Jimmy Fallon and his guests on The Tonight Show have swapped a number of great stories over the years about the legendary performer Prince, who died on Thursday.

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Christian Englander is accused of throwing a banana peel at comedian Dave Chappelle in New Mexico during a show.

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It seems that comedian Dave Chappelle was booed off stage at a show tonight in Hartford, Connecticut and Twitter is blowing up with angry fans.

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One of stand-up comedy’s greatest and most elusive names is returning to the stage in a big way.

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From Abbot & Costello to Eddie Murphy, we’ve lined 10 of the most iconic stand-up moments that have made a mark on American culture.

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“I hope all the bad things in life happen to you and nobody else but you.” This joint’s for all the haters of the world.

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This never-before-seen clip of the Beastie Boys has been floating around after Chappelle’s Show co-creator, Neal Brennan released it to the net, earlier this week. Enjoy it while you can before the powers that be take it down.

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Cary Elwes makes for a fine Robin of Loxley (complete with real British accent) in Mel Brooks’ not-bad spoof of the Merry Men legend.

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Matt Damon, a haunted hotel, the threat of nuclear war, lusty Roman battles and Chris Kattan getting eaten by a shark are some of the delights you’ll find in the new releases on Netflix Instant this week.

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