Billy Monroe Jones of Greenwood, Arkansas is accused in the shooting of Hackett Police Chief Darrell Spells and a local deputy.

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Sarah Seawright, who was arrested in Pulaski County, Arkansas, is the woman being called #prisonbae after her “hot” mugshot went viral on social media.

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Juanita Broaddrick, the former Arkansas nursing home supervisor who accused President Bill Clinton of rape in 1999, is speaking out on Twitter.

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Craig Strickland, the lead singer of the country band Backroad Anthem whose boat capsized during a hunting trip, has been found dead. His friend also died.

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Despite a last-place finish, Arkansas was a tough out and battle-tested in the SEC West. Will that help them against the Longhorns in the Texas Bowl? Read on for our prediction.

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Everything you need to know about all the best college football games of the week, including where and when to find them on TV.

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Timothy Buffington is an escaped murderer on the loose with a loaded police shotgun. A chilling 911 call emerged from a woman who says he took her hostage.

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A tornado ripped through central Arkansas, nearly leveling the entire city of Mayflower. Check out the tragic video of the natural disaster here.

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Mayflower, Arkansas, was rocked by a massive tornado that leveled homes and left devastation in its wake. Ten people are dead in Faulkner County.

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Mayflower, a central Arkansas city, was hit by a major tornado that destroyed homes, businesses, and lives. Check out the most tragic pictures of the disaster.

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Tornadoes tore through the south-central United States yesterday, overturning cars and destroying cities. Check out the most graphic photos from the storm.

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Here is what you need to know about the felon who allegedly hijacked a school bus in Arkansas.

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Monroe Isadore, a 107-year-old Arkansas man was shot and killed during a shootout with a SWAT team on Saturday night. Isadore was barricaded in a bedroom.

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It’s alleged three boys brought the girl into the boys bathroom of the dental clinic.

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The lucky boy made the find while visiting the unique park, which is the only diamond-producing site in the world open to the public.

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After an elaborate and somewhat silly escape from prison that was caught on camera, 33-year-old Derrick Estelle is still on the lamb.

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