The FBI has released a photo of two men they are hoping to identify in the Chelsea bombing investigation.

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The FBI released a summary of Hillary Clinton’s interview in the email investigation. She blamed a concussion for not recalling all briefings. Read the interview.

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Patrice Comey (sometimes called Patrice Failor) is wife of FBI Director James Comey. She’s a juvenile & foster care advocate who had six children with Comey.

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FBI Director James Comey said his office is not recommending prosecutors to bring charges against Hillary Clinton in connection to her private email servers. We break down Comey’s political affiliation, net worth and more.

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A 26-year-old former National Guard soldier from Virginia is accused of plotting to help ISIS and considering a Fort Hood-style attack on a military base, the FBI says.

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WATCH VIDEO: Hillary Clinton denied sending classified emails. “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email, Hillary said.

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The Hillary Clinton campaign issued a response to the FBI’s recommendation that she not be charged in the email scandal that has clouded her campaign.

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Donald Trump said the system was rigged and Hillary Clinton is being treated differently than retired Gen. David Petraeus upon hearing she won’t be charged over her emails.

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Watch the video of FBI Director James Comey announcing the FBI is not recommending charges against Hillary Clinton over her emails.

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FBI Director James Comey announced Tuesday that the FBI is not recommending charges be filed against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the email probe.

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Shanika Minor, accused in the murder of a pregnant mother of three, has been added to the FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives list. See photos of the Milwaukee woman here.

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A Milwaukee woman charged in the slaying of a pregnant mother was recently added to the FBI’s Most Wanted List and has been captured in North Carolina.

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FBI Director James Comey and Apple’s general counsel are testifying before Congress about encryption and the clash of security vs. privacy. Watch live here.

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Who killed Martin Luther King Jr.? The renowned activist, humanitarian, and leader of African-American civil rights was allegedly assassinated by James Earl Ray. But was he really?

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An iconic rock located outside the Kilcawley Center at Youngstown State University was defaced with graffiti supporting the Islamic State.

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Yooni Mi Rae is a Korean pop star whose song Pay Day was featured in the film The Interview without her permission. She is now suing Sony.

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