The comment was a reference to Todrick telling Chris that his son would be disappointed by his actions on “Celebrity Big Brother,” which Chris thought was a low blow.

Shanna Moakler didn’t hold back her disdain for Todrick, saying, “the one thing this vote ensures is that I will not ever have to hear your voice again.”

Todd Bridges told Todrick and Miesha that everything was okay before he watched the live feeds and made a comment about talking behind the backs of people who are already gone. After he was evicted, he told Julie Chen Moonves that he thought that Todrick had played the best game and would probably have his vote. But after seeing live feed clips and reading things online, Todd changed his mind. In our exit interview with him, he said Todrick had played “an evil game.” He ultimately voted for Miesha to win.

Lamar Odom said he had gotten a new tattoo earlier that morning and was casting his vote for the person who most closely represented the “mentality” of his tattoo. He cast his vote for Miesha.

Cynthia Bailey, who came in third and has not yet spent any time outside of the “Celebrity Big Brother” studio, cast the sole vote for Todrick.

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