Kolby Allen Parker Killed Grandpa & Cut Off Ears in Florida: Cops

kolby parker

Lake County Sheriff\'s Office Kolby Parker's booking photos.

Kolby Allen Parker is a Florida man who authorities said killed his grandpa, Ronal Wells Sr., and cut off his ears. Parker asked Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies if they wanted to know where his missing uncle was, and he responded by pulling his grandpa’s ears from his pocket, court documents said.

Parker, 30, of Deland had a decoration in his room, which said “The Family Butcher.” It was adorned with plastic ears. After Parker showed deputies the ears, he asked if he could have their gun, according to the affidavit of probable cause filed in his case.

He is lodged in Lake County Jail facing charges of second-degree murder, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting with violence. He is currently being held without bond, according to his jail records.

Parker initially claimed he stabbed his grandpa, 76, in self defense. He said they were smoking marijuana together before the stabbing Saturday night, March 13, 2021. In a later interview, he told officials he wanted his grandpa to be with his deceased grandma. He was booked into the Lake County Jail early Sunday morning, March 14.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Sheriff’s Deputies Said They Felt Something Strange in His Pockets During a Search for Weapons, & Parker Asked Them If They Wanted to Know Where His Uncle Was

Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies were conducting a standard search for weapons during Parker’s arrest when they felt something “soft but firm” in each of his pockets. Parker had said he had weapons, but they did not locate any on his person. After the pat down, deputies asked Parker if he knew the whereabouts of his uncle, Ronal Wells Jr. He paused, and after a moment of silence, asked them if they wanted to know where he was.

He then pulled the ears out of his pocket, according to the affidavit of probable cause filed in his case.

“This is where he is,” Parker reportedly said.

Wells Sr. was missing both ears and had four stab wounds to his chest.

Kolby Parker 2019

Lake County Sheriff OfficeA 2019 booking photo of Kolby Parker shows tattoos on his right and left arm that spells out “Orange County, Orlando, Florida.”

Law enforcement arrived at the scene at about 6:45 p.m. Saturday, March 13, and found Wells Sr. dead on the front porch. Parker was standing next to the body with “bloody hands and arms.” Wells was “covered in blood.” Parker told officials as they arrived that Wells attacked him and he was able to disarm him, then stabbed him “in the heart.”

In another conversation preceding arrest, he claimed Wells grabbed a large kitchen knife and “came at him with it.” Before that, he said they were smoking marijuana together and got into an argument. At the time, Parker did not have any injuries and declined medical attention.

2. Parker Had an Apron Hanging On His Bedroom Wall That Said, ‘The Family Butcher,’ With Plastic Ears Attached To It

Detectives searched the home during their investigation and made an unusual discovery, they wrote in court documents. In Parker’s room, they found an apron hanging on the wall, which said “The Family Butcher.” Attached to it were bloody plastic ears.

Authorities found additional evidence in the house. They located a large kitchen knife on a table, blood drops on the floor and an aluminum baseball bat on the porch with blood stains on it. There was blood throughout the kitchen, on the knife and in the kitchen sink, authorities said.

Wells suggested the marijuana “may have been laced with an unknown substance” during a conversation with officials.

Kolby Parker

Lake County Sheriff OfficeA 2019 booking photo of Kolby Parker shows tattoos on his right and left arm that spells out “Orange County, Orlando, Florida.”

Parker’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 5 for his charges of resisting arrest and battery of officers. His next day in court on the homicide charge is scheduled for April 22.

3. ‘Can I Have Your Gun?’ Parker Asked a Sheriff’s Deputy After Showing Them The Ears, Then Allegedly Attacked Them

Authorities were taking Wells’ ears into evidence when Parker asked if he could have the deputy’s gun, they wrote in court paperwork.

Kolby Parker

Lake County Sheriff OfficeA booking photo of Kolby Parker in 2019.

“Can I have your gun?” Parker asked Lake County Deputy Sheriff Mercer.

Mercer responded “no,” and Parker “sat in silence for a few moments” before allegedly attacking the deputies, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office reported in court documents. He allegedly grabbed another law enforcement officer’s taser and a firearm with each hand, attempting to remove them from their holsters. He was accused of punching, kicking and headbutting three deputies.

Officials said he fought with deputies and resisted when ordered to stop, kicked and hit them and tried to take their weapons. He was tasered by continued fighting, they said. He was eventually handcuffed but police said he continued kicking them until shackles were placed on his legs. EMS took him to a hospital for medical treatment. He was medically cleared shortly afterward and and booked into the jail.

4. Parker Told Authorities He Wanted His Grandfather To Be With His Deceased Grandmother & That It Was ‘His Time To Go’

Parker gave authorities a sworn statement, in which he admitted to killing his grandfather, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office wrote in court documents. He said they were smoking marijuana at the kitchen table when he got an aluminum baseball bat and hit Wells with it several times, knocking him to the ground. He then took a butcher knife from the table and stabbed Wells in the neck and chest, authorities said Parker told them.

Parker also admitted to cutting off his grandpa’s ears, but they did not say if he offered any explanation for doing so. Wells had severe cuts to one of his arms, but Parker said he did not cut Wells’ arms. Authorities described the wounds to Wells arms as defensive wounds.

“Kolby advised he wanted his grandfather to be with his deceased grandmother and it was his time to go,” officials wrote in the affidavit.

5. Parker Was Arrested by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in 2019 for a Grand Theft Warrant

This was not the Lake County Sheriff’s Office’s first encounter with Parker. On September 17, 2019 he was arrested in Paisley, Florida on an arrest warrant from Volusia County for grand theft, according to his jail records. He was booked on a $5,000 bond, and remained in the Lake County Jail for about a week until bail was posted.

Officials photographed his tattoos when he was booked. He has a large tattoo on each arm which spells “Orange County, Orlando Florida.”

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