Dragon Quest Heroes II expands upon the original with new party members, an explorable open-world, new fighting styles and a wealth of other features.

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Deborah Liles, a popular music teacher, was found murdered inside her Jacksonville, Florida home.

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A Clinton Uranium deal in Russia? That’s what Donald Trump is saying of Hillary and Bill Clinton. But is it true?

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John Freeman is accused of firing at deputies after fleeing a traffic stop. The search for Freeman led to the lockdown of the Bearizona wildlife park.

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Elena Moussa is the wife of The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld. She’s a former Maxim Russia photo editor. Here’s a look at their relationship.

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Authorities in Maryland say that an 18-year-old student planned to shoot up her high school in April 2017.

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Antonia Lopez, a 16-year-old girl who admitted to killing her newborn baby by throwing her out of a second-story window, was sentenced to probation, not prison.

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A former America’s Next Top Model contestant is in intensive care after being shot in Houston. Two other people were killed during the same attack.

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Allen Cashe is accused of committing a mass shooting in Sanford, Florida that police say was domestic violence related.

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Authorities identified 22-year-old Justin Terney as the police officer killed in a shooting in Tecumseh, Oklahoma on March 26. He spent one year on the force.

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New York Police Officer Richard Haste has resigned before being fired in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Ramarley Graham.

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Sengchan Houl is accused of being the suspect who shot and killed 8-year-old Jonah Hwang in Pomona, California. He is under arrest.

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Jill Cummins, Tad Cummins’ wife, has publicly urged her husband to return missing Tennessee teenager Elizabeth Thomas.

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Rolando Cardenas, 55, has been charged with murder in a shooting on the Las Vegas strip that left 57-year-old Montana man Gary Breitling dead.

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It’s been a rough morning for United Airlines. The airline is being mercilessly attacked on social media for forcing two 10-year-old girls to change out of leggings before boarding a flight to Minneapolis.

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A Cincinnati nightclub shooting injured 15 people. One person, OBryan Spikes, was killed at the mass shooting at Cameo nightclub in Ohio, and a manhunt is on for the suspects.

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