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101 Best Gifts for Personal Trainers

Your personal trainer works hard to give you the results you want. Say “thanks” with one of these best gifts for personal trainers. We’ve compiled this year’s best wellness and fitness gifts that your trainer is sure to love.

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What Do Personal Trainers Want?

As someone who's also interested in fitness, you might already have a good sense of what a personal trainer might want through your shared bond of working out.

You also spend lots of time with your trainer, whether it's through virtual training sessions or in-person workouts. If you think back to these sessions throughout the year, you might be able to recall something your trainer said they need or want. 

But don't worry if the answer still isn't clear. That's why we've created this mega gift guide with over 100 gift ideas every personal trainer will love.

What's the Best Gift for My Personal Trainer?

Finding the right gift for a personal trainer can be challenging. Maybe you're looking for a gift to give as a client, or you know an aspiring trainer who could use an awesome gift, such as insider secrets for building a successful career. Most successful trainers learn to train when they're needed most, which could be during off-peak hours, says NASM.org.

This book will offer suggestions for creating and sticking to schedules that work for everyone, along with tons of other valuable pieces of advice.

Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift or you think your trainer would prefer something humorous, we've carefully selected the very best gifts for personal trainers.

For example, a trainer who's into making smoothies before or after a workout might appreciate a blender such as the Ninja Foodi Duo. 

We also love the Sweaty Betty 7/8 leggings. She can do a full-body workout in these squat-proof leggings. They're also comfortable for days in the gym and look great when she's grabbing a cup of coffee at the local cafe.

How Much Should You Gift Your Personal Trainer?

Depending on your budget, how long you've worked with your personal trainer and your overall relationship with him or her, you might feel comfortable spending a bit more on a gift for your fitness trainer.

We've included gifts for every budget for a more personalized shopping experience. Maybe you're looking for a cool stocking stuffer or you want to pay your trainer back after all they've done for you this past year.

If you can spare a bit more, we highly recommend the TheraGun Elite Percussive Therapy Deep Tissue Massage Gun. It's way more convenient than even a vibrating foam roller and can be easily used all over the body. For a fitness professional who needs to stay in top shape, this handheld massage gun is worth the splurge.

Which Are the Best Personal Trainer Gifts for Him?

Our gift guide is loaded with the best personal trainer gifts for him. 

Does he have a sense of humor? If so, he'll love the workout sweatshirt that says, "Reps Over Rest". It's a funny reminder of hard work ethic and even comes with built-in lifting straps, so he doesn't need to change when he gets to the gym.

How about guys who can't find the time for a healthy snack between clients? Athletes love these keto bars, which are packed with protein, low in carbs, and have tons of essential nutrients to provide sustained energy. Plus, they taste delicious.

What Are Some Good Gifts for Female Personal Trainers?

Need a good gift for a female personal trainer? We have tons of great ideas. 

Even though she often pushes you to the point of exhaustion, you still want to get your trainer an awesome gift. She'll love the Reebok Lux High-Rise Leggings, which have a trendy high-rise waist and come in tons of fabulous colors.

Can't afford a bigger gift? Give her something small, like makeup setting spray with SPF. It'll keep her makeup from melting during workouts with the added benefit of protection against harmful sun rays when she's outside.

How About Funny Personal Trainer Gifts?

If your trainer has a good sense of humor, there are tons of funny personal trainer gifts that are sure to make them laugh.

One of our favorites is the Tears of My Clients mug. It's sure to make them chuckle every time they take a sip of coffee or tea. The mug is also durable and can be microwaved as needed.

You also can't go wrong with the Workout Sweat Progress Marker tee. Each line represents a new marker of pain and suffering, with a witty phrase to mark their progress.

Shopping for the perfect gift for your personal trainer? This mega guide has over 100 suggestions they're sure to love.