Zoe Hastings, 18, was found dead in a mini-van that crashed into a creek in Dallas, Texas. She died of “obvious homicidal violence,” police say.

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Thomas Johnson, a former wide receiver at Texas A&M University, was arrested Monday after randomly attacking and fatally stabbing a jogger in Dallas,police say.

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Jason Rezaian was convicted in Iran, although it’s not known yet for what. His wife, Yeganeh Salehi, was originally jailed with him but later let go.

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An NBA champion is now single after his girlfriend caught him in bed with a “groupie” and put him on blast.

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A 23-year-old Florida woman was charged with driving under the influence after live streaming her drunken driving on Periscope, police say.

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A female student at Emory University in Atlanta has been arrested and accused of threatening to shoot up her school. The sophomore made the threats on Yik Yak, the texting app.

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A neighbor of a Memphis cop who was killed while off-duty has been arrested on a gun charge “in connection to the murder of an officer.”

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Halo 5: Guardians is one of Xbox One’s largest game launches of 2015. Here’s everything you need to know about Master Chief’s next adventure. Is he friend or foe?

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A man was shot in the head outside of AT&T Stadium after the New England Patriots vs. Dallas Cowboys game.

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Terence Olridge, a 31-year-old Memphis police officer, was shot and killed in Cordova, Tennessee. A suspect is in custody.

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Evi Quaid was granted Canadian citizenship after she and husband Randy fled north following arrests in California in 2010.

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Actor Randy Quaid and wife Evi Quaid were arrested last night in Vermont for trying to hop the border from Canada.

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Jerry Parr, the Secret Service agent who helped save Ronald Reagan’s life after an assassination attempt, died at 85.

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Adam Searl, a UCLA football player, was arrested on three counts of suspicion of rape. The victim identified him as her attacker.

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He may be young, he might not be that tall, but don’t be fooled; Stroman can pitch.

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Two people have been shot at Texas Southern University close to Houston. TSU is on lockdown as a result.

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