Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights for Growing Cannabis

marijuana grow LED lights, best hydroponic LED grow lights for sale

Now that growing cannabis is legal and/or regulated in many states, the market is growing for efficient and effective equipment for growing marijuana. LED Grow lights may be relatively new on the scene for growing cannabis, but they are quickly growing in popularity because they are so energy efficient, are easy to use and set up, and can be used for the full life cycle of your cannabis plants, from seed to flower.

Why Choose LED Grow Lights? LED’s produce much more light per watt than fluorescent or HID lighting. This also means that they run cooler, reducing electricity costs as well as the risk of fire in your grow room. Most LED grow lights come with small fans built in, and do not require additional ventilation except in special circumstances. Another bonus is that they do not require ballasts. Overall, LEDs return much higher yields for lower levels of electricity(and money!) consumed.

Any experienced marijuana grower knows what a pain it can be to set up a new grow room when you have HID lighting. HID lights and ballasts are heavy and require a lot of support to hang, and they reduce in brightness every year so they have to be replaced often. LED grow lights remain highly efficient for many years, reducing the need to spend time and money on replacements.

Watch a video about growing cannabis with LEDs here.

Choosing the Right LEDs: Usually LED lights are described in terms of the equivalent wattage you would need in a HID or HPS light to produce the same results. For example, when you see a LED grow light listed as “300W” it means that you can use it as a replacement for a 300W grow light, even though the actual wattage may be as little as 140W on the LED. Less heat means you save money in the long run on electricity to power the light as well as your ventilation systems.

When calculating the wattage required for your grow op, it is easiest to use the advertised wattage. The minimum amount you want per square foot is 30W, while the optimal range is between 50W and 80W. For example, if you have a 3’ x 3’ grow tent, you have nine square feet of grow space. Nine multiplied by 50 watts per square foot means you will need at least 450W of LED lighting. You can accomplish this either by purchasing a 450W or greater light, or by daisy chaining multiple smaller lights together.

This list contains our favorite LED grow lights for marijuana growers, with the specific needs of cannabis plants in mind. The list is organized by brand, so  you will need to use the calculations above to decide which wattage is right for your grow room. Make sure to follow all local laws in your area when shopping for and using the following pieces of hardware.

Watch a video on buying the right LEDs for your grow op here.

1. Advanced Platinum P-Series LED Grow Lights

advanced platinum, led grow light, cannabis, 150w, 300w, 450w, 600w, 900w, 1200w, best led grow light, marijuana, weed, cannabis

Advanced Platinum is a huge brand in LED lighting. They produce high quality, reliable and powerful lights and back them up with a five year warranty and 90 day money back guarantee. Their LED lights come in sizes ranging from 150W to 1200W, and they can easily be daisy chained for complete customization of your lighting. Advanced Platinum uses platinum LEDs, offering the highest lumen output per watt of any LED grow light.

These lights are advertised as offering two to three times the intensity in lumens as other LED grow lights. Advanced Platinum lights also offer a complete 12 band spectrum that ranges from Ultraviolet to Infared, with an easy to control Veg/Flower switch so you can easily adjust your lighting to your plants growth cycle. Each light comes with super quiet fans as well as aluminum cooling heat sinks to reduce your need for fans even further.

Advanced Platinum grow lights come in six sizes: 150W, 300W, 450W, 600W, 900W or 1200W.

Price: $229 to $1,299 depending on size, with free shipping

Buy the Advanced Platinum P-Series 150W LED light here, the 300W lght here, the 450W light here, the 600WlLight here, the 900W light here or the 1200W light here.

Watch a review of the Advanced Platinum P450 model here.


  • Superior 12 band spectrum for all growth stages
  • 5 year warranty guaranteed and 90 day money back guarantee
  • Recently updated aluminium heat sinks
  • Includes built in fans
  • Two to three times the lumen output of other LED lights
  • USA-made LEDs


  • Not a true full spectrum
  • May require additional reflective surfaces on walls or around lights for full foliage coverage
  • Must purchase hangers separately

Find more Advanced Platinum information and reviews here.

2. GalaxyHydro LED Grow Lights

galaxyhydro, led grow light, cannabis, best grow light marijuana, 300w, 600w

GalaxyHydro has been in business making LED grow lights for over half a decade, and are well known for their excellent products and customer service. Their lights provide the full spectrum needed for both vegetative and flowering stages of growth. They are lightweight and easy to install and can be daisy chained together if you want to expand the size of your grow op. They also have incredibly efficient heat dissipation, with multiple small fans built in to each light. Each light comes with a two year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. These lights are very durable as well, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

GalaxyHydro manufactures LED grow lights in three sizes. Their smallest light is 54W (available individually or in packs of two), which consists of a line of 14 red and four blue LEDs on an adjustable bracket. This size is usually used for growing vegetables and greens, but can be used for extra small cannabis grow ops such as grow cabinets as well.

GalaxyHydro’s most popular light for growing cannabis is their 300W model). They also sell a 600W model for larger grow ops.

Price: $38.99 to $139.99 depending on size, with free shipping

Buy the GalaxyHydro 54W Light here, the 300W Light here or the 600W Light here.

Watch an unboxing and review of a GalaxyHydro 165W light here.


  • Comes with a two year warranty
  • Comes with an auto timer for easy scheduling
  • Very bright light compared with other LEDs
  • 300W light is a #1 best seller on amazon


  • Indoor only, cannot be used outdoors
  • No manual off switch, timer only
  • Some reviewers mention lower output than advertised

Find more GalaxyHydro LED Grow Light information and reviews here.

3. Mars Hydro Reflector Series LED Grow Lights

mars hydrro, grow light, reflector, led grow light, cannabis, hydroponics, weed, marijuana

The Mars Hydro Reflector Series of LED grow lights is very unique and unlike other LED lights on this list. Keep in mind that these lights are named in terms of their number of LED and true wattage, not their HID equivalent. Mars Hydro is a reliable LED manufacturer with over seven years of experience and a loyal following of satisfied customers. The Reflector Series uses a unique design of compact reflectors around each individual LED for a high PAR output that is unmatched in regular LED lights. This means even more energy savings for you, because they do not require as many bulbs for the same output. Each light has a full spectrum of lighting including blue, red and white for both vegetative and flowering stages of growth. Mars Hydro prides themselves on their customer service, with a US-based service center and orders guaranteed to be shipped within 24 hours.

The Reflector Series includes four LED grow lights: 48 LEDs at 102W(replaces 150W HID), 96 LEDs at 207W (replaces 250W HPS), 144 LEDs at 317W (replaces a 350W HPS), and 192 LEDs at 410W (replaces 450W HPS).

Price: $107.99 to $336.99 depending on size, with free shipping

Buy the Mars Hydro Reflector 48 here,the Reflector 96 here, Reflector 144 here, or the Reflector 192 here.

Watch a set up and wattage test for the Mars Hydro Reflector 144 here.


  • Modular, lights can be combined in any combination you want
  • Constructed of the best quality LEDs
  • Innovative reflectors provide more coverage
  • Extremely bright light with less energy consumption


  • Does not include UV or IR lights
  • More expensive than some other options
  • Only 90 day warranty

Find more Mars Hydro Reflector Series information and reviews here.

4. King Plus Double Chip LED Grow Lights

 King Plus 1200w Double Chips Full Specturm Led Grow Light for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing (10w Leds) (1200W) , hydroponic led grow light, cannabis, marijuana

King Plus LED grow lights use an innovative new type of LED technology in order to achieve brighter output for your plants and less energy consumption. Their double LED chips consist of two 5W LEDs for a total of 10W per LED. This is much brighter and more efficient than individual thee, five or six watt LEDs that you find in most grow lights. King plus lights provide a full spectrum of red, blue, yellow, white, IR and UV light. This gives them a closer match to natural sunlight. For better heat dissipation, the LED board and the cover glass have a few holes in them and there are fans included as well. These lights are all guaranteed by a three year warranty and King Plus guarantees a customer service response to any question or concern within 24 hours.

King Plus lights come in four sizes: 600W, 800W, 1000W and 1200W.

Price: $85 to $149 depending on size, with free shipping

Buy the King Plus Double Chip LED Grow Lights here.

Watch a video of a grow op using King Plus LEDs here.


  • 10W LEDs consume less energy for a greater light output
  • Full spectrum lighting with red blue, yellow, white, IR and UV
  • Double LED lights mean more efficiency and greater light coverage
  • Thicker case, ventilated glass cover and fans included for better heat dissipation
  • Three year warranty and excellent cover service


  • Some customers report smaller than advertised light coverage area
  • May burn leaves if hung too close to plants due to extra bright LEDs
  • Multiple units cannot be daisy chained together

Find more King Plus Double Chip LED Grow Lights information and reviews here.

5. Roleadro Chip On Board (COB) LED Grow Lights

Roleadro Chip On Board (COB) LED Grow Lights, hydroponic cannabis, marijuana

Here is a truly unique series of LED grow lights from Roleadro. Chip On Board, or COB, is a recent innovation in LED lighting. In this type of light, multiple LED chips are connected together into one light module, giving the appearance of a panel of light instead of a single diode. COB lights can increase the lighting area by ten times, as well as decreasing glare. For hydroponic growers, this means more light coverage for less electricity and less heat output.

Roleadro COB lights also have a reflective cup around each panel, for more heat radiation and even greater lumen output. Roleadro lights are designed to be modular, with each COB emitting 200W. The lights come in 400W, 1200W and even 1600W sizes and can all be daisy chained together interchangeably for a truly unique lighting system. For example, if you wanted a 600W equivalent light you could either purchase three 200W lights or one 200W and one 400W and daisy chain them together in your grow room. The system can always grow or shrink with your needs. Each light comes with all of the hanging equipment, power cords and built in fans to set them up and start using them right away.

Price: $94.99 to $1,007.51 depending on size

Buy the Roleadro 400W COB Light here, the 1200W COB Light here or the 1600W COB Light here.

Watch a video about Chip on Board LED technology here.


  • Innovative Chip On Board LEDS have a higher lumen output than regular LEDs
  • COB panels are surrounded by individual reflective hoods for greater lighting area and heat dissipation
  • Innovative design allows for daisy chaining and custom lighting solutions


  • Not truly full spectrum
  • Larger lights are very expensive
  • No warranty

Find more Roleadro LED Grow Lights information and reviews here.

6. Apollo Horticulture GL-Series LED Grow Lights

 Apollo Horticulture GL60LED Full Spectrum 180W LED Grow Light for Plant Growing, cannabis, marijuana, weed, hydroponics, 75W, 135W, 180W, 300W, 400W, 600W, 700W, 1200W

Apollo Horticulture offers LED grow lights for cannabis growers of all experience levels and grow ops of all sizes. They offer nine different sized LED lights, ranging from 75W to 1200W. The smallest sizes are UFO shaped for small grow cabinets or tents, while the larger sizes – 300W and up – are rectangular shaped. For a truly custom lighting system you can calculate the exact wattage you need and daisy chain different sized lights together in your grow room.

Each light comes with built in fans to reduce your need for added ventilation, and reviewers have noted that the fans run quietly and work very well. Their bigger lights do of course have more fans inside of the case than the smaller fans. Each light also comes with a stainless steel hanging kit, power cord, two year warranty and a lifespan of 50,000 hours. These lights are suitable for all stages of plant growth, from vegetative to flowering.

Each of their nine lights is located on the same product page, so click the link below for more information or to buy any of the following light sizes: 180W, 300W, 400W, 600W, 700W

Price: $69.99 to $319.99 depending on size, with free shipping

Buy the Apollo Horticulture GL-Series LED Grow Lights here.

Watch a review of the Apollo 180W UFO Light from video here.


  • Built in fan means no additional ventilation needed
  • Comes in sizes ranging from 75W to 1200W
  • Not as expensive as other options


  • Light is truly full spectrum
  • Some reviewers had issues with bulbs burning out prematurely
  • Some reviewers noted poor packaging during shipping or item arrived damaged

Find more Apollo Horticulture information and reviews here.

7. Morsen LED Grow Lights

 Morsen 1200W Led Grow Light Full Spectrum Panel Lamp 200X6W Led Chip for Hydroponics Indoor Medical Plants Veg Flower Bloom , best led grow light, cannabis, marijuana

If you are a serious grower who needs professional-quality lighting for a larger than average grow op, you are going to need some high powered lights for the job. Most LED grow lights range in size from less than 100W HPS equivalent to around 1,000W. Morsen LED lights are larger, more powerful and well suited to bigger grow rooms. Morsen LED grow lights come in multiple sizes: 1000w, 1200w, 1500w, 2000w, 2400W and 3000W. With this many options, there is definitely a Morsen light to fit your grow room.

Morsen’s 2400W model is one of the largest LED grow lights on the market today. It consists of 180 individual 10W LEDs, while the smaller models use individual 6W LEDs. Each light includes red, blue, orange, white, infared and ultraviolet LEDs for a full spectrum of the light your plants need in all stages of growth. The actual power consumption of these lights is about 25% of what an equivalent HPS or HID light would consume, which you will save a lot of money in the long run especially with a larger sized grow room.

Price: $113.39 to $199 depending on size, with free shipping

Buy the Morsen LED 100W, 1200W, 1500W and 2000W Grow Light here, and the 2400W and 3000W here.

Watch a review video of a previous model Morsen LED grow light here.


  • Light output is full spectrum
  • Morsen uses higher output LEDs than other brands (6W and 10W
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Comes in larger sizes for big grow ops
  • Relatively inexpensive for such high quality and power level


  • Does not have an easy switch for vegetative and flowering stages
  • Larger and bulkier than other options
  • Does not come in smaller sizes

Find more Morsen LED Grow Lights information and reviews here.

8. MaxiSun Dimmable LED Grow Light Series

If you want to have a greater level of customization for your lighting schedule, dimmable LEDs are the way to go. Dimmable LED grow lights allow you to not only switch between lighting configurations for vegetative and flowering growth stages, but to adjust the percentage of veg/flowering to whatever level you want. This means that you can have a custom setting for cloning, seedlings, early stages of vegetative, late veg and early flowering, and late flowering. This level of specialization is perfect for experienced growers who want to take their cannabis growing skills to the next level.

MaxiSun dimmable LEDs come in three sizes: 300W (comparable to 250W HPS), 450W (comparable to 400W HPS) and 600W (Comparable to 600W HPS). The 300W light also comes with the option for a timer control in order to make your lighting schedule fully automatic. All of MaxiSun’s LED lights have their LEDs placed in a specially designed pattern, and have compact and durable reflectors included in order to magnify PAR and increase canopy penetration by up to 200%. They also come with a three year warranty on all lights.

Price: $88 to $98 depending on model, with free shipping

Buy the MaxiSun Dimmable 300W Grow Light here, the 450W light here, or the 600W here.

Watch a review here.


  • 3 year warranty
  • Easy to use daisy chain hanging system
  • Dimmable veg/flowering switches for greater customizatoin
  • 300W can be put on a timer


  • Shipping may be slow
  • Timer not available on all three models
  • Does not come with full instructions

Find more MaxiSun Dimmable LED Grow Light Series information and reviews here.

9. ViparSpectra Reflector-Series LED Grow Lights

 VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower , 450w, 600w, 900w, 1200w, cannabis, marijuana, grow light, hydroponics

ViparSpectra’s Reflector Series of LED grow lights is an excellent collection of grow lights that range from 300W to 900W. These lights are well designed and look great, and come with all of the features you would expect from a top quality grow light. They include a mix of red, blue and Infared LEDs for all stages of plant growth. Each light has two switches to turn on and off the appropriate set of LEDs for vegetative or flowering growth stages. The LEDs run cool and the lights also have 4.72″ fans and large aluminum cooling heat sinks for dissipating any excess heat. They come with all of the necessary hanging equipment, and reviewers have noted that these lights are very well balanced and easy to hang. These grow lights are extremely durable and well made, and they come with a three year warranty as well as a 30 day money back guarantee. Many reviewers appreciated the powder coated black finish of these lights, as well as the quiet running fans, and the reflective coating around each LED that increases the PAR output of the lights significantly.

You can choose from four different sizes,: 450W (Max coverage 3.5×3.5′), 600W (Max coverage 4×4′), 900W (Max coverage 4.5×4.5′), or 1200W(Max coverage 5×5′).

Price: $79 to $379 depending on size, with free shipping

Buy the ViparSpectra Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light here, the 450W here, the 600W here, the 900W here or the 1200W here.


  • 3 year warranty
  • Very well built and rugged design
  • Reflective coating surrounding LEDs increases PAR value with no extra energy consumption
  • Has internal fans


  • Reviewers complained of slow shipping
  • Some reviewers noted a smaller light footprint in their grow op than advertised
  • Some reviewers received damaged units

Find more VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series LED Grow Light information and reviews here.

10. G8LED LED Grow Lights

g8led grow light, cannabis, led, marijuana, weed

G8LED is a well established company that has been manufacturing LED grow lights for over eight years. They offer lights in four sizes – 240W, 450W, 600W and 900W – and each one has a life span of 50,000 hours or around 15 years. LED lights mean no more replacing burnt out bulbs, worn out ballasts, or exhausted inline fans. G8LED was awarded High Times Magazine’s “Best LED Grow Light” award in 2016 and in 2014. These lights use an optimal eight band wavelength ratio and include UV and IR lights as well. These lights stay extremely cool, even after continuous use for 24 hours or more.

These lights are configured in parallel with modular parts so you do not have to worry about a system outage due to a problem with individual diodes. The LEDs are all made in the USA. Reviewers love these lights and note the extremely high quality plant growth and high yields that they achieve when compared with other manufacturers. Each light comes with a two year warranty and US-based customer service.

The 240W light can cover a max area of six square feet, while the 450W light can cover at least 12 square feet. The 600W model covers an area of 18 square feet. You can increase your yields even more by adding a 90W red UFO light in addition to the G8LED. Their largest sized light at 900W covers an area of 24 square feet or a six by four grow room.

Price: $309.99 to $1,099.99 depending on size, with free shipping

Buy the G8LED 240W LED Grow Light here, the 450W Grow Light here, the 600W light here or the 900W Grow Light here.

Watch a review of the 450W model here.


  • 2 year warranty
  • Modular design prevents system wide outages
  • Greater square foot covergae than other brands
  • Award winning LED grow lights won High Times Magazine’s “Best LED Grow Light” in 2014 and 2016


  • More expensive than some other options
  • Very popular so they go out of stock quickly
  • Does not have as many sizes of lights as other brands

Find more G8LED information and reviews here.

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