Some Fans Think Rachel Recchia Is Dating Someone From ‘Paradise’

Rachel Recchia.

Heavy/Getty Rachel Recchia and Blake Moynes have been hanging out.

Is Rachel Recchia dating someone that she met on the beach?

The former “Bachelorette” lead hasn’t been too secretive about who she’s been spending time with after filming “Bachelor in Paradise,” leaving some fans to wonder if she’s in a relationship.

In November 2023, Recchia has been hanging out with Blake Moynes. The two have been watching “Paradise” together and also went on a mission to help tag sea turtles. Recchia and Moynes have become really close over the past few months, but are they more than friends?

Warning: Mild “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers ahead.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Aren’t Sure About Rachel Recchia & Blake Moynes’ Relationship

Recchia and Moynes didn’t date on “Bachelor in Paradise.” They both dated a couple of people, and were seen chatting with one another from time to time, but their relationship didn’t cross that line — at least, from what fans have seen on the show.

According to Reality Steve, both Recchia and Moynes self-eliminate on the season. Sometime after they left Mexico, the two linked back up. And, based on their social media activity, they seem to have developed a strong bond.

It’s hard to say whether or not Recchia and Moynes have moved out of the friend zone and fans seem equally confused, as evidenced by a Reddit thread dedicated to the topic.

“Idk… Rachel making it a point to say they are friends on a podcast and now this turtle stuff makes me think they are together but are using both as a cover up,” one person said.

“Have no idea if they are together or not, leaning towards not. But Rachel is SO adorable,” someone else added.

“I’d love this coupling but they are clearly friends. I also love this friendship. If it was anything more, this would be breach of contract,” a third comment read.

Moynes was on both Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams‘ seasons of “The Bachelorette.” Though he didn’t find love with either woman, he decided to return to the show for Katie Thurston‘s season. The two did fall in love and ended up getting engaged on the finale, but their romance didn’t last. Moynes still hasn’t found his person.

As for Recchia, she dated Clayton Echard on “The Bachelor,” but wasn’t his person. She went on to co-star as “The Bachelorette” alongside Gabby Windey. Recchia got engaged to Tino Franco, but the two split after the season ended.

Blake Moynes Is Very Passionate About Conservation

Moynes works as a wildlife manager. He’s dedicated to helping in conservation efforts as well as wildlife preservation. When he’s not on television looking for love, he’s usually out in the wild doing his part to help animals in need.

Whether it’s tagging turtles or raising awareness about animals who have been displaced for one reason or another, Moynes is on the case.

“My wildlife conservation efforts have taken me around the world and shown me firsthand how policies and government decisions affect the species we coexist with. This August, I travelled three hours north of Thunder Bay, Ontario, with the @davidsuzukifdn and @nrdc_org to help expose extensive boreal caribou habitat destruction taking place here in my home province,” he wrote on Instagram in September 2023.

In April 2023, he shared some photos from a trip he made to Indonesia for Project Hiu.

“After my time with @projecthiu, it’s apparent that it is equally as important that we make effort to connect with cultures, communities and people too. Ultimately, humans are the ones who can and will make or break the planet. It’s so important to try to fully grasp and understand the complexity of conservation issues before passing judgements. Often these issues are deeply rooted and unique to locations, habitats, species, illegal trade, communities etc.,” he captioned that post.

Over the course of the year, Moynes has worked with some members of Bachelor Nation on various wildlife conservation trips. Aside from Recchia, Moynes has also worked with Kendall Long.

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