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101 Best Gifts for Musicians: Your Ultimate List

Musicians are a rare breed who love what they do so much, any and all references to making music are appreciated. I know about this first hand, since I am a musician with many musician friends. Give the player in your life the gift of music, whether it be creation, knowledge or the music itself with our best gifts for musicians.

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Music is powerful stuff. It forms not only the soundtracks of our favorite movies, but often the soundtrack to our very lives. A recent study found that people who love music to such a degree that it gives them chills have higher emotional response in general. That same article goes on to say that previous studies have confirmed that music helps us manage our emotions, including simply making us happier.

While the nature of the music industry is shifting in some uncertain ways, there is no shortage of truly amazing listening material out there. Anybody can find at least one song they like in the mixes Spotify throws together on a daily basis, while tracks from years past continue to captivate new audiences.

There are so many choices when it comes to enjoying music now, too. Our smartphones alone contain at least three different methods, while anything that can carry a Bluetooth radio and a speaker can turn into our own personal stereo. The vinyl renaissance continues to grow. Home recording artists find new ways to express themselves. Music is an essential part of the human experience.

Gifts for Musicians Who Have Everything

Buying something to enable listening or creation is an evergreen gift idea, and of course you can never go wrong with giving music itself. From the most curated audiophile setup to the boombox playing classic rock at the job site, virtually everyone listens to music at some point, which makes the production thereof an important part of the human experience.

When considering gift ideas for musicians, it's almost impossible to go too practical. Many of the implements musicians use wear over time and must be replaced, like strings and cables. This means that even if they have them, they're going to need to buy more soon enough.

When it comes to buying instruments, while a musician is likely to have a favorite, when creating layered recordings, the slightly different voiceings provided by, say, two different guitars, is often the key to a lush arrangement.

Additionally, being a musician is just an expensive hobby. Maintaining the core of their playing or recording rig might eat up most of their capital, so buying them an interesting noisemaker or refreshing their tools can really go a long way.

Finally, there's always personalized gifts for musicians. Sure, they might have plenty of drumsticks, but none emblazoned with a phrase that reminds them of you. That little bit of extra thought can set a gift apart.

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