Michael Flynn was interviewed by the FBI about his communication with the ambassador of Russia. A report says the FBI is not pursuing charges.

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The FBI and DHS have officially reported that Russia was, indeed, behind the hacking of the US election this year.

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FBI Director James Comey says in a new letter to Congress that there is no change in the FBI’s conclusion in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

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Latest 2016 presidential polls in Clinton vs. Trump show Clinton’s support dropped in most battleground states after FBI Director James Comey’s letter.

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What would Donald Trump’s “FBI code name” be? People on Twitter let their imaginations run wild. See the funniest jokes and memes.

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How did emails belonging to Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin get on her estranged husband’s computer. Here’s what we know, and don’t know.

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Will FBI director James Comey be fired? The FBI director is under heavy criticism after his vaguely worded letter about the Clinton email investigation Friday.

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FBI director James Comey was a registered Republican before but says he is no longer registered. His letter on Hillary Clinton’s emails is causing waves.

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Patrick Kennedy is alleged to have offered the FBI a “quid pro quo” in exchange for declassifying one of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

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New FBI documents show that a state department official asked for a “quid pro quo” on changing classification of Hillary Clinton emails.

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The FBI Monday released 100 new pages of information from its Hillary Clinton email investigation. Read it here.

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The FBI has released a photo of two men they are hoping to identify in the Chelsea bombing investigation.

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The FBI released a summary of Hillary Clinton’s interview in the email investigation. She blamed a concussion for not recalling all briefings. Read the interview.

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Patrice Comey (sometimes called Patrice Failor) is wife of FBI Director James Comey. She’s a juvenile & foster care advocate who had six children with Comey.

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FBI Director James Comey said his office is not recommending prosecutors to bring charges against Hillary Clinton in connection to her private email servers. We break down Comey’s political affiliation, net worth and more.

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A 26-year-old former National Guard soldier from Virginia is accused of plotting to help ISIS and considering a Fort Hood-style attack on a military base, the FBI says.

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